Miracle of Wonders[Entering Country]

Nanjirou Soku

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Dec 25, 2017
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A old rickety wagon rumbled along the path drawn along by two horses, one on which sat an elderly gentleman dressed in village attire and a straw hat adorned upon his head. The contents of the wagon however was a different story. Inside lay none other than the gravely injured ANBU Captain who had hailed the old merchant paying him to take her halfway towards Konohagakure. Her condition grew worse by the day but she had managed. Thankfully, this merchant had in store some medical supplies and gauze which she had used to stem the rapid bleeding and provide some relief to her lost arm. However, such primitive methods could only delay, not heal the state she was in. She had been stripped of her weapons, her cloak coated in her own blood from the ambush , her ANBU mask shattered to pieces and her hair disheveled all over the place. The horses came suddenly to a halt in a very unpleasant manner getting a grunt of pain from her. "Alrighty, woman! Here's yer stop! The village shouldn' ta be far now, we've passed all the major border checkpoints." Throwing off the cover of the wagon, he helped the woman off watching as she staggered onto the road grasping a tree for support. The man wasn't exactly the most helpful, it would have been more benefical if he could have escorted her to the village gates but as he said, his route was diffrent from hers despite the situation. "Thanks, I guess. Safe travels, merchant." "You'll be fine. Just a bit of rest and protein and you'll be up and about in no time." Chuckling to himself, he clambered ontop his mount again urging his wagon in an alternate path as Soku glared after him.

"Jerk."She muttered to herself looking at the long road ahead of her. Still, she couldn't blame him fully. He had taken pity on her somewhat, saved her some time and pain most importantly of all. She would most probably be dead by now if he hadn't had those supplies he had provided so kindly. Still, with each blessing, there was a price, unfortunate as it was. The gauze wrapping her arm was stained red with blood as she clutched it. It had stemmed the blood loss for a while but was weakning. Her vision was dimming. She recalled hearing somewhere that if a shinobi lost more than half of their blood, they were a goner. She didn't want to think about how much she had lost. Her chakra reserves were exhausted diminished by the cut off limb. She struggled slowly forward, with each pain, a jolt of pain wracking her body
. "I am home...Nibachi...I am home..."Gods, whoever this Shepherd character was, she was going to find him and eliminate him forever. That is if she could make it to the village alive. The ANBU needed professional medicial help and fast. Konoha boasted one of the most finest medic-nin, that would prove nothing if she couldn't even make it there.
[Entering Country]
[Runtime: 1 hr]