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~:Lightning Country Saga:~

++Dates begins with the start of Kumogakure's Tech age, marked by the end of the Waterfall Conflict and the beginning of Kagetsu Kiyo's Reign++

Year 10: Fifth Raikage Santaru Ryuuto, Sennin Kazama Ringo, Mednin Chief Taji Yuki, and Former Raikage Kizoku Takao go on a mission to rescue one of their own ANBU operatives who had been captured by forces loyal to the current Crown Prince of Lightning Country, Shiro Amakusa Tokisada zi Kaminari. In doing so, they discover that the Crown Prince is the secret leader of an evil, far-reaching cult dedicated to a supremely powerful demon lord called the Hitokage, and that if he is allowed to become Shogun, the Hitokage will essentially rule the lands. They defeat the Prince and bring down the major parts of the cult, but incite the Hitokage's wrath.

Year 11: The First Demon Invasion of Cloud begins. Hell-gates open up all over Cloud, and the demonic armies of the Hitokage stream in, attempting to demolish the village and ransack its secrets and knowledge. Kumo shinobi suffer terrible losses but manage to repel the invaders and seal the gates, dealing a blow to the Hitokage and weakening him significantly.

Year 19: Ridden with grief over the loss of all but one of his children and the strain of recent events, the last Shogun of Lightning Country dies, leaving his infant son, Prince Shiro Amakusa Yuuto vi Kaminari, as the sole heir to the nation. Although the Shogun has had many more older children, they were all killed off by the former Crown Prince Amakusa in his bid for power. At this point, the government falls into the hands of the Council of Eleven Moons, while Yuuto is entrusted to the care of Marshal General Nobunaga Kouhei, supreme commander of the Imperial Army.

Year 27: Prince Shiro is captured by Cloud Sennin Sude Sairasu for unclear reasons and is thought to have been callously murdered by the sennin in a fit of trollishness. This increases tensions between Kumo and the Bakufuu of Lightning, and now the nobles of the land begin a frenzy of murder and intrigue among their own ranks intended to determine who the next successor to the role of Shogun should be. Among the chief contenders for power is the supremely wealthy nobleman Amakusa Ryuu ro Kaminari, 87th in line for the throne. As the country enters a long period of decline and instability, Ryuu's mercenary forces increase in size, while Marshal General Kouhei and Grand Admiral Takumi both announce their de-facto independence as faction heads, each vying to represent the wishes of the old Shogun.

Year 35: Kumo is shaken by both a recent attack on Raikage Kagetsu Kiyo as well as the en-masse defections of most of its senior ANBU officer corps, and a virtual halt in the supply of new graduating medical nin. Things are looking bleak, but the Raikage Hayata Shin as well as Sennin Akira Saito quickly work to fill those gaps, pulling ANBU Sennin and Vice Commander Santaru Rin and Takaki Masao out of retirement, as well as promoting attending physician and chief researcher Isaki Kushin to Medical Sennin. New ANBU Vice Commander Takaki Masao as well as ANBU operative S. Joukuu uncover evidence that a hitherto-unknown missing-nin known only as "Makoro" had been responsible for the murder of several shinobi at Kumo's gates 2 years prior. They attempt to track him down, but are unsuccessful.

Year 37: (These events existed primarily on the pre-hack site and have no links, sadly.) Chancellor Tachibana Ami, interim head of the Bakufuu of Kaminari no Kuni, approaches Kumo for help with a mission to deliver a peace offering to Marshal General Kouhei. Cloud shinobi participate in this mission, driving off a large Ryuu force sent to steal the offering, and are successful in brokering an alliance between Ami and Kouhei. Meanwhile, Ami herself finds evidence that a Cloud mednin named Shiranai may actually be the long-lost Crown Prince Shiro Amakusa Yuuto vi Kaminari.

- Grand Admiral Kato Takumi orders the Imperial Navy to attack the independent state of Kagoshima, which lies on Lightning's northwest coast. The Kagoshimans enlist the help of Kumo due to the fact that the Kagoshiman head of state is married to a former Cloud kunoichi. An ANBU strike team is instrumental in repelling the fleet's piracy attempt. At the same time, representatives from the Imperial Army are sent to Kumo to contract for an assassination of one of Ryuu's advisors. They succeed in the attempt, providing for growing trust between Kouhei and Cloud.

- A Cloud mednin named "Hayabusa Gin" is authorized by Council to contract senior Kumo Academy Students to make deliveries of medical supplies to the major cities in Lightning Country. However, soon after the event, the crates delivered to the cities explode, releasing devastating chemical attacks on the cities. This paves the way for an all-out invasion and occupation by Private Military Company forces loyal to Ryuu. This starts the Lightning Country Civil War. "Hayabusa Gin" is revealed to have been a fake identity for the missing nin named Makoro, who is confirmed to now be an enemy of Cloud and a traitor to his nation, despite having escaped notice for at least twenty years if not more. Kumo and General Kouhei are quick to respond, taking back Port Cirrus in the first major use of shinobi alongside regular military forces within the nation in almost 50 years. In addition, Cloud forces also succeed with a secret mission to abduct a high-value-target named Ayatsuji Haru, who is Makoro's subordinate and main explosives maker. Interrogation reveals that Makoro's surname is Hayata, and that he is the Raikage's uncle.
With fighting raging across the country as the Imperial Army and Navy attempt to take back cities from Ryuu PMC forces, Chancellor Ami suspects that Shiranai is without a doubt the long-lost Crown Prince, and confronts him on this assertion. Shiranai confirms this to be true, and after a long period of soul-searching on the mednin's part, plans are made to transport him to the Capitol City to anoint him as Shogun and bring the fighting to a halt. Chancellor Ami gathers the heads of the factions, including Ryuu himself, on board a train to the Capitol, where she hopes to start negotiations for peace. The train is hijacked, however, by forces loyal to Makoro and the Crown Prince is abducted.

Makoro sends Cloud an ultimatum: either trade him the Raikage in exchange for Shiranai, or let the country be destroyed. Hayata Shin, in an act of selfless valor, gives himself up to the missing nin who reveals his true plan all along, to kill Shin and himself end the Hayata Clan permanently. His plans are thwarted, however, by an unauthorized rescue led by the village Sennin, which results in Makoro's defeat. Shiranai is saved and taken to Raiden's Eye, where he assumes the throne as Shogun.

The Lightning Country Saga

Produced by Takaki Masao

Written by:

Takaki Masao
Akira Saito
Santaru Rin
Hayata Shin

Nobunaga Kouhei, Izanagi Naoto, Shiro Miyu, Shiranai, Tachibana Ami, Tokugawa Mizuki, Gasai Yui, Amakusa Ryuu, Tsukarahara Daiki, Damashi Kenta, Seiji Souta, Kato Takumi, Kuro Shou, Reina Barchenowa, and Suzuki Jun are characters originally created by Akira Saito

Hayata Makoro, Morishima Haruka, Natsume Eru, Takaki Saeko, Daisuke Date, Senada Jacques, and Ayatsuji Haru are characters originally created by Takaki Masao

Nemoto Aran is a character originally created by Nemoto Senna

Shinobi Cast:

Hayata Shin

Takaki Masao

Isaski Kushin

Santaru Rin

Horo Danshi

Oishi Bakunin

Umeki Rai

Kato Haruka

Mochizuki Tama

Nemoto Senna

Kogami Ayumu

Tagiushi Moro

Hoshiko Gin


Shinrya Kitsune

Asazaki Enma

Ouja KaiKai

Nakamura Akihiko

Gateru Risu

Gateru Rega

Hitoshirezu Akkeio

Kimura Rei

Akimichi Mitsuru

Heiwakaen Takumi


S. Joukuu

Akahana Ryu

Itonami Ataeru

Inuzuka Gekido

Suzuki Kiyoko

Written on Location in Kumogakure, Raiden no Me, Sekai Yuki, the Democratic Kagoshiman Republic, and the Holy See of Tenouza.

Based on a story by Takaki Masao and Akira Saito

A Takaki Masao Presentation

In association with Cloud Council

The Lightning Country Saga

**This saga is considered incomplete because the first half of the role plays are now inaccessible.**