Let Us Begin[Exiting Country]

Nanjirou Soku

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Dec 25, 2017
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Footsteps crunch across the sandy dunes as the Captain traversed across the hot desert climate. The black cloak flapping in the wind as the kunoichi trekked towards the border thoughts going through her head. It had been a hard journey already having to ward off some of those peculiar Unbent things the guard had mentioned or at least she thought. They had been savage in nature but she had kept her wits about her. Remnants of the battle still littered her person, her ANBU mask hung from her waist sheared in half and the blade crusted with dried blood of the foes she had encountered so far. The sand hid many dangers and secrets and she was beginning to realize why Sunagakure was in the state it was. Soku was panting as the sweat trickled down her neck, the burning sun shining down upon her figure. " Almost there, just a couple more miles." The wind began to pick up blowing the sand particles into her face as she trekked the terrain.

A sandstorm was starting to kick up, something that the Captain was not too pleased about about. Secretly thankful she had snagged some souvenirs from the merchants back in Suna, she dug out a fabric dressing from her travel pack wrapping it around her head and face to cover it as the wind picked up blasting the sand in her face. " Sandstorm..this couldn't possibly get any worse, could it?" The wind was roaring now and she could barely see 5 feet in front of her. Taking slow steps, she barely noticed the shuriken twirling towards her eyeing the small black specks ducking her head quickly as the things hit a few feet in front of her. "Who is-?!" Her hand dropped instinctly to her blade drawing it halfway her eyes narrowing as a small figure approached approaching not too close. "Honored shinobi of Konohagakure, your travels end here." "Just what is the big idea?!""All will be explained in due time, I am here to deliver as the Sheperd has ordered.""The Shepher-?"Before she could even finish the remark, the figure suddenly dashed across the little distance that seperated them his face hooded as a sword swung down cutting deep into the Captain's right arm through the other forcing her to drop the sword and letting out a ear-piercing scream. Her arm had been very clearly cut as she struggle to make a hand sign."Li..Lightning...St..'"You still attempt to resist, oh, how amusing it is, Captain. You should take note of those whom you have inflicted suffering on in the past. I will see you back at Konoha. Safe travels, Nanjirou Soku." He knew her name? But how? The man turned cleaning off his sword before kneeling down and wrenching Soku's sword from her sheath and walking off into the sandstorm almost as if disappearing. The massive blood loss was immediate and she felt her vision dazed. He had said something about...The Shepherd...who? She was too much in shock to think. Grunting in pain, using her one good arm, Soku forced herself to her feet staggering forward."Need to get home....now..."Whatever had just transpired, she was sure it interconnected in some way with what had befallen Nibachi. She had to make it home or die trying which was a very real possibilty at this rate. She only had a couple more miles. Through grunts and sharp inhales at the roaring pain, she walked and halfs taggered towards the direction she knew as home. There, she would find people willing to aid here. She could die here and no one would know. That was simply not an option.
[Exiting Country]
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