Much work to be done

Akira Yukari

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Oct 23, 2012
A seasoned shinobi soldier sits in her office weighing the left stack of paper work with that of the right. Her emerald eyes would be the tool of implementing the metric system. With the past events of monster's rampaging the streets, Ayame and her assistance had quite the work load placed into their laps. Damage reports, missing persons claims, and request for investigations was but a few mountianing in front of her. Her days became twice as long. It's to the point where she has divorced her alarm clock and started dating caffeine. Her eyes would soon wonder toward the windows. There was still lots of light out. There were people somewhere out there enjoying life and she was not among them. A sigh left her plush lips before acknowledging what she needed to do. She wasn't one to take breaks but she also understood that just because she was to stubborn to take a breather, didn't mean her subordinates were tracking the same kind of motivation. Keeping the moral of her team was equally important as getting a job done and from the looks of her assistance's faces, they were tired and ready to drop dead.

"That's enough everyone, you are released for the day. I expect you all to pick back up tomorrow morning at 0830 tracking?"

Ayame gave a quick nod and a smirk as her team began packing up and clearing out. They had a hint of joy on their faces. Something Ayame hadn't seen since the beginning of the increased work load. It was time to take a short visit out of the country. She had been neglecting training to spend more time accomplishing tasks in the office. Suna was a good place to do some catching up. The office, all though burden with more work than usual, could keep its self with out her. She had pretty good workers and trusted in their ability to keep things running smoothly in her absence.

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