Obtaining, Changing and Training your Core Ability

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Jan 15, 2013
Obtaining Your Core Ability:
  • 1. 200 Word Role-play defining a traumatic event for Core Abilities whose origins aren't noticeable straight from birth, time spent training/obsession/admiration of a certain thing, or family History, etc. This should be posted in your village request forum.
  • 2. Power Level Requirement: 0. You can get a core ability or a bloodline upon character creation, however we encourage you to take your time with this decision because it greatly influences your character.

The applications sent will be assessed by your village council who will assess the given role-play under the two conditions stated above (do not need to associate with each other except if by choice). Once approved the standard procedure of an Administrator giving the Core Ability Item to the player will occur.

Important:<i></i> We are a writing site and going for the bare minimum is alright, but the more effort placed into an application the better your chances truly are!
Important:<i></i> One does not have to write up a Role-play out of thin air, quoting posts (While linking the overall thread/threads) is also acceptable as this can often show growth or glimpses of actual development.

Changing your Core Ability:
There are a few ways one can change their Core Ability:
  • 1) Death. Upon death, you will come up to the OCR board where you make your new character with a new bloodline or core ability.
  • 2) Bloodline and Core Ability swap
    • Must have been roleplaying with current character since your last BL/CA swap for 8 weeks.
      • A 500 Word roleplay detailing how your character lost access to their Core Ability or Bloodline abilities.
        • Post the following code in your village request forum:
[b]Character Profile:[/b]
[b]Link to Where Current Core Ability Was Approved/Given:[/b]
[b]RP of Character Losing Core Ability:[/b]
After your application is approved, you may apply at any point in time for your new Bloodline or Core Ability the same way you would at 200 PL.

Important:<i></i> One can apply for either a new Bloodline or Core Ability, a player is not forced into choosing another Core Ability.

Training your Core Ability:

So you've decided to go with a Core Ability instead of a Bloodline! Good choice. This opens up a lot of options for you. While Core Ability users can never get the whole table they select, they can pick and choose which parts they want to gain, allowing more customization of their character. Core Ability skills are also more versatile, with different types of skills from Bloodlines.


Each Core Ability comes with thirty points worth of skills, of which any one user of it may only have access to twenty at a time. These points are gained gradually as you level up.

0084 => 1
0168 => 2
0252 => 3
0336 => 4
0420 => 5
0504 => 6
0588 => 7
0672 => 8
0756 => 9
0840 => 10
0924 => 11
1008 => 12
1092 => 13
1176 => 14
1260 => 15
1344 => 16
1428 => 17
1554 => 18
1648 => 19
1764 => 20

Each individual CA skill costs points, listed with the skill. Make sure you have enough points for the skill you wish to learn before you make the attempt.

Learning a Skill

In order to learn CA skills, you must post the following things:

1) Your Core Ability, with a link to its topic.
2) The skill(s) you wish to learn, with their point values and any prerequisites.
3) A link to your profile.

If all of that checks out, then your CA skill(s) will be approved and you may place them in your profile.

<U>Unlearning a Skill<i></i>

CA skill unlearning is identical to Ability unlearning, in that there are two ways to do it.

The first is to simply make a post saying you are unlearning whatever skills you wish to forget. However, if you do this, you cannot learn any new skills with the points the old ones used for one week from your post. (If you have spare CA points when unlearning, you may still use those within the week.)

The second is to include a 300+ word RP per each skill you're unlearning. This allows you to learn new skills right away with the points the old ones used to use.

Core Ability topics are stored in this forum.