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Oct 22, 2012
Right. Going to use my free 6month rebirth to rebirth into my previous pc Uka. Keeping everything as is. Making absolutely no changes at all.

From here I am going to use a Rebirth card, purchased over here:

Making no changes to my build or stats whatsoever, however I will be carrying my turtle contract over from Uka to Natsuru.

Body Flicker (C-rank )
Morning Peacock (B-rank)
Sure-Kill Strike (A-rank)
Night Guy (S-rank)
Chakra Gates (Ability)
Hot Blooded (Ability)

Paper Clone (C-Rank)
Burst of Confetti (C-rank)
Streaming Cloak (B-Rank)
Loose-Leaf Wall (B-Rank)

Higuma (A-Rank)
Zantetsuken (A-Rank)
Heavenly Sword (A-Rank)
Fatal Draw (A-Rank)
Focal Blade (B-Rank)
Lotus Flower (B-Rank)
Executioner (B-Rank)
Lunar Strike (C-Rank)
Zero Slash Counter (C-Rank)
Blade Trail (C-Rank)
Lunar Steps (C-Rank)

Medical Techniques:
Prisitne Aura (A-Rank)
Medical Ward (B-Rank)
Mystical Force (B-Rank)
System Restoration (C-Rank)
Skeletal Fortification (C-Rank)
Anesthetic Infusion (C-Rank)
System Shock(C-Rank)

Chakra Extension (C-Rank)
Feint (C-Rank)
Shadow Dance (C-Rank)

Falcon Punch (A-Rank)
Eagle Drop (A-Rank)
Dance of the Waxing Moon (A-Rank)
Fist of Virtue (A-Rank)
Fist of Sin (- Rank)
Seismic Toss (B-Rank)
Primary Lotus (B-Rank)
Submission (B-Rank)
15-Hit Combo (B-Rank)
Dragon Assualt (C-Rank)
Step-In Flash (C-Rank)
Shoryuken (C-Rank)
Grapple (C-Rank)
Spinning Wind (D-Rank )

Non-Elemental Ninjutsu:
Transformation (E-Rank)
Body Switch (E-Rank)
Contract Summoning (D-rank)
Cancel (D-Rank)
Crystal Eye (D-Rank)
Spirit Lantern (D-Rank)
Combination Transformation (D-Rank)
Barrier (C-rank)
Jutsu Sealing (C-rank)
Chakra Shield (B-rank)
Cursed Sealing (B-rank)

Fire Ninjutsu (Gives me a Major in Fire):
Infernal Ember (E-Rank)
Thermal Maw (E-Rank)
Fireball (D-Rank)
Immolation Armor (D-Rank)
Combustive Seal (D-Rank)
Dragon Fire (C-Rank)
Searing Eruption (C-Rank)
Scalding Ash Cloud (C-Rank)
Heat Wave (C-Rank)
Infernal Hellfire (B-Rank)
Firestorm (B-Rank)
Spontaneous Combustion (B-Rank)
Ring of Fire (B-Rank)
Dragon Flame Bomb (A-rank)
Sol Fire Tempest (A-rank)
Abysmal Harbinger (A-rank)
Flame Shield (A-rank)


Earth Ninjutsu:
Nature's Guard
Stone Bullet
Gravel Shift
Earth Flow River
Sinkhole Fist
Rock Golem
Earthen Coating
Bedrock Coffin
Earthslide Wall

Quality Break
Mercury Poisoning
Reinforced Wall

Explosion Ninjutsu:
Bang Bullet
Blast Wave
Starlight Nova
Meteor Aura

Blood Blade
Crimson Whip
Sanguine Shield

Entirety of the Water Jutsu:

Entirety of the Wind Jutsu:

Entirety of Vapor Jutsu:

Entirety of Ice Jutsu:

Entirety of the Kinetic Genjutsu:

Current stats:
Stamina: 600
CC: 600
Agility: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Genjutsu: 600
PL: 3600
ASP: 697

Carryover cost:
300 ASP

End Stats:
Stamina: 600
CC: 600
Agility: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Genjutsu: 600
PL: 3600
ASP: 397

RP for the contract:
[This will be a continuation of the following: ]

No. There was only one answer. There was only one thing she could do now. There was no hesitation as the rock rose and she swung. As she did the world turned blue and the air suddenly turned weird. Very weird, somehow liquid? Natsu flailed around wildly for a few moments, agonising pain coursing through her entire body as she did until her feet touched ground and she managed to stand up, poking her head out of the water just barely.

Through coughing fits she managed to spit out quite a bit of water before her mind slowly began processing what had happened. She had fainted and tumbled into the water. It wasn't surprising really with how injured she was, but nevertheless it was disgraceful. Natsu was a shinobi not a victim, though one could easily decide she was at this point in time.

With a colossal effort she managed to get back to the rock she had originally been sitting on, half-sitting down, half collapsing onto the cold stone floor. This had been too close for comfort and all that exhertion had only opened some of her wounds once more, a few streams of red slowly but surely dripping down her body alongside with all the water that her clothes had managed to gather in her little dip in the pool. The situation had managed to get worse. Much, much worse. Her chakra reserves had dipped low enough to the point where she didn't want to use it and risk running out completely.

The kunoichi leaned back slowly, resting her back against the rock, closing her eyes as she attempted to slow her heart beat down by controlling her breathing. It wasn't going to help her much, but it was better than nothing. How long she kept this up she didn't know, but it felt like an eternity. At least until she suddenly found herself falling backwards onto the floor. The sudden motion jerked her awake as she tried to figure out what had happened.

"I was being patient girly, but enough is enough. I'm not some rock you can sleep on you know!"<i></i> A gruff voice came from behind her. She glanced back and was taken aback. Standing there was a turtle the size of an adult male with a goatee. If it was only that it would be fine, but it was actually standing up on it's back legs. "And now you're just plain staring at me. How rude."<i></i> The turtle-man-thing would remark with a scowl.

"Oh great. I've lost so much blood I'm seeing things again."<i></i> Natsu would remark, barely stopping herself from shaking her head in order to conserve her energy. "Bah. Younguns nowadays. Then again you do seem to be in a bad shape kiddo.<i></i> The turtle would step forward, placing a hand on her head, the familiar feeling of chakra flowing into her body, but it was somewhat different. Something like mystical hand? Not quite but close. Natsu just stared, completely unable to comprehend this was actually happening right now, but this did seem like it was real. Not that her previous hallucination hadn't. No matter it would likely also end soon, whether it was with her waking up or from bleeding out.

Seconds turned to minutes and finally to what seemed like hours until the turtle man finally took a step back and sat down on the ground. "How the heck did you manage to end up in that state kiddo? You were on death's door."<i></i> He would finally speak up, performing a gesture as if he was wiping sweat off his brow. "Guess I'll humour you. Might as well speak to someone before I bleed out, even if it's a hallucination."<i></i> Natsu would sigh "I fell about fifteen or so stories down a sheer cliffside. Got buried alive by the rocks and sand that fell with me and almost drowned twice I believe. A good day I'd say.<i></i> She would chuckle, sending another wave of agony across her body. "Don't go moving too much now. I couldn't heal you enough for that, but you won't be dying for now kiddo."<i></i> The turtle man would respond, placing his hand on her shoulder. "I'd suggest getting some rest for now. I'll let you lean on my back if you'd like."<i></i> Before she could respond the wave of exhaustion hit her once again as everything turned black once more.


Sounds of bickering slowly pierced the darkness as the grew closer and closer with every passing moment. Raised voices were quickly followed by shouting and finally something hit the floor hard. That is when she finally managed to open her eyes. The turtle man-thing was lying on the floor a few meters away from her and over him stood a few normal men, but they seemed familiar. Very much so. It took her tired brain a few moments, but she finally recognised some of them. They were from the bandit group that she had hunted earlier, the ones who had managed to escape. If she had to guess they had decided to make sure that little landslide of theirs finished her off or maybe wanted to do something else, which she didn't even want to consider right about now. "I don't give a crap what you are get the hell out of our way." The bandit she recognised shouted, pointing the great-sword at the downed turtle. "Please there is no need for violence."<i></i> "Screw this." The bandit remarked, raising his sword. This was bad. The way it seemed the turtle had protected her while she slept and she wasn't going to let that favour go unreturned. She might be classed as being insane, but she did have her honour. Question was would her body move.

Without a second thought she urged her body to move and to her surprise she responded quite close to how it normally would. Agonising pain shot through every part and crevice, but it responded. In the same motion she focused her chakra around the ever so familiar three gates, slamming them open as the familiar red aura surrounded her body. To the untrained eye it appeared as if she disappeared from where she was lying down to appear in front of the bandit as he swung down. There wasn't enough time to stop the attack. Natsu swung her left arm in a circular motion, catching the back of the blade and pushing with all her body to misdirect the massive weapon. The edge cut into her arm, quickly reaching the bone before it finally wasn't in contact with her and impacted the ground milliliters away from the turtle's shell. There wasn't enough time to think about the pain of her new wound or about how her entire body was screaming for her to stop.The kunoichi quickly reached down to the remaining holster, drawing a kunai with her uninjured right hand and sliced the bandit's throat before he could even realise what was going on.

By the time his two buddies realised what was happening it was far too late. Their assailant had once again flickered out of existence only to appear behind once of them. A ball of blue chakra in her hand, which she swiftly threw at the other bandit. The harmless-looking clump of chakra suddenly expanded to gargantuan proportion, engulfing the entire man before it all completely froze, forming a giant block of ice.

Finally it was the third bandit's turn. He wouldn't get off quite as easy as the other two. He had already frozen in place out of fear, but that wasn't enough for him. She would quickly weave a set of handseals before placing her right hand on his head, triggering the genjutsu before walking off and slumping into a pile onto the stone floor next to the turtle. The crimson chakra around her dissipated almost as soon as it had appeared as she allowed the gates to slam shut once more, bringing with them that ever so familiar exhaustion. "Guess violence was the answer."<i></i> She would utter, remaining in the same position, not caring for the other bandit as he finally regained composure and started moving towards the pair on the floor.

Within two steps he suddenly stopped, realising something wasn't right. A wave of heat spread through his entire body and soon he felt something leaking down both sides of his head. He reached up to touch the warm liquid, bringing his hand back to see it was blood. No sooner that he had done that things quickly got worse. Every single orifice of his body slowly but surely began leaking that same warm liquid and it wasn't long before he fell to the ground and the world turned dark.

"I suppose, though that might have been a bit too much. Who were those people anyway? They seemed quite intent on killing you kiddo."<i></i> The turtle man finally spoke up, sitting up as he rather obviously and fruitlessly tried to look away from the carnage that had been inflicted upon the three men. "A group of bandits. They attacked a village in the desert and killed most of the residents. I dealt with most of their group before one of them caused the landslide that got me here. Having said that you're not a hallucination are you? This hurts far too much for it to be one."<i></i> Natsu would respond, raising her left hand up. "Oh so that is what the blade mechanism looks like."<i></i> She would remark with a chuckle as the spring-loaded claws within her forearm were now completely visible, her arm having been essentially filleted to the bone on the back of the forearm. "That one's going to leave a mark."<i></i> Natsu grinned as she allowed her arm to fall onto her chest with a wince.

"While I did help you before you could have just ran away. Why did you stay?"<i></i> The turtle man asked, focusing on the kunoichi to avoid looking at the pool of blood nearby. She turned her head to look at him and shrugged, sending another wave of pain through her body. "I like being even. Plus letting a talking turtle die, especially if you aren't a hallucination would be wrong. I mean when am I going to get a chance to talk to one again if I don't do it now."<i></i> Natsuru chuckled again. "Say do you have any more healing techniques up your sleeve? I am bleeding quite badly again."<i></i>

The turtle just nodded to her question, reaching into the pack on side and took out a single small turtle shell. He gently placed it onto of the open wound much to her disdain and left it there. "Listen kiddo I rather like you and frankly don't ask me why so I'm going to offer you something, however you are also going to have to give me something in return. I don't have the chakra left to heal you so you are a bit forced to accept in a way."<i></i> He began. "I've been stuck in this place for a very long time and unfortunately my little one didn't make it. She caught an illness and my attempts to save her by hiding away here to find a cure didn't work. Since then all entrances to this place have disappeared and been forgotten to time itself. My little one used to want to help everyone and was ready to do so just like that without a second thought. You jumping in like that, knowing your body can't handle it reminded me of her."<i></i> His gaze fell to the ground and she didn't need to be able to read his expression to know what this meant. "This is her shell and she will be able to come back if her spirit was fused to another. Her power will both heal you arm and allow you to summon other turtle kin to aid you, however this will cost some of your remaining lifespan as your life force will feed two souls. Maybe there is some way to handle that, but it's not something I know. <i></i>

'Essentially power and survival in exchange for more of my lifespan' Natsu thought, a light smirk forming on her lips. Why was it that it was always her lifespan being traded away? No matter. She had made enough such choices now and she had to go back to protect her brother. There was no choice as he said. "Alright.Can't say I haven't made such choices before."<i></i> Natsu chuckled. "So what do I need to do?"<i></i> She added, but got no response. At least not a verbal one. The turtle man tapped the shell and it suddenly jumped to life, opening and engulfing her forearm completely. It appeared to move as it changed shape slowly. The previously circular shape flattened and crept up her forearm, expanding past her elbow, where it became a spike. The area around her wrist stopped just where she would still retain full mobility as a further plate formed over the back of her hand and then her fingers, forming talons. Frankly the senju would have been mystified, however she didn't get much of a chance. The second the thing had started to move it felt as if all her energy had been sapped instantaneously alongside whatever little chakra she had left. Her surroundings started spitting as black spots started appearing in her vision. "Thank you kiddo. Take care of her."<i></i> Were the last words she heard before everything went dark once again...