Making Like a Tree, and Leafing [Exiting Country]


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Feb 21, 2013
Hisao sighed, he had been passive for quite some time now, and was tired. It felt like forever ago that he had the encounter with the Hokage and Sennins, leaving Leaf behind him. He had set up camp in an old ruined building in the countryside, generally avoiding everything. Migoya, Doku and Yong had already moved on, leaving him behind. Drinking from his flask, he decided to follow after Doku, who had told him he was heading out Moon Country, to go find where Migoya went. I guess I can head out to Moon, I have never been there before, and I should probably not hang around Leaf anymore.

He had a spare sake bottle to refill his flask if needed, he should be able to make it to moon without worrying. Finally, you are doing something, it feels like weeks since you moved from this hovel you set up in. Let’s go make some trouble somewhere, literally anyway<i></i> Hisao frowned at The Voice speaking, you have caused enough trouble, shut up, pushing chakra into the seal he had placed around his curse seal, which was on top of his family’s seal, the ink shifted and locked in place, silencing The Voice until he stopped feeding it chakra.

Kicking the fire out, he stood, shuffling his feet, Eh, I guess I need to do something, it shouldn’t be that hard to catch up. Picking up his backpack, he set out for Moon Country. Just one step in front of the other.

[Word Count: 251]
[Exiting Fire Country and Entering Moon Country]
[Run Time – 1 Hour]