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Oct 22, 2012
Old Character Name: Natsuru
Old Village/Missing: Missing
OCR Type: Early Retirement
Last Known Where-abouts: Suna
Old IC Rank: Merc

New Character Name: Keeping this one for now
Preferred Username: Keeping this one for now
New Village/Missing: Missing
New BL/CA: N/A - Later date app
Custom Class
Custom Class said:
[b]HP:[/b] (70+lvl) x stamina
[b]CP:[/b] (35+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus:  +2 Accuracy, +2 dodge (4x 0.5 ea)
[i]High:[/i] Melee Accuracy; 
[i]Average:[/i] Evasion, Gen Save
[i]Low:[/i] Gen DC, Ranged Accuracy, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main for the sake of making it simple
IC Rank: TBD

Character Age: Assumed late teens - early twenties
Sex: Female
Character's Physical Description:

Standing at 5' with a slim and lean build, a dark bob cut and large brown eyes. She is fairly light-skinned, even a bit too much so, suggesting she comes from a colder climate. She tends to wear fairly skin-tight clothes, which can be summed up to a pair of black trousers and a sleeveless, shoulder-less black turtleneck, that is high enough to cover her neck. In terms of footwear it does tend to be boots, black of course, Other than her face all of her exposed skin is made up of an intricately designed metallic alloy, likely the work of a true puppet master and very possibly a true masterpiece within his collection. Other than that the most notable trait is her rather large eyes, which seem to absorb everything to see.

Character's Mental Description:

Once upon a time it would have been somewhat easy to describe but now that is not quite the case. Having no real recollection of her previous self she can be described as somewhat too trusting and even gullible. She does appear to be easily amused and eager to please, heck even a blabbermouth. A fairly expressive individual, who will not hesitate to say what she thinks without any real concerns for how it might sound.

Multiple Personality Application: N/A
Character History:
[Full disclosure. This character is mostly puppet (No HP kin). As close as possible with the exception of organs, head (mostly) and that is about it. She will be nameless at the beginning as I plan on building on that. (I.E let people who meet her decide) Additionally this character does not realise something is different about her at all. For the sake of paper trail she is a former shinobi from an assorted country (possibly moon) who was mortally wounded on a mission. She has absolutely no memory of anything at all and can only see brief flashes, which tell her close to nothing at all.]

Red... or was it black? Was there anything at all. It was difficult to explain. No. It was difficult to focus on it. Her entire conscience was filled with only one certain thing - agony. Her entire body was screaming at her. Every attempt to move only seemed to make things worse... far worse. Her arms and legs weren't responding to her at all no matter how hard she tried.

Was this what the afterlife was like? Had she ended up in purgatory? Why? Had she done something bad? What? Was it who she was? Who?

The questions raged as she managed to forget about the agony for even a split second. It was a reprieve even if her mind was too busy to recognise it.

"This looks like a perfect specimen for the procedure."

A voice pierced the agony and emptiness in her mind. What was that? Who was that? 'Help! Please!' She thought she screamed but heard nothing. It was just that monotonous agony and nothing more... this existence was pain and nothing more. She didn't want it to continue. And suddenly it no longer did.


"Run! We need to run!" A familiar voice came out of somewhere. No it wasn't somewhere it was behind her. She recognised it, but where had she heard it? Suddenly she felt warm... far too warm. Pain quickly turned to agony as she flailed about... her limbs. She could move them! It was.... a reprieve that ended too quickly as the pain suddenly grow. It was no longer focused on a random spot. No it came from her left side... wait she could tell where it was!

She focused on the moment. On the area. On the pain, clawing her way towards it in her mind. Yet nothing happened. The harder she tried the further it drifted away. Slowly but surely the pain disappeared, leaving her in complete and utter darkness once more before being suddenly brought back by another sharp pain in her right side, one so fierce it brought a wave of complete nothingness with it.


"There’s barely any body left. How can you sa..."

"Exactly. Less of her to deconstruct. Think of it as the groundwork had already been done."

The darkness remained, but there wasn't any more pain. At least she thought there wasn't. The darkness was still there, but suddenly light began to pierce it. Her eyes opened slowly, but everything was blurry and completely out of focus. There was colours but nothing more. She tried to look around, but couldn't move at all. It was as if her head was stuck in one spot. There was no smells. No sound. Nothing once more. Though those colours were wondrous. A blessing. She didn't know for how long she had been stuck in the darkness, but this was... heavenly. Ah if only she could reach out and touch the blur in front of herself and she did. The feeling of movement in her left arm was enough of a surprise to stop her for a few moments. All this time there had been nothing, but suddenly there was something. It was strange but still something. It felt off very off.

She became lost in the thought until a muffled noise pierced the nothingness. It came from her side. The one which was moving, but she couldn't look in that direction. Oh how she wanted to, but couldn't. The effort exerted to do so was far more than she ever remembered. Far, far more than ever before, yet nothing happened. No that would be wrong to say. The darkness came once more.


Babum Babum Babum Babum

A sound pierced the darkness. It sounded so weird, but at the same time so completely natural. So calming. It was a thing of beauty. She homed in on it, trying to engrave it into her mind. How long she listened to it for she didn't know, but it slowly began to fade into the background. No that wasn't quite right. It was there, it's calming presence being always there for her to find, but her mind just ignored it when she wasn't consciously thinking about it. This was somewhat calming. Knowing that something existed in this endless nothingness was a true blessing.


The sound of water and the smell of seaweed slowly flooded her senses. The feeling of something coarse against her cheek followed until she finally heard the call of a seagull. The agony she had felt before was completely gone.

She slowly opened her eyes as the light completely overwhelmed her, causing her to try and shield her face with her right arm, which complied. It took her a good few minutes before she registered what has just happened, being completely taken aback. The girl studied her arm, clenching it into a fist, reveling in the realisation she could move, something she didn't believe could be possible any more after that torment. She glanced down, looking at herself as a wave of joy overcame her. Ever single motion had a sense of pride and accomplishment, even if something felt off... very off, but that didn't matter.

The girl slowly stood up, managing to draw her attention away from herself in order to have a look around. She was on a beach by the looks, and not one she recognised at all. Was she meant to recognise it? The thought made her freeze for a few moments. Where was she? What was this place? The questions kept piling on. It was time to get some answers. Without much of a thought the girl began making her way inland in a random direction....

Clan Request: N/A

Death/Retirement Thread: N/A
Old Profile:
Old Training:
Old Dojo:

Special Usergroups: N/A

Old Stats: Capped
Old OOC Rank: S
Stat Cut: 20%
New Stats:
Stamina: 600
CC: 480
Agility: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Genjutsu: 300
PL: 2880
ASP: 250
New OOC Rank: S?

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:

Higuma (A-Rank)
Zantetsuken (A-Rank)
Heavenly Sword (A-Rank)
Fatal Draw (A-Rank)
Focal Blade (B-Rank)
Lotus Flower (B-Rank)
Executioner (B-Rank)
Lunar Strike (C-Rank)
Zero Slash Counter (C-Rank)
Blade Trail (C-Rank)
Lunar Steps (C-Rank)

Chakra Extension (C-Rank)
Feint (C-Rank)
Shadow Dance (C-Rank)

Falcon Punch (A-Rank)
Eagle Drop (A-Rank)
Dance of the Waxing Moon (A-Rank)
Fist of Virtue (A-Rank)
Fist of Sin (- Rank)
Seismic Toss (B-Rank)
Primary Lotus (B-Rank)
Submission (B-Rank)
15-Hit Combo (B-Rank)
Dragon Assualt (C-Rank)
Step-In Flash (C-Rank)
Shoryuken (C-Rank)
Grapple (C-Rank)
Spinning Wind (D-Rank )

Non-Elemental Ninjutsu:
Transformation (E-Rank)
Body Switch (E-Rank)
Contract Summoning (D-rank)
Cancel (D-Rank)
Crystal Eye (D-Rank)
Spirit Lantern (D-Rank)
Combination Transformation (D-Rank)
Barrier (C-rank)
Jutsu Sealing (C-rank)
Chakra Shield (B-rank)
Cursed Sealing (B-rank)

Fire Ninjutsu (Gives me a Major in Fire):
Infernal Ember (E-Rank)
Thermal Maw (E-Rank)
Fireball (D-Rank)
Immolation Armor (D-Rank)
Combustive Seal (D-Rank)
Dragon Fire (C-Rank)
Searing Eruption (C-Rank)
Scalding Ash Cloud (C-Rank)
Heat Wave (C-Rank)
Infernal Hellfire (B-Rank)
Firestorm (B-Rank)
Spontaneous Combustion (B-Rank)
Ring of Fire (B-Rank)
Dragon Flame Bomb (A-rank)
Sol Fire Tempest (A-rank)
Abysmal Harbinger (A-rank)
Flame Shield (A-rank)

Earth Ninjutsu:
Nature's Guard
Stone Bullet
Gravel Shift
Earth Flow River
Sinkhole Fist
Rock Golem
Earthen Coating
Bedrock Coffin
Earthslide Wall

Quality Break
Mercury Poisoning
Reinforced Wall

Explosion Ninjutsu:
Bang Bullet
Blast Wave
Starlight Nova
Meteor Aura

Blood Blade
Crimson Whip
Sanguine Shield

Entirety of the Water Jutsu:

Entirety of the Wind Jutsu:

Entirety of Vapor Jutsu:

Entirety of Ice Jutsu:

Entirety of the Kinetic Genjutsu:


Body Flicker (C-rank )
Morning Peacock (B-rank)
Sure-Kill Strike (A-rank)
Night Guy (S-rank)
Chakra Gates (Ability)
Hot Blooded (Ability)

Medical Techniques:
Prisitne Aura (A-Rank)
Medical Ward (B-Rank)
Mystical Force (B-Rank)
System Restoration (C-Rank)
Skeletal Fortification (C-Rank)
Anesthetic Infusion (C-Rank)
System Shock(C-Rank)

Paper Clone (C-Rank)
Burst of Confetti (C-rank)
Streaming Cloak (B-Rank)
Loose-Leaf Wall (B-Rank)

All of the refunds and ASP will go into stats once I know the total

Other Refunds:
No clue if I need to put anything here

Name of any Contract you currently own:
Turtle (Transfered via OCR) And I do have a gifted Tsukumogami that I have yet to redeem. Waiting on some confirmation from contract for it.
Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own:

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads?
Transferring this character to an NPC


I will be claiming (I never claimed it on Natsu) my Secret Santa gift on this character (RP to be added at a later date as her story progresses)

ASP carryover:
Abilities Card (viewtopic.php?p=157785#p157785)
Extra class points card (viewtopic.php?p=157785#p157785)

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Oct 23, 2012
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Contract member here: Verifying that the SS gift was never claimed, and that it will be noted down as claimed for the new character. (On that note, a name would be great)

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Oct 7, 2012
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I barely have anything to do here, honestly!

Your ASP refund is 154, bringing your total to 404.

Class checks out.

Yen refund is 113750. Adding.

You don't need a name or banner change. Go ahead and put your new profile up and apply for your new BL/CA whenever you like; I will move your old stuff.

As discussed, you can use your ASP for a stat conversion in your first training of your new char only, and are entitled to one (1) free name change when your new char gets a name.