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Oct 23, 2012
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"I can tell you don't necessarily need an introduction. I can guess you're probably really strong and I do not want to piss you off. So! I'm Asuka! Might've gotten off on the wrong foot, my foot in particular, I tend to get excited with new people and my stupidity shines through. Sorry!” Asuka would explain to Kazuki after hearing the words he had directed toward her Kage. He would simply nod back, not accepting her handshake. Takeshi, of course, had an idea of his own regarding the Senju Overlord’s sentence. “Maybe you are right Kazuki, I shouldn’t always be so hard, but sometimes it is needed in certain situations. Your name has been a simple breeze in the wind here Kazuki. But you are right, she should know that you are the reason I am Hokage, you taught me as my ANBU Sennin and showed me how the real word works. That much I must admit to Asuka.” The White Wolf had no idea of how old Asuka really was. His name might have been lost in the annals of history, though his clan had been in prominence ever since the village had been built, centuries ago. The Occult Sennin’s name should also be listed among the former ANBU Sennin of Konohagakure. Such practice was common back in the day, but these days were modern days. The old ways were to be buried and to be replaced by something newer and, supposedly, better. The Deep Court Hybrid was becoming a relic of the old age. And relics were unusable trinkets of the past.[lb2][/lb2]Kazuki was lost in thought as those three chatted, the sound of their words lowered until it was gone entirely. The sound of wind? Gone. The sound of birds chirping? Gone. The world had gone mute. The hair at the back of his neck would raise as his senses alerted him to danger nearby. The Senju Overlord’s senses were within human range still, but thanks to the procedures done on him, he had been elevated into super soldier status. Therefore, his senses were quite acute and were able to discern something that other people would miss. His right hand would disengage from holding hands with Michi, only for it to dart forwards as he grabbed something. His touch would reveal an individual that the White Wolf was raising from the guy’s neck. With the layer of camouflage removed, an albino male, with a enchanted tag on his face, struggled to get loose from the Occult Sennin’s grip. Taking advantage of his hold, the Deep Court Hybrid would chokeslam the man and the impact would create a small crater on the ground. ”Who are you and what is your purpose? Speak quickly.”<i></i> Kazuki would order, still gripping him by the neck. Vines would sprout from the ground, binding the man on the wrists, waist, neck and ankles. ”The Phoenix sends his regards.”<i></i> the man would mutter. Immediately, the Senju Overlord’s hand would begin to glow, the same hand that he had used to grab the bound human. The glow would grow and at its climax, the sound of an explosion would deafen them and their vision would become shrouded by smoke.[lb2][/lb2]If there were any sensors among them, they would be unable to sense the White Wolf. If they were able to see chakra, they would be unable to see his own. As the smoke cleared, the Sennin from Konohagakure had vanished. The foe that he had bound was still there, still bound by the vines. Blood stained the left corner of his mouth and he seemed to be coughing. Or laughing. Perhaps a bit of both. ”Say your goodbyes to your friend. He was summoned to the lower depths of the earth, a place from which there is no return. Long live the Phoenix.”<i></i> The moment he stopped talking, his body began to grow emaciated. The man withered in front of their very eyes until there was nothing left of him there. A man bred for a single purpose that had now been fulfilled. What had just happened? Where was Kazuki? Who was the Phoenix? Questions without answers but one thing was so certain, there was a man missing and its location unknown.[lb2][/lb2][MFT - 707][lb][/lb][Topic Left Unless Stopped]​
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Senju Kazuki – Occult Sennin[lb][/lb]



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Apr 25, 2013

She seemed excited. Good. Give the girl something that she wants to increase her chances of getting what she also wants.

"Well, I mean.... I would love to but.... never planned a wedding before. New territory for me. So I would rather not take the risk of screwing such an important date up."

Fair point, but she had a counterargument. "Never planned a wedding either," Michi admitted. Michi was a meticulous planner, not the sort that planned celebrations but rather the type of woman than planned the placement of every single man, woman and child in respect to events she would either manufacture of manipulate. Aesthetics was not a particular strength, not for a woman that spent her life trying to hide. Trying to fit in. A wallflower one could say, but not one that longed to be at the heart of a celebration rather one that chose to blend in with the surroundings. She never was one to pop, to be the life of the party or the center of attention. That would be the antithesis of a watcher, but even now she was playing the role of the hypocrite because she was intervening. She had been intervening since the day she met Kasha those years ago and took a chance despite the odds not being in her favor.

"But what fun is coordinating napkin rings with silverware, place-mats with floral bouquets?" Probably a bit of fun actually, but that was the boon of using a rhetorical question of course she could change the statement from an untruth to a mere deception with the rhetorical phrase. "So... if one must expiate..." Yes, it was a manipulation, well more an 'excuse' for the girl to take on a role that she wished to partake in and to force the Hokage's hand. Hokage Takeshi was her target and if he would not come to protect Kazuki on his own she would force his hand by putting the girl in proximity of the dangerous circumstances she had devised. She presumed that Takeshi distrusted her, something that she hoped to wield, like a weapon. She saw everything as a weapon in some way, people's perception of her, her personal sentiments and the varied circumstances that the world has afforded or even denied her. She would use them all.

“I agree, it would be a nice way for Asuka to come and visit your land, At least to set up the wedding, then I can come later for this. I must admit that the idea is not out of the far reaches and should be explored from both of you.”

No need to convince him further. She got his consent and that would be enough. "Most appreciated Hokage Uchiha," Michi replied. This was a mildly awkward, but outwardly seeming happy moment. Except for the voice that was screaming in Takeshi's head to listen with no reply.

Finally the silence spoke back.

“Count me in, but if this is some plot or plan, I will have my pound of flesh from you. Seem fair?”

Of course it was some plot or plan, there would just be no flesh to take when this was done but that did not need to be said. "I expect nothing less from you Hokage. A contract has been made." A Faustian deal perhaps or a simple agreement, there would be an unsettling sense all the same. A creature of deals, of truths but also deception. Of keeping to the letter of an agreement but not always the spirit of such, a fact Kazuki knew well but the Hokage and the girl were unprepared.

Kazuki, on the other hand, was just looking for an excuse to escape Michi's grip...

She did not see it, whatever it was that Kazuki saw, smelled or felt. He reached out for something, gripping them by the neck and slamming them down to the ground. She was startled, unprepared for whatever or whoever it was that Kazuki assailed. There were plants that bound the man to the ground, the vines tethered him and she wondered if Kazuki had placed them there but she did not see his free hand run through a series of seals. Kazuki's hand started to glow, she would not have the opportunity to ask the right question. To ask any question for that matter. Something detonated, at least there was this explosive noise but she would not feel the heat or the ash. Smoke would could her sight, she would shout Kazuki's name. She did not use his title or his surname, just Kazuki.

What was happening?

Why was it happening?

Who was the Phoenix?

She would enter the smoke, towards where she last saw the Sennin. She would not find him before the smoke cleared and after the smoke cleared he would be nowhere to be found. Just that man. Well, what was left to him.

”Say your goodbyes to your friend. He was summoned to the lower depths of the earth, a place from which there is no return. Long live the Phoenix.”

Did that mean he was still there and unseen? No, he was summoned someplace else. The depths of the earth. Was that a literal place or a metaphorical statement? And again, who was the Phoenix? She would kneel down and take what remained, be it ash or dirt or sliver of bone. She did not need much, just something to track him if he too was merely trans-located. [Chakra-Sense: Mastered] Her expression would appear cold, beyond the unseen and only heard uncharacteristic outburst she would not betray her sentiments whatever they might be. If the same held true for the messenger or perhaps assassin and he too was nowhere to be found, she would not have anything of Kazuki's to track him beyond take his statement literally and work from there. "He is gone," she would announce if she could not sense the messenger. Her hands would start to run through yet another array of handseals, she was not one to really stop and her process was as always methodical. "So down it is," she announced as she attempted to displace the earth with an earth ninjutsu [Fissure: Mastered].

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Feb 20, 2018
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Asuka looked a bit confused at Takeshi. His words, his tone seemed off. He didn't seem to have that tone with anyone else. He said this guy, this Sennin taught him. That his the reason he got the Hokage role. Well no wonder he talked to him with every ounce of respect possible. It was indeed something to be admired, or rather someone to be admired. Asuka scratched the back of her head in embarassment. "Well, now I fell guilty about the glitter thing." She laughed. "If you taught Takeshi, then I gotta thank you. You certainly taught him well enough for him to put up with me."

Takeshi's next words caught her by surprise, not in a million years would she have expected him to agree upon. She? A wedding planner? Well that was certainly a first, and she certainly wouldn't let the opportunity go. With a deep breath she spoke. "I've always wanted to visit sand. So... if I'm invited. Of course I would go. I think it would be quite fun!"

She was a bit taken back though..... of Kazuki refusing his her hand. She had sulked a bit but the rest of his actions made her alarms go off. She hadn't noticed him.... she hadn't noticed the man that had sneaked up on them. How couldn't she had seen him? With a quick movement Asuka summoned her Keyblade Oathkeeper. A bright light shined on her left hand, replacing the light was the blade. Her Mangekyou Sharingan activated and with a quick movement positioned herself in front of her Hokage.

She didn't speak, she didn't move. She was ready in case the guy decided to do something. She found the exchange weird. The phoenix? Who were they? For some reason, the sound of his words, the actions reminded her of her own father. Could he be a remnant of that time? No.... she was overthinking it. Asuka held a hand to her eyes from the blind light. Kazuki was gone.

She clinched her teeth, she was a Sennin, she was supposed to stop things like this. Looking at Takeshi, fire in her eyes. "Hokage-sama. Permission to start a mission and find Kazuki."