Micihino Toraono -> Ryuu Tama [Retire/Unretire...again!]


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Oct 23, 2012
OCR Form said:
Old Character Name: Michino
Old Village/Missing: Sunagakure
OCR Type: Retirement/Unretirement
Last Known Where-abouts: Toraono Dojo
Old IC Rank: Chuunin
Preferred Username: Ryuu Tama
New Village/Missing: Sunagakure

New BL/CA: Wind Valkyrie
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
The Winds of Time
HP: (40+lvl) x stamina
CP: (45+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu Option: Temporal Strider/+10% Bleed Chance
High:[/i] Tai Accuracy/Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average: Gen Save/Evasion/Nin Accuracy/Gen DC
Low:Ranged Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Medical
IC Rank: Jounin
Character Age: 48
Gender: Male
Character's Physical Description: Ryuu Tama looks to be near his mid to late twenties, despite nearly being 50. After fully balancing the genes of his own natural DNA with the Ancient genes awoken by Mikaboshi, the Hybrid has become what he believes is the ultimate fusion of Ancient and Human. To that extent he ages about twice as slow as normal human being and his body is remarkably healthy, though not overly muscular anymore. Tama also no longer stands with the tallest members of Suna, his size reduced to about 5’5’’, from gene trimming. He theorize that he may not be done growing though, but doesn’t seem to mind the reduction to his height. His clothing changes depending on mood, usually, but in the hospital and in the field he tends to wear a three piece suit. The suit is combat ready, woven with highly defensive fibers made from a mix of Sandworm shell and high quality import cotton from the Lightning Country. Over it he wears a signature lab coat that most of the village has come to associate him with and wears it for little reason beyond this as it has no defensive properties itself and it just made from linen.

Character's Mental Description: Tama is kind of an ass, but generally in a cat like way. Though his extensive life has given him more than enough reason to act this way, he sometimes shows his real age when reacting to the youth, or when placed in a predicament he wants no part of. Blessed with a minor control over time itself, getting out of social events have never been easier for him. This is mostly brought on due to returning to a human form has been nothing short but an emotional roller coaster. Generally the scientist continues to greet the general populace with his cocky personality, but deep down he’s constantly reflecting on the sins his life has wrought. The return to a mortal vessel has reminded him to old survival instincts he had forgotten; hunger, the fear of death, and most annoyingly, emotional attachments. At the very least he has managed to tame the odd phobia he once had towards the female gender and now is able to fully interact with the opposite sex without paranoid overtones.
Yet despite the sins haunting his every waking moment, the scientist tries to push forward with a cat-like attitude, while taking pleasure once more, heavily, in alcohol.

Character History:

Tama’s history dives back down as deep into the annuls of Sunagakure. Known for his coming and going throughout the timeline, the mad scientist is both revered, reviled, and stands as one of the few remaining living legends of his generation. While now he is of a more stable mentality, even friendly if with alcohol, that wasn’t always the case. Even now, as he plays at trying to be a better person and role model for his daughter, the sins of his past haunts his every moment.

Originally not even a child of the country, his mother traveled the entire continent as an escape from her cursed husband after the man had decimated what remained of the nomadic Ryuu clan. It is said that she chose the desert as a last resort when turned down everywhere else, and Mother Suna lead the woman through the desert to escape Tengokai’s wrath. Pulled through the Maelstrom without a mark, they were the first new comers to Sunagakure’s underground city in a long time, and were welcomed warmly.
Tama’s childhood leading up the Academy was somewhat rocky, but no worse than most kids his age. His mother was an alcoholic, forever running away from the horrors she bared witness to in his father’s actions. Seeing the man’s genius naturally pass on to their child unnerved her on many levels, and sometimes she even took it out on her son. Yet in the end she finally found a friend who was able to talk some sense into her, help her let go of the bottle, and enroll her clearly gifted son into the Academy.
The first few weeks had gone wonderfully. The child excelled in his studies and was already being looked at for grooming in specialty groups. That was, until the fateful night he decided to try testing his most recent project in an ally near his home.
Sunagakure had its problems. Being underground meant tensions ran high almost all the time. To join the military was a decision that most people made just to make enough money to enjoy the rare luxuries stored away, however many found out just how harsh the service was even then…especially back then. Genin who broke rank and quit service retained the skills given to them, but were placed under special watch by the overburdened ANBU branch. Inevitably, some of the rogue Genin eventually slipped through the cracks.
At the age of twelve, Tama was a victim to one of those Genin. A man in his early twenties, down on his luck, and heavily inebriated assaulted the child in an attempt to steal the invention and any money he had. The attack left the child beaten nearly to death before a something, intervened.
The Lord of the Deep Courts, either because he was checking up on the rogue Genin himself or out of sheer chance, caught the act. Before the man even realized what was happening, he was dead, with his soul ripped from his body. Kneeling before the child, Mikaboshi gave Tama the offer of life over what would have surely been death otherwise, and held out the spirit in the form of a small silver ball.

Tama, perhaps unwisely, took the offer.

To this day, the scientist doesn’t know why Mikaboshi chose him, and would rather not know. The soul absorbed into the child, into his body, and activated something deep inside of his genes that Tama doubted either of them had any idea he had. Just like the Lord before him, boiling deep inside of his cells, slept the power of an Ancient. A human soul was fed to those cells, awakening power and hunger that the youth had never known could exist.
Following this came a series of bad choices, with a single good one thrown in there for no reason save possibly fate. A week after he had graduated into Geninhood, somehow, his father had found the village and managed a way inside through an ancient relic that opened small portals. From there he rounded up enough of the rogues in the bad part of the city to form a large gang, then sent some of those men out to kill both Tama and his mother. They only succeeded in the latter after setting the house on fire. Having watched the child survive the assassination, the Ancient Mikaboshi, once again appeared before the child and asked if he wished for revenge.

Again, Tama took the offer.

The massacre that followed only remained unknown due to the fact that Mikaboshi himself took part in the violence of the unknowing apprentice. He warded off Tengokai rather soundly, forcing the man out the same way he entered and sealing it off after nearly killing the cursed father. Tama wouldn’t see any hide or hair of the man for nearly the rest of his life after that point, but it didn’t matter. Any corruption his father had intended to place in the child had been easily settled in under the machinations of the Deep Lord. In the death of the gang members the child had consumed a number of souls, experiencing life after life, and slowly began to fall into madness along with the power he had absorbed.
A month later, without the sup of a human soul, the boy had found he had aged another full year of life. With the money earned from doing the random mission here and there with his new found strength, he had managed to buy out some space in the cheaper parts of town. Aside from living, this space was mostly converted into a fully working lab to ever poke at what he didn’t yet know. After discovering that he had aged so rapidly for seemingly no reason, the budding scientist had a new project to work on. One that ended up staying ahead of all others as with each day that went by, the chill step of death crept nearer.
During the early parts of his experiments, in the attempt to combine the newly minted chakra crystals with his blood, he caused an explosion that destroyed most of his first lab. In this explosion he made a friend; a girl who just happened to walk by and speak to him out of curiosity. The explosion caused a strange effect on her, as she took the brunt of it, in that her hair and irises had turned a soft pink color. Though she suffered surprisingly no harm, her introduction as the Steward of Sunagakure’s daughter sent Ryuu Tama into a small panic. Sousuke was something of a hero of his at that time and he had just exploded science at his daughter.
Which he took surprisingly well. For the rest of that month Tama got to know Sousuke, accepted a small grant for his rather vague research, and became close friends with the girl known as Okibi. At the end of the month she vanished, Sousuke left in search of her for a long time, and Tama aged yet another year from his distractions. The scientist doubled down on his research and cut off all ties to the public; a mistake that nearly cost him his life.

In the years that followed, the scientist slipped further and further down in his morality towards humans. He was a serial killer now, picking off the dredges of the denizens suffering in the furthest reaches of their underground society. At first it was the sick and weak, but as Tama learned that souls reflect their last physical forms, he began to attack healthier citizens more and more. His purpose? The souls he harvested both sustained his current age of fifteen, and he stayed at that age for the last two years so long as he ate one human soul a week. The other side of it was using these said souls in science, ever grasping in the dark for a clue to fix his body and keep from eternally feasting upon his own race. Madness had fully gripped his mind in this time as well. Not only did killing his own people leave him restless at night, but he also made the forewarned mistake of reliving each and every life he consumed. Before long his science turned towards the arcane and the superstitious, he rarely knew who or where he was day to day, and all that mattered was that he keep this rare supply in stock.
It still remains a mystery that no one from ANBU ever touched Tama. In fact, his small reign of terror in becoming the new local boogeyman is what finally attracted a man who was capable of ending the problems the military would not. Uzumoreru Toushin, the greatest assassin his clan ever produced, was the first man to put a blade to the scientist’s throat; something he did quite well.
This would be the first time Ryuu Tama would escape a deserved death by sheer luck. By all means he should of died in the apartment he had feasted his last meal. A blade had been shoved through his right lung, then dragged across his throat, and finally he had been thrown out the window of the third story room. He had learned, on this day, he was very hard to kill. The soul he had collected that night and ate healed his wounds all save a chest cavity that was slowly healing as he awoke in a pile of trash, staring up at a rival scientist standing over him. The man had a special ability to literally being able to grab a person’s chakra coil, however, it did little more than slow down the flow. Tama’s chakra coil wasn’t human, though, and this time the man was able to actually extract the Hybrid’s power that kept the souls inside of him mostly stable. He was left like this, in the pile of garbage, half dead and now aging at a rapid pace again with the screams of the dead tearing his head apart.
It was here that the scientist came across another demon of Suna.

Kitanai, was an assassin, and introduced herself as one of the best. She promised that, if he paid handsomely, she would happily be the best damn bodyguard money could buy. After agreeing to anything to save his life, the femme fatal lifted his broken body and carried him back to the closest lab he could remember.
The assassin brought into Tama’s life three specific things. The fury of revenge, a hate for blackmail, and a deep seated fear of women. Shortly after he had recovered and decided to bathe in their local bathhouse, he met the assassin once more after she, with so little effort, broke the neck of someone the scientist was bathing with like she was taking out garbage. The scene, somehow despite everything he had done himself, traumatized the scientist. Then, along with this new found phobia of women, the assassin also brought to his doorstep increasing prices for her services through a mix of using the knowledge of what he really was, and through a quasi-romantic partnership with the hitman who had originally nearly killed him. Anytime the scientist got uppity or refused to pay, Toushin paid him a close call.
This went on for a nearly a whole year until finally the scientist was able to concoct a device that mimicked the chakra coil by absorbing a human’s natural energy and then reflecting it back out through their circulatory system; exactly as a normal coil would do. With this he was able to regain some of his lost strength and did what he had dreamed of doing since his power was stolen; revenge.
After capturing the scientist who had stolen his power, Tama tortured the man for a number of hours before finally killing him by removing the rival scientists’ own chakra coil. As horribly morbid and vile as it was, this was the original method that the Hybrid used in discovering how to detach, remove, and transplant the actual Coil every human has. With another Coil to replace the one stolen, Tama managed to do a few things to fix his life; fire Kitanai, regain a modicum of sanity, and rise above as one of the greatest medical minds of his generation. As a bonus the new coil also slowed down his rapid aging to near normal rates, and not at all if he simply consumed a human soul; also the voices of those he ate became mercifully silent. Later he would learn than transplanted Coils could be naturally rejected like any other transplanted organ, and that he just happened to be lucky enough that his rival was a match for his blood type.

A couple of months would pass by and the genius had managed to walk away from his vile life in the bad parts of town. He was working his way towards becoming a fully fledged medical shinobi now, his schooling paid for by the grant earned for his Chakra Coil Transplant procedure that he happily handed over. His life finally seemed to be balancing back out towards normal, despite the rocky start to his career with the military, when Okibi appeared at the gates one day in a horrible condition. Tama, of all people, was the first to happen across her beaten and torn body.
Aside from the injuries sustained from walking through the Maelstrom, the doctors reported to the Steward that his ward had faced physical and mental abuse; from the moment she had gone missing they theorized. This incident made Tama drop everything. Projects, research, his schooling; non of it mattered to the man compared to the girl who connected him back to a time before the madness. After months of intense recovery, a little bit of scientific magic, and the support of both Tama and her father, Okibi finally came back around to her normal self. For the first time in his life the scientist felt fully concerned about any other creature or person other than himself, and before he could stop it, caught the feels. She worked with his fear of fairer gender, he brought her back to reality - together they kept each other balanced. Half a year after her return, the rumors of the two’s closeness became more than just hearsay, and they shared dance on Okibi’s birthday that seemed to fully seal it.

Some time later, and the couple was nearly inseparable. Tama had finished schooling and was working diligently in the hospital when Sousuke received news of where Okibi’s kidnappers were located. Together, the trio decided to venture out into the Maelstrom to storm their base and put an end to the last of his lover’s nightmares. In this attack they were successful. They had all taken some physical damage, Tama probably the worst, though by the end he looked as if he hadn’t taken any. During his battle with a twisted Uchiha, the scientist was forced to eat the man’s soul to heal wounds inflicted by the clan’s black flame. However, the one who took the most mental damage that day was non other than Okibi herself after finding a child locked away deep in the facility - a child of her’s, produced by by the abuse she had suffered in her years captured.
They attempted to return to the village, the new mother fully overwhelmed, when the group found the entrance blocked by a member of the Cabal. Sousuke turned them back towards the desert to seek out aid in defeating the man they could not surpass despite the combined strength of Tama and the Steward.
During this journey, shortly after claiming the artifact they would need, Okibi made a decision; she would not be returning to Sunagakure.
The poor girl had not expected this much of simple revenge. She had destroyed those that had brought her harm but in exchange was only given a constant reminder of that pain in the form of a son. She could also only see a bitter future for herself and the child if she continued on and returned to the village, and so after saying some horribly choice words to her father, left into the desert. Torn between duty and love, Tama decided to follow his lover into the dunes beyond, both of them leaving Sousuke with a war to fight by himself, and a new child to raise.
Tama, however, did not get far. He had not consumed a soul in so long that the Uchiha was able to retain his personality, lurking in the back of the scientist’s mind. Once they were a great distance away from Sousuke, the remnants of the evil soul possessed Tama, and tried to kill Okibi. The result was Tama’s lover beating him nearly to death. After the deed was done the woman broke down, stroking her stomach softly while promising the conceived child between herself and the Hybrid a better life. She left his body in the dunes, bloody and broken, and wondered off towards the North.

His body was recovered by Tengokai. While, possibly, there may have been some subtle fatherly reason to save his son the main reason fell down to a prophecy he was trying to see completed. Since his son was a core part of that, the father saved the young man and secretly returned him to Sunagakure during the battle with the Cabal. In Tama’s basement was an experimental pod with fluids that would begin rapidly restoring a body at the cost of lifespan. Teng placed his son in this machine, read the scattered notes on how it worked, and turned it on before making a quick exit before a certain Ancient could notice him; though he suspected the being knew all along.
When the scientist awoke again, he was an old man, and not himself. For a very small moment of time, about thirty minutes, the Uchiha had full control over the scientist’s body before happening across a curious Ancient - Mother Suna. The legendary creature could easily deduce that the man controlling the shell wasn’t the owner, and easily destroyed the creature, allowing for Tama’s soul to take back over his own body. She fed to him the Uchiha’s soul once more, allowing him to recover most of his age but not the fractured memories running through his head. All he could recall was leaving Sousuke, though he had no idea who this man was, only that someone he loved deeply was mad at him. Seeing an opportunity, the Ancient with a religion decided to manipulate Tama against the Steward - for giggles.

So then started another strange part of his life. In disguise, the once renown scientist wandered around Suna trying to figure out how to gain enough power to take on the Kazekage and ‘steal back’ his ‘son’. The Ancient had manipulated him into believing that Aki was stolen away from himself and Okibi, and that he was here to get him back. However after weeks of planning, the scientist realized he was missing more than just power, but also memories. In the back of his mind he knew that there was one being who could help him, and that was Mikaboshi.
A week of quiet murder crawled by as Tama collected enough souls for an offering. He wanted the Deep Courts to fully unleash the power deep in his core in order to fight Sousuke, and the creature vaguely agreed to help, if he could best him in combat.
They two fought on for an hour, an impossible length of time, before Mikaboshi finally broke down his old apprentice’s form into energy and scattered it. This action broke away Tama’s mental fog and all of the memories of who he was reconstructed his body once again as close to a full Ancient as he could get. It was held back only in the fact that his human soul was what held this new form together. With all his memories returned, Mikaboshi forced Tama into pact for this new form, and that it was to never be used against the Steward. The newly formed creature looked down at his hands and agreed, unsure now to what he was at all.
After a year of wandering the desert in search of his missing lover, he finally came across what he believed was Okibi. She was running with a wolf pack, hunting, and turned her head seemingly to regard Tama off in the distance before moving on. The link between them seemed gone, as if he no longer felt like a part of that fight for survival, and quickly began to spiral into a deep depression. The scientist then returned to Sunagakure, quietly, and descended back into the depths he had once managed to rise from.

At first all the being did was attempt suicide. He quickly found that human souls were incredibly indestructible, and that no matter how much he tried to inflict pain on himself, didn’t eat, or expose his form to natural danger, it kept kicking. In the troughs of fury at his trapped existence he began to throw his anger at those around him - the Underground.
At first, it was just something about souls he knew tasted better when the owner was a rather deplorable person. The filthier the sinner, the tastier the soul. In his search for the next delicious meal, Tama accidentally toppled most of the old mafia hierarchy that had been in place since the city slept beneath the dunes. It got to a point that those he left alive began to revere him as some kind of monster, not unlike his former master. Then once he survived an assassination attempt by Uzumoreru Toushin, the assassin king himself, everyone else simply fell in line. Before he knew it, the scientist had built a small empire beneath the city above. Created with violence and manipulation of the forgotten the Hybrid began to revel in everything money could buy. Men, drugs, fine alcohol, and more than enough money to funnel into any ridiculous project he could think of; it was all at Tama’s fingertips.
But it was an escape, and that was all. The deep hole left there by his ex-lover and the depression from all of his own sins weighted down deep on his mind. He grew to resent Suna, Sousuke, and everything else in the pit he had dug into. Eventually it turned into a game to see how far he could push the Steward until he pushed back. A new Kazekage had taken the throne, Sousuke had a lot more free time, and for years Tama played this game of cat and mouse until one day he decided to throw caution to the wind.
While trying to help a young Michino find out who his father was, Tama appeared before Sousuke for the first time in years, and stole off with a girl who was apprenticing under him for the day.

The mad scientist had planned it all. With Sousuke, he knew exactly how much to throw at the man so that, when they clashed in battle, the chances that they killed each other would be high. He wanted to end his existence, but also leave his mark. Toraono Michino was the monkey wrench that threw all those plans. Well that, and a great deal of his army just up and leaving after the Steward gave a merciful speech.
Once the battle started, the man who had once been his hero was far more capable than he planned for, and on top of that Michino was proving to be a capable fighter. Yet, despite the flaws, he was able to land more than a few solid blows on Sousuke, taking one of the Steward’s eyes, and even came close to the fatal blow that would end them both…until Michino grabbed his arm.
There was a trigger of chakra, a familiarity that said ‘family’, and the first person he thought of was Okibi. He swore in that moment he heard her voice before feeling his opponent’s blade tear through his body. In that moment near his death, he saw what could possibly be his son, and for the first time in years actually wanted to live. Unfortunately, in the battles before this, Michino had suffered a broken back from his last opponent, and had finally ran into a limit of how for the Toraono powers could take him. With the finally moments of his life, the scientist tried to save what he thought was his child.
Then Mikaboshi appeared, and reminded the promise they made about attacking the Steward. The Deep Ancient placed his hand on the boy and forced Tama’s healing energy to recirculate between them as he gave the scientist a small reminder about those who betrayed his trust…before granting upon them instead, a rare favor. Mikaboshi healed both of them.
Arrests were made, Tama went under trail, and Michino was taken to the hospital for a check-up. A private DNA test that did show he was at least related somehow to the Hybrid but, their technology wasn’t up enough to exactly determine how closely the two were related. So for awhile, the Toraono thought Ryuu Tama was his missing father.

Sousuke somehow managed to keep the Sunagakure government from imprisoning Tama for his high crimes. Instead the Ancient Hybrid was placed under house arrest at the Steward’s home. There the Takahashi kept a close eye on him as he weened himself off of human souls on a steady diet of fowls’. His other punishment was solving cases for the hospital from the house, never allowed to leave and tend to the patients himself.
After a couple of years the scientist was allowed to finally purchase his own home, near the residence of Sousuke for safety reasons, and then proceeded to be the greatest thorn he could in everyone’s side.
Perhaps it was the lack of human souls replaced with vengeful birds, or more likely the harsh life he had lead left a bitter taste in his mouth; from Underground riches to basic citizenship. Either way, Tama had stopped really caring about anything but being right and proving he was the best at anything he did. This lack of empathy and rise of pride eventually came to a head at Michino’s seventeenth birthday party, where the man whom the teen thought was his father for the last two years proved that was in fact not. With a new device that honed in on exact genes, it told him with a simple colored light bulb that Michino was not his son, but close enough to be direct family. After ruining the boy’s birthday he withdrew nearly completely from society, throwing himself fully into work and trying not to dwell on how the young Toraono was related to him.
A year later, and they both found out.

At a restaurant to celebrate Michino’s upcoming match in Underground Boxing, the cursed Tengokai revealed himself as his missing father, and removed the boxer’s left leg with the cursed sword that ruled Teng’s life. With his leg he stole a bit of Michino’s soul, one of two parts he needed to unlock his weapon’s true form. Sousuke, who was there on a separate occasion with his own social circle, rose in defense while others tried to escort the innocents away from the battle that rocked the Diamond District. Moments after the destructive bout began Tama and the Kazekage, Sunahoshi Katsuo, joined in defense of Michino. As the fight between the three old powerhouses and one possessed mad man tore up the restaurant, Tama saw the battle playing out before him and knew that it was only a matter of time before Tengokai struck someone with that cursed blade.
Seeing that it was finally his time to pay for his sins, he jumped in and took a blow that had been meant for Sousuke. Since the weapon absorbed souls and his entire shell was made out of a human soul, the scientist vanished instantly, save his clothes. A prophecy had been fulfilled, and Teng recieved the second soul he needed. Ryuu Tama had suffered his end at the hands of his own father and the cursed blade, which meant the rise of a dark and destructive force that was supposed to cover the West Lands for a thousand years. However, in his brother’s clothes, Michino found a steel tube in Tama’s empty lab coat. Inside of that tube was a scroll with vague instructions on absorbing an attack. Tengokai maneuvered through the attacks of his opponents before striking down to kill his second son and fully absorb the Toraono’s soul. On instinct the wounded soldier opened the scroll and held it up to take the attack. His father’s attack never connected, and instead, the scroll absorbed most of Teng’s arm. Then the paper began to consume the evil man slowly, causing him to cut off the arm before using the bits of both souls to unlock some of the weapon’s true form.
After being thrown across the room from the clash of sheer power in the eatery, Michino looked down at the scroll that had been thrown next to him and saw the seal had changed to read ‘blood’ and nothing else. Taking a little from his wounded leg, he activated the spell sealed inside of the scroll.
Tama’s secret weapon was a ninjutsu that required a large number of human souls. Having thought about his form and what could possibly kill it, he created a back up to his body; a blueprint for his soul. Having consumed a part of Tengokai’s body, which had an abundance of souls which included his own, the seal was able to mostly recreate Tama’s body. He was returned to his body right before Okibi retreated to the desert, and in that moment broke his own timeline; something the universe would later hunt him over. However with his old strength and human form returned, the three was able to overcome Tengokai and destroy him for good. As a bonus, they also coincidentally prevented an apocalyptic prophecy.

With his human form regained, Tama decided to finally rejoin society. It wasn’t exactly welcomed, though, and so he responded about as bitterly as one could imagine. He worked the longest and most at the hospital, but most of the staff save a few of the higher-ups hated working with him. He was constantly spell-checking nurses notes, switching up surgery schedules, sometimes out right stealing patients, and causing just general chaos. Basically just being himself once again.
However, there was something lurking in the background after his soul. A being called Karma tormented him constantly, claiming to be the Herald of the Universe sent to collect only the most sinful souls. As a being who broke his timeline, a grave sin of Universal Law, Tama was slated to one day suffer untold horrors forever. Yet instead of heed the voice and prepare for his punishment, he instead trapped the Herald inside of his own body and drew on the power of the Universe itself for some time like the heathen he was.
Then a day came when Sousuke came to the hospital in seek of aid regarding his mental status. The scientist recognized the paperwork for a government official and switched up some charts to give Tama time to see Sousuke himself. It was there the Steward revealed his worries and the arcane scientist decided to investigate the weapons the man had used most of his life. After it nearly killed him, he implored Sousuke return to his house where they could preform a ritual to unbind whatever was connected to the sword away from the Steward. Unfortunately the ritual did more harm to either of them than it did help. In the end Sousuke’s physical form was destroyed and Tama was forced to place it inside of a mechanical body. The ritual used to preform that feat further fractured his timeline and released Karma from its prison to rip the scientist out of the current timeline and into a miserable existence, but before it did, Tama took off his most precious item, a ring, and threw it.

For nearly a hundred years Karma tormented him by forcing him to relive his worst mistakes. Every time he tried to alter the events he would die tragically and then forced onto his next mistake. He was finally able to break free of the trap by focusing on finding the one sole thing he truly ever loved; Okibi. Eventually over the years of suffering, he would see a glimmer, and started to focus towards it. Years of repeated deaths and finally he was close enough to see it The ring he had thrown before Karma ripped him way allowed him to focus on the love Okibi had once showed him. The ring represented everything he lived for, and so for a hundred years he searched for the timeline the ring was spinning in. Once it was caught, Tama slipped it back on his left finger.
It was an engagement ring enchanted with a special ninjutsu that allowed it to change sizes corresponding with the user’s chakra. He had originally created it to give to Okibi before they traveled out in seeking revenge, but never got the chance to propose marriage. It was the one thing that had survived after he regained his memories and visited his old house, and as far as he knew, was all that he had left of that time when he was truly happy. The focus on that ring and love eventually broke a crack in his prison he was able to exploit to return to his own timeline.

He hadn’t skipped much time apart from everyone else despite having suffered for a hundred years, but now was vexed with a new issue. His temporal form was broken three times over now. Karma was ever whispering threats into his ear and his body would shift between the ages of sixteen, twenty, early thirties, and sixty. It would happen usually when he injured himself, but sometimes it would also do so for no reason whatsoever. Tama felt he was just barely stable inside of the timeline, and so kept far away from combat until he could create a sustainable form; despite the war looming at their doorstep.
So, thusly, the scientist went back into full hiding again deep beneath the dunes under Suna. There he decided he would try to clone his original body which would have its own stability in the timeline to house his soul in.
His first experiments were completely unsuccessful, as he attempted to pour way too much Ancient DNA into the bodies in an struggling grasp at the power Mikaboshi once gave him. It wasn’t until he met a man who was a professional at creating clones that he learned his mistake had been in not making them human enough. The man helped Tama perfect his cloning technique before returning to his own business in assuring the village stayed supplied for the war. With the perfect clone created, Tama finally fixed the error he had made thirty years ago in consuming that Uchiha.

The new body was a perfect Hybrid. A splice of man and Ancient that was the best of both worlds. Though his mastery over the sky was far more limited than the powers blessed upon him by the Deep Lord, he now had a had a deep understanding of Time’s Flow and exactly how much he could bend without getting Karma’s attention. Between his ability to manipulate time within three seconds and an obscene control over oxygen, Tama believes he might be at his strongest ever, and had planned to live an unstoppable life with the sky...until Okibi herself appeared back at the gates with his actual child.

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Old Profile: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/toraono-michino.55124/
Old Training: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/balancing-ego-michino-training-thread.55163/page-6
Old Dojo: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/michinos-dojo.55287/

Special Usergroups: None.
Old Stats:
Agi: 600
Sta: 600
Nin: 600
Tai: 600
Gen: 600
CC: 600
Advanced Shop Points: 1083
Current PL: 3600
Old OOC Rank: S Rank
New Stats:
Agi: 600
Sta: 600
Nin: 600
Tai: 600
Gen: 600
CC: 600
Advanced Shop Points: 1083
Current PL: 3600
New OOC Rank: S Rank

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:

Curve Shot [Mastered] => Wind Slash [Mastered]
Raw Shot [Mastered] => Pressure Burst [Mastered]
Unforeseen Strike [Mastered] => Pressurized Mist [Mastered]
Piercing Strike [Mastered] => Water Gun [Mastered]

Venomous Sting [Mastered] => Whirlwind Spin [Mastered]
Disillusion Shot [Mastered] => Air Bullet [Mastered]
Power Shot [Mastered] => Shredding Touch [Mastered]
Quickshot [Mastered] => Water Whip [Mastered]
Bounce Shot [Mastered] => Aqua Fang [Mastered]
4-Hit Combo [Mastered] => Mystical Hand [Mastered]
Spinning Wind [Mastered] => Coagulation [Mastered]
Dynamic Entry [Mastered] => Rinse Off [Mastered]

Critical Shot [Mastered] => Wind Scythe [Mastered]
Snipe [Mastered] => Tempest [Mastered]
Scatter Shot [Mastered] => Gale Force [Mastered]
Counter Shot [Mastered] => Wind Release [Mastered]
Tracking Beacon [Mastered] => Grand Waterfall [Mastered]
Catapult Discharge [Mastered] =>Impaling Hydro Jet [Mastered]
Detonation Tip [Mastered] => Water Prison [Mastered]
Vine Tangle [Mastered] => Reflective Surface [Mastered]
Armor of Thorns [Mastered] => Shattering Shards [Mastered]
Ingrain [Mastered] => Mirror Clone [Mastered]
Wood Hammer [Mastered] => Breaking Glass [Mastered]
Black Eruption [Mastered] => Poison Extraction [Mastered]
Midnight Strike [Mastered] => Venom Needle [Mastered]
Specter Shade [Mastered] => Immunity Break [Mastered]
Dark Displacement [Mastered] => Toxic Channeling [Mastered]
Dragon Assault [Mastered] => System Shock [Mastered]
Tiger Hook [Mastered] => Skeletal Fortification [Mastered]
Step-In Flash [Mastered] => Anaesthetic Infusion [Mastered]
Shoryuken [Mastered] => System Restoration [Mastered]
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku [Mastered] => Rain Dance [Mastered]

Flurry Shot [Mastered] => Great Wind Scythe [Mastered]
Blunt Shot [Mastered] => Wind Scar [Mastered]
Pierce Shot [Mastered] => Vacuum Sphere [Mastered]
Pin Shot [Mastered] => Cyclone Movement [Mastered]
Grapple Shot [Mastered] => Mystical Pond [Mastered]
Burst Shot [Mastered] => Water Shark Bomb [Mastered]
Homing Shot [Mastered] =>Hydro Tidal Shockwave [Mastered]
Piercing Timber [Mastered] => Synchronized Reflection [Mastered]
Pit of Crimson Tears [Mastered] => Spectrum Sphere [Mastered]
Evergreen Thicket [Mastered] => Reflective Rain [Mastered]
Glow Moss [Mastered] => Mirrored Edge [Mastered]
Underworld Prison [Mastered] => Toxic Curse [Mastered]
Shadow Punishment [Mastered] => Stun Vapor [Mastered]
Black Moon Fang [Mastered] => Venom Strike [Mastered]
Ebony Nightmare [Mastered] => Poison Mist [Mastered]
Suplex [Mastered] => Mystical Force [Mastered]
Primary Lotus [Mastered] => Medical Assistant [Mastered]
Shadow Step Strike [Mastered] => Tranquilize [Mastered]
Seismic Toss [Mastered] => Medical Ward [Mastered]
Submission [Mastered] => Torrential Vortex [Mastered]

Destruction Power Shot [Mastered] => Tatsuamki [Mastered]
Combustive Shot [Mastered] => Hurricane [Mastered]
Glacial Shot [Mastered] => Ambiance of the Forbidden [Mastered]
Voltaic Shot [Mastered] => Zephyr’s Grace [Mastered]
Terra Firma Shot [Mastered] => Water Dragon Bullet [Mastered]
Frenzy Plant [Mastered] => Fun House [Mastered]
Sleeping Forest [Mastered] => Spitting Image [Mastered]
Wrath of Nature [Mastered] => Reflective Storm [Mastered]
Grand Gaia Impalement [Mastered] => Mirror Coat [Mastered]
Shadow Summoning [Mastered] => Toxic Conversion [Mastered]
Shadow Garb [Mastered] => Black Fog [Mastered]
Darkness Falls [Mastered] => Touch of the Accursed [Mastered]
Absolute Void [Mastered] => Corrupted Mist [Mastered]
Falcon Punch [Mastered] => Resuscitate [Mastered]
Eagle Drop [Mastered] => Angelic Blessing [Mastered]
Dance of the Waxing Moon [Mastered] => Regeneration [Mastered]
Fist of Sin [Mastered] => Pristine Aura [Mastered]
Fist of Virtue [Mastered] => Supreme Aqua Realm

Other Refunds:
Name of any Contract you currently own
: Youkai and Tsukumogami, and I would like to carry over the Tsukumogami contract to Tama for 300 ASP. As well, he has the Lizard Contract already.
Carry Over RP
suchirusword.jpgThe weapon that Tama secretly carries is a small part of his own history, and a reminder of the only female friend he had aside from Okibi. The weapon is a sword with a simple golden guard, leather wrapped grip, and emerald pommel. The blade is made from materials that appear to resemble steel but the weapon itself shows no signs of age. It isn’t an overly fashionable weapon with no runes or markings, and the design is very simplistic. Despite this, the weapon has an unsettling aura to it when stared at too long, as if it was a living creature that was poorly attempting to stay hidden.
This weapon is known as the Blutkrieg, or Blood War in an old tongue, and is the legendary weapon of the Suchiru Clan from Suna. The sword itself has a lost history as a weapon that was forged by unknown makers ages ago. Passing from hand to hand the blade has seen more of human history than they can remember, and over time has gained a sort of life of its own after being bathed in the blood of thousands of living beings. Because of its bloody past it carries a strange curse. Any time the weapon stays within a family long enough to be a written part of history, the clan falls apart and eventually falls to the dusts of time. The sword is then found by a mercenary or a collector, and the cycle begins again.
The last clan it was attached to, the Suchiru, held the weapon as part of a ceremonial ritual in picking the next successor. Because of the strange presence it held, only a handful of the blacksmiths were able to handle its presence, and when held long enough the sword would give to the user memories of any other swordsman had also held it. Some of these said swordsmen were also famed blacksmiths who’s techniques were lost to time and war. When a Suchiru would grasp the weapon, and could hold it long enough to be granted a vision, they would either see an ancient blacksmith’s work, or a battle. Those who were given the ancient knowledge were picked as the next clan head, the others were sent to the Sunagakure military for training.
In this way, the Suchiru clan managed to keep the Blutkrieg’s curse from destroying their family for nearly five generations. Yet the weapon was never meant to simply sit and guide a clan, and after a time only began showing the Suchiru clansmen nothing but battle as its bloodlust began to infect the leaders. Eventually the clan fell apart as the next leader couldn’t be decided and one by one the leaders began to die off from assassinations. In the end, the last heir to the weapon was Suchiru Amejisuto, a Genin and part-time blacksmith of Sunagakure. Though she never got to see the weapon as her father sent the sword to be hidden far away shortly before the Cabal attacked. Long after his death in the battles that followed, a letter resurfaced for his daughter with instructions on where the clan’s ancient weapon was located and how it could be used to return their once proud linage. If she had never left to retrieve the weapon, the curse on her family would have been broken and she could of continued living with Uzu and Chiyo.

The weapon was located deep in the Northern Mountain Range of the Lightning Country. The trip took her weeks to even get into the country, and then another full week for mountain climbing before she found an old shrine tucked far away from human hands.
However she wasn’t the only one seeking the weapon. When she opened the old wooden doors and stepped inside the modest temple, Ryuu Tama was already inside with the weapon in his hand. They knew each other from long ago when she was still a Student and he but a Medic in Training. The scientist was the entire reason she knew her current husband, Toushin, and had saved her life from the Uzumoreru clan once.
She confronted the Hybrid about his presence here and why he was stealing her clan’s weapon when he responded that it was to keep it out of the hands of his father. Tabs he was keeping through the world on sightings of his nearly immortal parent had tugged him towards here when word on the Black Market began spreading about the location of a legendary sword. Knowing that Tengokai was a collector of such weapons, Tama decided to take extra steps to keep the weapon from reaching his father’s hands. Eventually he made a promise that if Tama would be allowed to carry it back to Suna, she could use it for her clan’s ritual once again, but he would have to hold onto it from this point on. The weapon was obviously cursed and Tama didn’t wish it into the hands of any normal human being.
The scientist left his former friend at the temple as he used his powers to easily descend the mountains ahead of her. Before she could begin her climb down though, the very man they were trying to keep the weapon from appeared and killed Amejisuto. Using her death the madman tried to leverage it against Toushin to kill Tama; a plan that ultimately failed. With the last of the Suchiru dead at the hands of senseless violence, the weapon now resides with Tama and his already cursed life. However, as he is not exactly fully human, the weapon’s curse doesn’t compel him into battle and he has only used it once since retrieving it from the shrine in the battle against Uzu. For added protection he keeps the weapon tightly locked away in a special scroll sealed in a metal case full of little cylinders that contain other high-powered last resort options. Since the weapon’s sentience is of the most primal it simply sleeps in the time-locked state of the shinobi sealing jutsu, waiting to feast again.

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Oct 22, 2012
-Getting a hold of contract for the contract stuff
-Your custom class mentioned ninjutsu accuracy twice and depending on where you ultimately want it to reside, will impact whether your calculations are correct or off
-+1 approval for the new BL
-Everything else looks good, just need a second set of eyes!


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Oct 22, 2012
OOC Rank
+1 to BL
Class just needs that one correction, as mentioned.
Refund is as follows:

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:
E-Rank: 4 = 1,800
  1. Curve Shot [Mastered] => Wind Slash [Mastered]
  2. Raw Shot [Mastered] => Pressure Burst [Mastered]
  3. Unforeseen Strike [Mastered] => Pressurized Mist [Mastered]
  4. Piercing Strike [Mastered] => Water Gun [Mastered]
D-Rank: 8 = 9,600
  1. Venomous Sting [Mastered] => Whirlwind Spin [Mastered]
  2. Disillusion Shot [Mastered] => Air Bullet [Mastered]
  3. Power Shot [Mastered] => Shredding Touch [Mastered]
  4. Quickshot [Mastered] => Water Whip [Mastered]
  5. Bounce Shot [Mastered] => Aqua Fang [Mastered]
  6. 4-Hit Combo [Mastered] => Mystical Hand [Mastered]
  7. Spinning Wind [Mastered] => Coagulation [Mastered]
  8. Dynamic Entry [Mastered] => Rinse Off [Mastered]
C-Rank: 20 = 65,000‬
  1. Critical Shot [Mastered] => Wind Scythe [Mastered]
  2. Snipe [Mastered] => Tempest [Mastered]
  3. Scatter Shot [Mastered] => Gale Force [Mastered]
  4. Counter Shot [Mastered] => Wind Release [Mastered]
  5. Tracking Beacon [Mastered] => Grand Waterfall [Mastered]
  6. Catapult Discharge [Mastered] =>Impaling Hydro Jet [Mastered]
  7. Detonation Tip [Mastered] => Water Prison [Mastered]
  8. Vine Tangle [Mastered] => Reflective Surface [Mastered]
  9. Armor of Thorns [Mastered] => Shattering Shards [Mastered]
  10. Ingrain [Mastered] => Mirror Clone [Mastered]
  11. Wood Hammer [Mastered] => Breaking Glass [Mastered]
  12. Black Eruption [Mastered] => Poison Extraction [Mastered]
  13. Midnight Strike [Mastered] => Venom Needle [Mastered]
  14. Specter Shade [Mastered] => Immunity Break [Mastered]
  15. Dark Displacement [Mastered] => Toxic Channeling [Mastered]
  16. Dragon Assault [Mastered] => System Shock [Mastered]
  17. Tiger Hook [Mastered] => Skeletal Fortification [Mastered]
  18. Step-In Flash [Mastered] => Anaesthetic Infusion [Mastered]
  19. Shoryuken [Mastered] => System Restoration [Mastered]
  20. Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku [Mastered] => Rain Dance [Mastered]
B-Rank: 20 = 150,000
  1. Flurry Shot [Mastered] => Great Wind Scythe [Mastered]
  2. Blunt Shot [Mastered] => Wind Scar [Mastered]
  3. Pierce Shot [Mastered] => Vacuum Sphere [Mastered]
  4. Pin Shot [Mastered] => Cyclone Movement [Mastered]
  5. Grapple Shot [Mastered] => Mystical Pond [Mastered]
  6. Burst Shot [Mastered] => Water Shark Bomb [Mastered]
  7. Homing Shot [Mastered] =>Hydro Tidal Shockwave [Mastered]
  8. Piercing Timber [Mastered] => Synchronized Reflection [Mastered]
  9. Pit of Crimson Tears [Mastered] => Spectrum Sphere [Mastered]
  10. Evergreen Thicket [Mastered] => Reflective Rain [Mastered]
  11. Glow Moss [Mastered] => Mirrored Edge [Mastered]
  12. Underworld Prison [Mastered] => Toxic Curse [Mastered]
  13. Shadow Punishment [Mastered] => Stun Vapor [Mastered]
  14. Black Moon Fang [Mastered] => Venom Strike [Mastered]
  15. Ebony Nightmare [Mastered] => Poison Mist [Mastered]
  16. Suplex [Mastered] => Mystical Force [Mastered]
  17. Primary Lotus [Mastered] => Medical Assistant [Mastered]
  18. Shadow Step Strike [Mastered] => Tranquilize [Mastered]
  19. Seismic Toss [Mastered] => Medical Ward [Mastered]
  20. Submission [Mastered] => Torrential Vortex [Mastered]
A-Rank: 18 = 225,000
  1. Destruction Power Shot [Mastered] => Tatsuamki [Mastered]
  2. Combustive Shot [Mastered] => Hurricane [Mastered]
  3. Glacial Shot [Mastered] => Ambiance of the Forbidden [Mastered]
  4. Voltaic Shot [Mastered] => Zephyr’s Grace [Mastered]
  5. Terra Firma Shot [Mastered] => Water Dragon Bullet [Mastered]
  6. Frenzy Plant [Mastered] => Fun House [Mastered]
  7. Sleeping Forest [Mastered] => Spitting Image [Mastered]
  8. Wrath of Nature [Mastered] => Reflective Storm [Mastered]
  9. Grand Gaia Impalement [Mastered] => Mirror Coat [Mastered]
  10. Shadow Summoning [Mastered] => Toxic Conversion [Mastered]
  11. Shadow Garb [Mastered] => Black Fog [Mastered]
  12. Darkness Falls [Mastered] => Touch of the Accursed [Mastered]
  13. Absolute Void [Mastered] => Corrupted Mist [Mastered]
  14. Falcon Punch [Mastered] => Resuscitate [Mastered]
  15. Eagle Drop [Mastered] => Angelic Blessing [Mastered]
  16. Dance of the Waxing Moon [Mastered] => Regeneration [Mastered]
  17. Fist of Sin [Mastered] => Pristine Aura [Mastered]
  18. Fist of Virtue [Mastered] => Supreme Aqua Realm
Kinjutsu: Chimera -> Temporal Strider 6= 56,000

Refund: 507, 400 yen
Need an admin to remove the relevant jutsu from inventory.


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Oct 23, 2012
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
The Winds of Time
HP: (40+lvl) x stamina
CP: (45+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu Option: Temporal Strider/+1 Dodge
High:[/i] Tai Accuracy/Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average: Gen Save/Evasion//Gen DC
Low:Ranged Accuracy
Switching out the +10% Bleed Chance for +1 Dodge too.
It's so weird, I must have triple checked this Custom Class and somehow didn't notice the double nin accuracy.


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Oct 22, 2012
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Jutsu has been removed, Yen will be added, Class is approved with the updated changes.

Your OCR is completed, just need to get your name changed! :)