Momotaro Azai

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Azai Momotaro

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Feb 8, 2019
Character name : Momotaro Azai
OOC name :
Age : 13
Gender : Male
Height : 5'3
Apperance : Momotaro is a young and slender boy, with soft and adorable features like his big and welcoming blue eyes he inherited from his mother. His hair is smooth silky jet black hair that is shoulder length, Momo does not like to take care of his hair but he does anyway because it pleases his mother. His whole body is slim, not muscular but not quite skinny. The young boy is often seen wearing simple and humble clothes, quite reflective of his humble clan, however he is a fan of flashy accessories such as necklaces rings and the like, too bad he is not rich enough to buy whatever he wants so he only has one necklace right now.

Personality : Momotaro is a nice and gentle boy who treats others with respect and a genuine sense of appreciation, his mother always warned the boy to never judge a book by its cover, so apperances matter not to the young boy. He often judges people by the content of their characters. Momotaro is also installed with a sense of respect towards his seniors thanks to the teachings he received from his mother, however socializing with kids his age was never a problem for Momotaro, although he can be formal the boy will quickly break those barriers and become real close to his peers and be overly friendly.

Despite his happy go lucky persona, Momotaro often tends to work harder than most people of his age, the boy feels like he always has something to prove to the world. He is sensitive about his performance in missions and stuff, and often takes criticism's way too seriously and will go out of his way to better himself. Momotaro despite how cool he tries to appear has a soft spot for cute animals and especially cats.

History : Momotaro's story did not start with him but with his father Sakamoto Azai, he was an average Ninja by all means, from a normal clan that did not stand out, and climbed up the ranks steadily finally reaching the jounin rank and being somewhat respected by his peers. But that will change When Sakamoto fell in love with a woman from a prestigious clan Makoto, the woman loved him back and the two were soul mates, the other clan members disapproved of Sakamoto and ridiculed him for even proposing for her hand. But much to their surprise Makoto accepted his proposal.

The clan was mad at Makoto and gave her two options, stay with the clan and cut ties with Sakamoto or marry Sakamoto and leave the clan forever. Makoto chose the latter, and left the clan forever. But her and Sakamoto Azai lived a very happy life and eventually gave birth to baby boy they called Momotaro, the two gave him a good home and raised him well, but they hid the true name of his mother clan up till now. Momotaro is proud of his father and was shocked to hear that his dad's dream was to be one of the world most famous ninjas, and decided to fulfil his dream for him. So after finishing the academy he finally became a genin and started his journey towards greatness.
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