OCR Hisao -> Makoto


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Feb 21, 2013
Old Character Name: Hakanai Hisao
Old Village/Missing: Leaf Missing
OCR Type: Murdered!
Last Known Where-abouts: Headless in Konoha
Old IC Rank: S-Class Missing Nin
New Character Name: Hatsu Makoto
Preferred Username: Makoto
New Village/Missing: Mercenary
New BL/CA: Void Walker
Custom Class:
Iya Masutā
HP: (50+15) x 600
CP: (50+15l) x 600
Class Bonus: +1 Genjutsu Save, Kinjutsu option (Will apply later)
High: Genjutsu DC
Average: Dodge, Genjutsu Save, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Low: Melee Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: ANBU
IC Rank: S- Rank
Character Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sex: Male.
Character's Physical Description: Fastidious with his appearance, he is always wearing his robes and mask. His eyes glow a faint blue with barely contained power, increasing in intensity with the more excited he is. His short hair is always kept neat, if self-cut under his hood, and therefore rarely seen. He keeps himself clean-shaven and takes great enjoyment in his morning routine of preparing himself for the day. Rarely seen, his body is covered in white tattoos, all hidden underneath his clothes, their purpose a mystery from his clouded past.
Character's Mental Description: Stoic and well thought out, Makoto likes to think before taking any action, usually while writing it down to go over again later. He rarely will be invested in any activity enough to become angry over it, but is quick to become what others would call “intense” when he comes across a subject that is new to him. The thirst to learn is strong within him, and it’s his driving influence. He holds not real allegiances, except to the gathering of more knowledge, which he believes should be recorded and kept safe. In a stark contrast, he also feels strongly that while he should be allowed to collect knowledge, he feels duty bound to make sure anyone else seeking knowledge is worthy. He loves telling stories, even if he takes the concept of stories being fiction a little too far, turning most of his stories into tall tales with barely any truth represented at all.
Multiple Personality Application: None
Character History/Core Ability Application: </I>
In the world before Makoto, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The shinobi countries formed again and yet again, as endless ages wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essences of the void, the moistures of the earth and the powers of the sun and moon all worked upon a certain rock as old as creation, and it became magically fertile. That rock became the first thought. As Tathagata Buddha said, “With our thoughts we make the world.” Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch, and from the egg came Makoto. The nature of Makoto was Irrepressible.

Being born from an egg upon a mountain top, Makoto had a rather funky childhood. Raised by a tribe of Monkey warriors, he was taught all every trick they knew under the hot sun. Eventually he grew in skill and power enough that they made him their king. King Makoto and his tribe waged wars with the other tribes in the area, causing an age of conflict. He was given the Jingu Bang, a mighty staff, by the Fire King, as a bribe to cease his wars. This gained the attention of the Heavenly Host, with the Golden Emperor being amused by his antics.

Eventually a Messenger Spirit invited him to the Heavenly Host, where he was given the title of Great Sage, Equal of Heaven. Bored of the pleasantries of Heaven, King Makoto stole from the Golden Emperors Pineapple garden, tasting of the forbidden 12,000-year-old pineapples, they gave King Makoto immortality and great power. Hearing of this, the Golden Emperor ejected him from Heaven, promising war. Tathagata Buddha who had been watching Makoto’s antics, who challenged King Makoto to prove he could leave Buddha’s hand. Failing his task Makoto was imprisoned for 500 years under a mountain.

His 500 years of imprisonment over, Tathagata Buddha had tasked him to see out and gather as much knowledge as he could, to help with his quest for enlightenment. And so Makoto has set out to seek knowledge for the secret to enlightenment.

At least, this is the story that Makoto tells anyone that asks. The true story is he grew up in a well-off household, and his parents had felt he wanted his youngest son to be trained by a real shinobi, so had hired a mercenary to train him. He had always preferred his books, and the mercenary seemed to notice this. From the start, Makoto felt this Metsu was a weird one, with a strangely old look within his eyes. This man had barely bothered to show his father respect but had seemed focused on teaching Makoto his own style of the shinobi arts.

Focusing on learning like it was just another avenue of knowledge, and Metsu was quick to guide Makoto towards what he referred to as the void. He would always tease information for it, leaving Makoto just short of gaining any real knowledge of it. Up until one fateful day when Metsu accidentally left his scroll behind, leaving Makoto to attempt to summon the void on his own. This understandably did not go well. attempting to summon pure nothingness into reality where it does not belong.

As Makoto had not prepared anything as a medium, he acted as the conduit to the void, and it started to consume him from within. Apparently, this had been what Metsu had been waiting for this, as he appeared within Makoto’s room, and as Metsu ran through hand seals Makoto briefly felt lines of pain searing across his body as he lost consciousness. Upon waking, he felt different. His emotions had been altered, almost muted. He was in pain, but it was barely registered by his mind.

Looking around, he could smell smoke, and noticed he was outside of the house, Metsu looked down at him, the man covered in blood, before he shook his head. ”Another failure, keep the scroll kid, I’m done with you, good luck being an orphan.” Looking at his house behind Metsu, he registered that it was burning, and Metsu’s words most likely meant that family was dead, but again the feelings hit the void within him, and barely moved him. Looking down at himself, he noticed the blazing seals tattooed over him, the glow subsiding slowly.

Picking up the discarded scroll, Makoto committed himself to finding out more about this void, and what had been done to him, if it was the last thing he did.

Clan Request: no

Death/Retirement Thread: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=756&t=62217&start=30#p340169
Old Profile: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=486&t=57038
Old Training: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=487&t=57041&p=340170#p340170
Old Dojo: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=775&p=298258#p298258

Special Usergroups: Development, B-Mod, Missing Council

Old Stats: Stats you had as your last character
Old OOC Rank: S-rank
Stat Cut: None
New Stats: Agility: 600
Stamina: 600
Genjutsu: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Ninjutsu: 600
Chakra Control: 600
Advanced Points: 595
Power Level: 3600 [/quote]
New OOC Rank: S-Rank

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:
Non-Elemental Jutsu
Transformation Master Rank
Body Switch Master Rank

Combination Transformation Master Rank
Crystal Eye Master Rank
Cancel Master Rank
Spirit Lantern Master Rank
Contract Summoning Master Rank

Jutsu Sealing Master Rank
Stunt Double Master Rank
One Element Sealing Master Rank
Elemental Negation Master Rank
Elemental Clone Master Rank
Barrier Master Rank

Shadow Shuriken Replication Master Rank
Energy Transfer Master Rank
Leech Seal Master Rank
Chakra Shield Master Rank
Chakra Blast Master Rank
Rasengan Master Rank
Curse Sealing Master Rank

Perfected Rasengan Master Rank
Five Element Seal Master Rank
Morality Sealing Master Rank
Nature's Guard Master Rank
Stardust Nova Master Rank
Gate of Enma Master Rank

ANBU Jutsu
Mask Summon
Critical Exposure Master Rank

Snapshot Master Rank
Chakra Sense Master Rank
Active Camo Master Rank
Mental Infiltration Master Rank

Incapacitate Master Rank
Intangible Passage Master Rank
Shadow Servant Master Rank
Searchlight Master Rank

Physical Imprisonment Seal Master Rank
Body Bind Master Rank
Flock of Shadows Master Rank
Black Blockade Master Rank

Mednin Jutsu
Mystical Hand Master rank
Coagulation Master rank

System Shock Master rank
Skeletal Fortification Master rank
Anesthetic Infusion Master rank
System Restoration Master rank

Mystical Force Master rank
Medical Assistant Master rank
Tranquilize Master rank
Medical Ward Master rank

Resuscitate Master rank
Angelic Blessing Master rank
Regeneration Master rank
Pristine Aura Master rank

Earth Jutsu
Stone Bullet Master Rank
Gravel Shift Master Rank

Earth Flow River Master Rank
Sinkhole Fist Master Rank
Mud Clones Master Rank

Inner Earth Reflection Lure Master Rank
Earth Flow Wave Master Rank
Rock Golem Master Rank
Earthen Coating Master Rank

Bedrock Coffin Master Rank
Weighted Rock Technique Master Rank
Earth Spiker Master Rank
Antlion Sinkhole Master Rank

Fist of Gaia Master Rank
Earthen Magnitude Master Rank
Earthslide Wall Master Rank
Petrification Master Rank

Lightning Jutsu
Storm Bolt Master Rank
Thunderfist Master Rank

Thunderclap Master Rank
Electroshock Master Rank
Electrocution Master Rank

Zeus Flash Master Rank
Lightning Torrent Master Rank
Zeus Flash Master Rank
Volt Charge Master Rank

Chidori Master Rank
Amp Field Master Rank
Lightning Beast Master Rank
Gigavolt Cannon Master Rank

A- Rank
Raijin's Vengeance Master
Chidori Control Master Rank
Kirin Master Rank
Thunderdome Master Rank

Fire Jutsu
Infernal Ember Master Rank
Thermal Maw Master Rank

Fireball Master Rank
Immolation Armor Master Rank
Combustive Seal Master Rank

Dragon Fire Master Rank
Searing Eruption Master Rank
Scalding Ash Cloud Master Rank
Heat Wave Master Rank

Infernal Hellfire Master Rank
Firestorm Master Rank
Spontaneous Combustion Master Rank
Ring of Fire Master Rank

Dragon Flame Bomb Master Rank
Sol Fire Tempest Master Rank
Abysmal Harbinger Master Rank
Flame Shield Master Rank

Wind Jutsu
Wind Slash Master rank
Pressure Burst Master rank

Whirlwind Spin Master rank
Air Bullet Master rank
Shredding Touch Master rank

Wind Scythe Master rank
Tempest Master rank
Gale Force Master rank
Wind Release Master rank

Great Wind Scyth Master rank
Wind Scar Master rank
Vacuum Sphere Master rank
Cyclone Movement Master rank

Tatsumaki Master rank
Hurricane Master rank
Ambiance of the Forbidden Master rank
Zephyr's Grace Master rank

Water Jutsu
Pressurized Mist Master Rank
Water Gun Master Rank

Water Whip Master Rank
Aqua Fang Master Rank
Rinse Off Master Rank

Grand Waterfall Master Rank
Impaling Hydro Jet Master Rank
Water Prison Master Rank
Rain Dance Master Rank

Torrential Vortex Master Rank
Hydro Tidal Shockwave Master Rank
Water Shark Bomb Master Rank
Mystical Pond Master Rank

Grand Hydra Excavation Master Rank
Water Dragon Bullet Master Rank
Scorn of Aquarius Master Rank
Supreme Aqua Realm Master Rank
Charge Master Rank
Grip Master Rank
Fleeted Master Rank
Block Master Rank

Eagle Vision Master Rank
Shadow Play Master Rank
Muscle Control Master Rank
Brandish Master Rank
Basic Safeguard Master Rank

Dynamic Art Master Rank
Chakra Extension Master Rank
Shadow Dance Master Rank
Gather Master rank
Barrage Master Rank
Expel Master Rank
Feint Master Rank
Chakra Absorption Master Rank

Unbound Master Rank
Endure Master Rank
Counterstrike Master Rank
Cover Master Rank
Anabolic Frenzy Master Rank
Concealed Steps Master Rank
Focused Assault Master Rank

Insatiable Hunger Master Rank
Devastating Aura Master Rank
Awakening Master Rank
Unleash Master Rank
Limit Break Master Rank

Uncalled For Shot Master Rank

Dynamic Entry Master rank

Step-In Flash Master Rank

Primary Lotus Master Rank
Spear Hand Master Rank

Dance of the Waxing Moon Master Rank
Fist of Virtue Master Rank
Fist of Sin Master Rank

Focal Blade Mastered
Flight Aerial Strike Master Rank
Executioner Master Rank

Zantetsuken Master Rank
Annihilation Master Rank
Fatal Draw Master Rank

Hot Weapon Master Rank
Stun Master Rank
1000 Years of Pain Kai Master Rank

Drunken Stupor Master Rank
Influenza Master Rank
Tickling Master Rank
Facepalm Master Rank

Mist of Deceit Master Rank
Crippled Master Rank
Masochism Master Rank
Silly Fingers Master Rank
Crossed Wires Master Rank

Phoenix Embrace Master Rank
Petrification Master Rank
Lingering Spark Master Rank
Crush Depth Master Rank
Puppet Betrayal Master Rank
Pox Master Rank

Curse of the Leper Master Rank
Hemorrhagic Fever Master Rank
Delayed Agony Master Rank
Parasitic Infestation Master Rank
Tree Binding Master Rank
Shared Torment Master Rank

Mimic Master rank
False Surroundings Master rank
Eye Strain Master rank

Basic Clone Master rank
Blur Master rank
Rorschach Eye Master rank
Double Vision Master rank

Distortion Master rank
Ocular Trauma Master rank
Black Flash Master rank
After-Image Master rank
Verse of Darkness Master rank

Advanced Clone Master rank
Perception Filter Master rank
Depth Barrier Master rank
Night Mare Master rank
Solar Flare Master rank
Mime Box Master rank

The Reaper's Gaze Master rank
Ocular Assault Master rank
Body Double Master rank
Night Master rank
Deja Vu Master rank
Invisibility Master rank

Blood Clone Master Rank

Swapping to
Crystal Jutsu
Fluorite Spikes Master Rank -> Black Out Will Genjutsu
Emerald Emitter Master Rank -> Insomnia Will Genjutsu

Moonstone Shower Master Rank -> Havoc of the Doomed Mind Will Genjutsu
Sapphire Storm Master Rank -> Slowed Perception Will Genjutsu

Diamond Cutter Master Rank -> Torment of the Physical Plain Will Genjutsu

Paper Blade Master Rank -> Oblivious Rapture Will Genjutsu
Streaming Cloak Master Rank -> Betrayal Will Genjutsu

Shredding Torrent Master Rank -> Chaos of the Mental Plain Will Genjutsu
Maelstrom Document Master Rank -> Corruption of the Earthly Plain Will Genjutsu

Sand Jutsu
Sandstorm Veil Master Rank -> Paranoia Will Genjutsu

Gravity Jutsu
Gravity Distortion Master Rank -> Charismatic Breakdown Will Genjutsu
Anti-Gravity Master Rank -> Untruth Will Genjutsu
Orbital Strike Master Rank -> Sometimes Shouting Works Audio Genjutsu
Gravitational Pull Master Rank -> Deaf Audio Genjutsu

Graviton Master Rank -> Taunt Will Genjutsu
Clutch of the Giant Master Rank -> Thought Down Will Genjutsu
Forced Polarity Master Rank -> Centralized Audio Genjutsu
Inertial Control Master Rank -> Death Chime Audio Genjutsu

Shinra Tensei Master Rank -> Mind's Eye Chaos Will Genjutsu
Chibaku Tensei Master Rank -> Temple of Nirvana Will Genjutsu
Newton's Apple Master Rank -> Repetition Will Genjutsu
Centrifugal Force Master Rank -> Devil's Whisper Audio Genjutsu

Blood Jutsu
Blood Blade Master Rank -> Run It Back Audio Genjutsu
Crimson Whip Master Rank -> Groans Audio Genjutsu
Red Tide Master Rank -> Piercing Cry Audio Genjutsu

Sanguine Shield Master Rank -> Prolong Audio Genjutsu
Kiss of the Vampire Master Rank -> Leak Audio Genjutsu
Red Rain Master Rank -> Wither Audio Genjutsu
Curse of Anemia Master Rank -> Bass Drop Audio Genjutsu

Crimson Stars Master Rank -> Death's Anthem Audio Genjutsu
Drain Claw Master Rank -> Blank Slate Audio Genjutsu
Red Haze Master Rank -> Radial Shock Audio Genjutsu
Blood Thrall Master Rank -> Chakra Ravage Audio Genjutsu

Other Refunds: 57 Augments aka 136,800 Yen

Name of any Contract you currently own:
- Paying 450 ASP to swap Bear Contract for Deep Sea(RP coming in soon-ish)

Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own:
- Doesn’t Matter, Hisao is dead

Name of Kinjutsu you own:
- Doesn’t Matter, Hisao is dead

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads? No

Things you do NOT need to state, but take note of:
Keeping following ASP cards
- Half the Time Card
- Class Point Card
- Abilities Card

Things that do NOT transfer with your next character:
Losing the following:
- Weapons Galore card x 1


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Feb 21, 2013
OCR/Limbo Training
The sounds of the ocean washed over Makoto as he wrote his thoughts in the scroll spread across his lap. He was keeping a record of his thoughts of his research into the void, and the steps he had taken so far. I can feel the void calling me from deep within the ocean past these cliffs, and I am making preparations to delve under the water and explore.

He paused for a moment, dipping his quill into the ink. After some initial disastrous attempts, I believe I have the right sustainable ninjutsu seals to use. The first couple of attempts to be able to breath underwater was unsuccessful. The body knows you aren’t breathing air and causes the mind to panic. Using a combination of medical techniques and water ninjutsu I was able to cause a relaxation effect that prevented the suffocation reflex, but leaves your facilities unaffected.

He shook his head remembering his first attempts. Brute forcing a air bubble around his head had ironically led to Makoto almost killing himself with oxygen toxicity, Not something I will ever repeat again, I felt sick for an entire day, and almost drowned when I stopped maintaining the seal. His experiments with dealing with decompression also had him being very thankful he had taken the time to learn Medical Ninjutsu. Decompression sickness is not overly fun, but thankfully can be compensated for using various Ninjutsu.

He had a series of multi-layer seals scribed on his left and right arm, requiring only a simple touch and a push of chakra. I guess at this point I am only delaying the inevitable. I guess I should set out tomorrow. Shrugging to himself, he continued writing out the details of his previous experiments, There must always be a record.

WC: 298

Word count – 299

Announcement thread for bonus rolls

Bonus Training Rolls
8/5 to 8/11- 4x Training
- +100 ASP and +50,000 yen

Normal Training Gain
- +140 ASP
- +30000 Yen

OCR Gain
- + 10 ASP
- + 140050 Yen

Training Spend
- Nothing

Current Yen= 215,016.00
Current ASP= 155 (after OCR spend)
New Yen= 435,066.00
New ASP= 395

(edited to include the jutsu refund I missed)


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Feb 21, 2013
Contract Swap RP
During Makoto’s search of the ocean depths for furthering his knowledge of the void had garnered him many allies, boat captains, merchants and in one case, an actual Kraken. A giant of the deep, it was quite the surprise while exploring a sunken ship, for the very ground itself to shift and reveal itself to be a gigantic kraken, and it was one Makoto was quite unprepared for.

Fortunately, the Kraken was not aggressive, instead introducing itself as an emissary of The Goddess of the Dark Waters, who had been watching his searches of her domain with interest. There had been an encroaching darkness, a Void, which they could sense in Makoto. The Kraken demanded to know if he was friend or foe, his fearsome tentacles moving in strangely familiar ways.

Recognising the movements as the fingerless equivalents of handseals, Makoto had surrendered, and allowed himself to be taken for interrogation. Makoto’s memories of the meeting were fuzzy, the power emanating from The Goddess overpowering his mind. He had awoken the next day by the sea, with the Kraken looking very much like a fish out of water.

He introduced himself as Hakugei, and explained the nature of his Goddess’ plight. The Void that Makoto could feel calling him was invading the Goddess’ Realm, and due to his physiological make up containing the Void within him, he was in a unique position to assist. In exchange, they were willing to extend a position within their contract dynasty, which would allow him to call upon Hakugei’s assistance.

He had obviously agreed, as anything that could help with his further research into the Void was something he was willing to do, and if he was also helping out he was happy to. Hakugei taught him the summoning jutsu, and after reassuring Makoto that he would be fine even if called onto land, he sunk back into the sea, the tide taking the ripples of his passing away.

WC: 325

Shiruko Makoto

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Oct 7, 2012
OOC Rank
Name: Lol k.
Class: Looks good!
History: The mentioned character is also yours so seems good!
Rank: K!
CA: Sure!

ASP: 595 -> 605 -> 200

Yen: +3250 (jutsu) + 136800 (augments) = +140050 yen added!

Name change: Done.
Banner change: Done.
Yen: Added.

...Think we're good, yep!


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Feb 21, 2013
Edited my Limbo training to include the jutsu refund I missed.

I have also moved my training, profile and dojo into the archives.