[Leaving Country] Roaming to the Moving Hills


Aug 12, 2016
Kill Switch
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A quiet crunch of the earth beneath the feet of of the barbaric looking traveler. The biting cold of the nights from the tundra lands and higher altitudes were something to write stories of for certain, but alas he was not quite the poet for such a task. Instead, he walked in quiet solace; it'd been many years since his last departure from the village save for internal affairs within' the country itself and under strict business of the guile and intrigue of a shinobi, less for himself. There was an ever present weight of his roles, though he had on a number of occasions deflected the title of Jōnin; it never ceased to amaze how the arbiters of his role and all those who made the executive decisions of the village, managed to simply divert the resources of promotion into just different and more time consuming roles for him.

But for now, he remained in a peace of mind; one that allowed nature to bequeath him with some solace for a time allotted. And in this, he sought to explore greater reaches of the world- Predominately this time, the lands of Wind.

[Leaving Country - 1 Hour]