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Oct 22, 2012
Old Character Name: Roku
Old Village/Missing: Suna
OCR Type: Free Retire
Last Known Where-abouts: Desert Expanse OV in Wind Country
Old IC Rank: Sennin

New Character Name: Ryuzaki Raizō
Preferred Username: Raizo
New Village/Missing: Suna
New BL/CA: Ashenheart
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
[u]The Future Konungr[/u]
[b]HP:[/b] (60+15) x 600
[b]CP:[/b] (45+15) x 600
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu (if approved); +1 ACC (Class Point Card)
[i]High:[/i] Ninjutsu ACC
[i]Average:[/i] Evasion, Gen Save
[i]Low:[/i] Ranged ACC, Melee ACC, Gen DC[/quote]
[b]Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin[/b]:  ANBU
[b]IC Rank[/b]:  Jounin?
Character Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Character's Physical Description: Light red/pinkish hair and in physically good shape. He stands at 6'1" and has green eyes. Because of living in a desert, he more often than not will be wearing minimal attire on the upper half of his body, while sporting baggier pants to accommodate the sandy terrain.

Character's Mental Description: Raizo is driven by a sense of pride, a belief that he has a grand destiny waiting for him, a mentality that was manufactured by his father and his clan. Many have referred to him as the second coming of Legatus, the clan's ancestral originator, but even with that praise he still keeps himself grounded. He knows himself not to be the strongest within the clan yet, and not anywhere close to the one that he gets compared to the most; the legendary First Men. This understanding continues to push him to want to grow, both stronger and smarter. He cannot become a king without earning such a title.

While not dumb, there are times when his sheltered warrior life at the Ryuzaki Estates leads him to have gaps in "common" knowledge. While others find it funny, Raizo legitimately lost on certain concepts, language, phrases or various other things. He doesn't often feel embarrassed, usually just frustrated as people tend to not explain the point he is missing.

He is fiercely loyal and when entering serious combat will seemingly shut off his brain and go straight into "fighter mode": his attention and energy will be spent solely on his opponent. A drawback to that, losing sight of his allies in battle and losing sight of his own health.
Multiple Personality Application: NA
Character History:
Raizo was the firstborn and only male child of Ryuzaki Oga, the current head, or Konungr, of the clan. When he was born, as his father states, Raizo seemed to be washed in a bath of flames, as if his body just naturally decided to coat itself in fire, and was unharmed. Many, maybe at the request of Oga, viewed this as a prophetic sign. The legends have always stated that the various elemental prodigies that have arisen from within the ranks of the Ryuzaki have been those blessed with the closest ancestral connection to Legatus, and that their affinity was merely a trait of a "god" the First Man had "eaten". Due to this belief, certain affinities were viewed in higher regards, and someone being intuned with Fire had always been viewed as an inheritor of the greatest "god" Legatus had ever helped slay, the Ancient Flame Court Lord, Homura.

When he was younger, this idea seemed to resonate deeply with him a sense of pride, and true to the theory, he became very skilled with fire at a very young age. His ascension at utilizing flames in battle was not only admired by revered by older members of his clan. Whether it was the idea that this child could very well be the closest to a pure successor of Legatus or just merely incredibly talented at his age, it was hard to differentiate. Raizo, as a child, let this go to his head. His natural talent and ability were praised as a gift and he began to view himself as a gift, as a treasure. He would continue to push the limits of his attunement with fire, creating larger and hotter fires, even against the advisement of his instructors. He did not care, he was the "chosen one" so it was only natural he could wield such power. It wouldn't be until his teenage years when showing off his abilities to his younger sister that he would cause an accident that would end up scarring them both, one physically and one mentally.

While attempting to over-perform a fire-based jutsu, something within Raizo would begin to feel off. It was like a surge of power rushed through him cause his entire body to be engulfed in flames (Cinder Soul). This reaction would, in turn, cause his fire jutsu to not only grow in size as intended but become unruly. The flame would lash out at all of those around them, including his sister Hana. Should would not be able to avoid the wild flame and a portion of her body would be burned by her brothers wild, out of control jutsu. He could only look on horrified as his body, still burning bright red like a heated piece of metal, remained frozen. His sister laid upon the ground now covered in burns that the clan doctors said when attempting to apply first aid, would not heal (Flame Hex). The scolding of his father, the disappointment of his mother, the ire of fellow clansmen, all paled in comparison to the internal beating Raizo would give himself over seeing his poor sister bedridden. It would be from that day on that he vowed to push aside the notion of him being the second coming of anything and to strive to be someone who had the power to never see those he loved hurt again, even by his own foolish hands.

[End of CA - Ashenheart App]
[State of Kinjutsu App - Chimera with added BL/CA Uchiha - Eye of the Sun]

After seeing not only the power that was lurking deep within him, but also seeing the damage he could create, Raizo knew he had to find a way to better focus his powers. His focus would go towards the physical side of this equation. He would begin to train and master his body and then train and master his chakra coils. He believed that having complete control of himself would keep him from ever losing control, no matter how intense the flame might be, in the future.

To accomplish this, he would spend the next year devoted to only physical training and sparring. Day and night, there would not be a single break. Cardio would begin his day, the middle of his regime would be full of weight lifting and spars in various forms of combat, and his day would end with another extensive round of cardio. This mixture of running and lifting crafted his body into a lean but very defined muscular physique. Many of his Judo sparring partners would notice that despite how small his frame looked, he seemed to weigh much more than his appearance would lead you to believe. He would do this

"You rely too much on that power that dwells within you. You have something powerful, but you aren't even close to matching that power. You are a child with the power of a king, you thought you could wield and all you did was hurt those close to you. Would you like for me to show you a different path?"

These were the words of his grandmother, Megumi. Megumi was the only surviving grandparent, the primary wife of his deceased grandfather, Saito. Saito was known as the "Mirror Image Warrior" a moniker given to him for his penchant for "stealing" the attacks of his opponents and using them against them. He was revered as an expert battle tactician, probably the pinnacle of that form of genius the clan had ever seen.

"You remind me of him, Raizo. Would you like to see if you possess the same potential?"

He did not hesitate to accept the opportunity. So at the age of 12 he began instruction under his grandmother. It would be a moment he would never forget. The hellish training that awaited him, at the hands of his grandmother.

"First, we must rebuild this body of yours. You did a good job shaping the foundation, but you've hit a natural limiter. Time to break that, to break you... are you ready?"

Of course, he would accept responsibility. From that point onward, he would become acquainted with an interesting piece of technology crafted by the previous Vulcanus, the head Journeymen of the Clan and the Minor Branch. The contraption was a very simple looking creation. It was a band, that through the runic carvings and archaic knowledge of the Journeymen, that held the power to restrict the ability of chakra molding by the wearer. A single band could dampen a person's chakra ability, but more builds would lead to more severe disruption. For his training, he would be outfitted with ten bands. The boy, even with his impressive inner reserve of chakra, would feel like his chakra had been completely cut off. With this restriction placed upon him, he would begin the process of training his body. Oddly enough, the routine he was tasked with was the same he had been doing for the year previously, day-to-night cardio, weight lifting and sparring. The only change would be that he would be forced to weird clothing that had weights inserted into it, doubling his current body weight, while he was training. At night he could take off the clothing but had to sleep under a blanket that was also weighted.

And just like that, he would find himself pushed to his physical limits immediately. His young body, his bone density, and his mind had a choice; break or adapt. It would not be easy, everything in those starting months, even getting up in the morning, would be a hellish task. There were times when he wished he would have just given up, taken the weights off and tried something new, but he did not wish to disappoint his grandmother. More so, he did not wish to disappoint his clan. Ultimately, he knew he could not do it for it would have disappointed himself.

After another year under these conditions, he would be given a new regimen to undergo. His body had adapted to the artificial weight he was carrying, so now Megumi would test his mind.

"On top of your physical training, we will be implementing the following changes. You shall increase the weights you carry by an additional 100 pounds. Secondly, you will have some education incorporated into your routine. You will be quizzed regularly on a special phrase I utter once a day, you will be asked to recite all of the training in great detail from the day prior, and you will be going to human anatomy and jutsu principle courses during the day."

And with that, his body would once more undergo acclimating to a new strain as the weights upon him increased. This, however, was not terribly difficult. In fact, he was quickly finding himself becoming more accustomed to the added weight this time. The true challenge of this new instruction was the quizzing and courses. His quizzes were random, never happening at the same time, and the way in which the questions were asked tasked him to not just remember the previous day but do so in a way that he could process the questions without hesitating. Hesitation or wrong answers resulted in an increase in his weights for that day by another 50 pounds. Six months into this, another class would be incorporated. He would have reflex assessments, where he would have to quickly attack moving targets while avoiding invalid targets on the field. This, in the long run, seemed to be a much more brutal year of instruction than the prior year. Training a body was easy, training a mind seemed to take much more effort. After the year of this form of training was up, the now 14-year-old Raizo would once more approach his grandmother.

"Very good, now you are needing experience. Practice is just that, practice. From here on out you will do a spar once a day and will have lessons on jutsu and chakra systems at the beginning and end of each day."

What his grandmother failed to mention that his sparring partner would alternate between his uncle, Tetsu, a user of the Senju practice of manipulating plant life, and his grandmother, who seemed to possess the ability to call forth the storms. If one would quantify these combatants when compared to Raizo, you would find yourself having two S class opponents vs an A class opponent, but because of his further increased weighted clothing and the chakra restriction bands, he was more like a C class opponent. Each battle his opponents would easily overpower him, maybe not necessarily physically at times but most definitely with their usage of chakra based abilities. For six months he would watch as his uncle and grandmother used their chakra capabilities. Each jutsu not only had its own hand seals, in some cases, they didn't require any, but the way their body moved to prepare the attack was different. In the process of getting his assed whooped consistently, he would notice these small things. Megumi would also notice this, and so she would change up the battle preparations. Now three of his cousins would join the rotation of sparring partners, each having a specialty in a different element or fighting style. It took a bit longer to catch on with the increased variance, but he soon would pick up on the same little movements, expressions, or positioning that each would do before utilizing a jutsu. The way they held their weapon, held their breath or held themselves all differed but all seemed to follow a pattern unique to that specific specialty.

At the age of 15, Raizo was allowed to remove 5 bands that were restricting his chakra flow. Within that moment, Raizo would feel a sensation that he hadn't felt in years. There was a surge of power that was circulating within his body, a muffled wave that seemed to be growing but that was still contained. Immediately, the progression he made would be noticed in his first spar following this point. As his cousin came in for an attack, Raizo's eyes would seem to focus in on the body of his opponent and the world would seem to slow down. The chakra would rush into his eyes causing him to see the battlefield much clearer (Uchiha - Sharigan), and he would react with a precision that seemed to be several steps higher than what he had been capable of before. His punch did not just connect with his opponent but seemed to literally hit in the exact spot he visualized within his mind.

"Now, use your uncle's technique."

Tetsu would clasp his hands together as several wooden spikes would tear through the ground and lash out at him (Wood Tendril). Using his physical ability and his heightened eyesight, he would easily avoid the tendrils attacks. After placing some distance between himself from his uncle, he would mimic his uncle's stance and begin to mold chakra within himself, yet nothing would come from this.

"No! You know this jutsu better than that. What is he doing, how is he doing it, and lastly, how do you imagine it happening. This is science just as much as it is magic!"

Tetsu would clasp his hands once more, as tendrils would once more emerge from the ground and dart forward at him. He would once more begin dodging as his eyes would scan over the entirety of Tetsu's form and stance. It would be at that moment it would hit him, and it would almost be too painfully obvious. He would land upon the ground and clasp his hands once more as his chakra started to mold. This time, he would pour the chakra down, through his feet, and into the ground. From before him, there would be a rumbling as several small tendrils would pop out of the surface of the ground. The jutsu was a sad mimic of his uncle's but was still him mimicking a jutsu he did not actually know (Mystical Replication).

"Very good my child... now you have one last task."

He would turn his attention past his grandmother and to the figure he had not seen in a while, his father, the current head of the clan. Oga, his father, was a son of Saito but did not happen to possess the same skills as his father, but was a tremendous warrior in his own right.

"You have started down the path of my father, a path I did not have the skill to achieve myself. Mother, you were right about this one. He truly is special. I asked her to administer your Trials of Legatus, but slightly different. It has taken you years when most take significantly less. This was by design. You will become my heir but you must still prove yourself worthy. So now, your final task. Mimic my jutsu, land at least five hits on me, and do it all while still restricted by your bands. If you can do this, you have passed your trials."

He would accept this condition at the age of 16. It would take him another year and a half before he finally accomplished all of the tasks his father had laid out before him. During this time he was dealt with many humbling lessons and many fatherly lessons, but he also learned some things on his own. The first thing he learned was that his fire, when paired with his eyes, had more versatility. It was like his eyes, his very thoughts could manipulate the flames. It was something he was certain he couldn't do before, something that was woken within him during these trials. It was very much like his body held two separate secret technique's within itself, and the techniques had blended to form something entirely new.

"Well, Raizo. You have four more years, slightly less, until your 21st birthday and you can officially be named my heir. What will you do with this time? Will you go on sabbatical to find a spouse or two? Will you journey to Tea? Tell me, what life do you seek in your final unburdened moments?"

He would not need to think about it too much, as he would turn to his grandmother. "I wish to master Grandfather's technique. Can I do it within four years?"

"Oh, it would be difficult but it could be done. It would require experience, real moments of life or death. Oga, I shall be taking the boy into the desert. He will spend his four years in the Stadium."

Oga would smirk, and with that Raizo and Megumi would head off for the Stardust Stadium located within the Diamond Ocean. Within this suspended coliseum, he would remain wearing his weighted clothing and restriction bands. His life would become consumed in battle, usually relying solely on his physical abilities as his chakra was still limited to small doses. It allowed him to learn to better conserve his abilities and reserve, something that would prove costly for others. Instead of learning to spam his jutsu, he learned the skill of maximizing his taijutsu and evasion, getting his opponents to tire themselves out. A chakra user running out of chakra, was simply a punching bag for him by that point.

[End of Kin App - Over 2000 words]

Following his days in the Stardust Stadium, he would return back to the estate to meet his father. It was the day he once longed for, and it was the day his father had always dreamed of; it was the day of his coronation. The day he would be announced as the true heir of the head of the clan, and his path would be forever altered. Before that could happen, he was pulled aside by another uncle, the Vulcanus of the clan, Ryohei. It would be at this time that his uncle would pass along a series of letters that he had been secretly collecting. Each one was addressed to his father, Oga, and were from a "Takahashi Sousuke". He had never heard the name before, but his uncle would encourage him to read them, as the next Konungr, it would be his responsibility to take the contents of the note into consideration.

Over the course of reading, he would find him introduced to not only a very interesting character in the Steward, but he learned of the plucky village of Suna. He always knew of the village, but his teaching on the village was it being the home of the Sunahoshi, their land. A land that they were not chosen for. It was never a hostility, but it was more of a rivalry is how he always envisioned it. Sure, there were some sour feelings towards the whole "Blessing", but they weren't at war with the Sunahoshi. They were just their own thing with their own village over in their own part of the country. Yet, the more he would read, the more he would learn about the hardships of the village. The notes of the Steward started as friendly requests for the Ryuzaki to return to Suna. Each progressing letter the invitation seemed to turn more ominous as the Steward talked of the tragedy befalling the village (The Cabal Invasion), that then went straight to warnings as the Steward talked of the Daimyo Ishii Shiro as being not only the reason for their plight but also as a dangerous and dark figure. This would take him back a bit, as he had always viewed Shiro as an unofficial uncle with how friendly he was to his father and how kind he had been to their clan. Yet, this Steward, Sousuke, seemed to view the man he knew as non-blood family as a dangerous element that had been sowing seeds of darkness within the lands of Suna.

He would turn to his uncle confused, and that is when Ryohei would admit something to his nephew that rarely anyone knew. Ryohei would talk of a time that he was present for the Cabal Invasion, that he saw the damage done, the horrible fate that befell the village, and then ultimately that the very faces he saw were associates of the daimyo, his band of adventurers he frequently hired and his blood related, bastard, son, Shouki. That name immediately brought a face to mind, as he was very well aware of who Shouki was, in terms of just as a person in general, as he would frequently join Shiro when he visited his father. With all of this information processing, he would thank his uncle and would head to his father's throne room.

Upon entering, a precession would immediately begin as the boy would calmly march towards his father. Cheers and adulation would be hurled from his fellow clan's member as his father would finally make the proclamation he had been waiting so long to make:

"My firstborn son, of my first chosen wife, Raizo, the time has come. You have honed your skills, you have found a way to ascend your physical and metaphysical limits and not only harness the strength of our ancestor, Legatus but also of your grandfather, my father, Saito. You are a once in a century successor, the culmination of so much pure blood. You! You, my child, shall be the next KONUNGR!"

The clan would erupt in an explosion of applause and the cheering would pick up greatly in intensity. He would merely continue to walk forward before finally pausing and begin removing the chakra restricting bands that he had still been wearing all these years. Once the last one was removed, a sudden spike of chakra pressure would immediately fill the room as the crowd cheers would go silent and turn into an awestruck silnece. The very body of Raizo would emit a fiery glow as his eyes turned upwards towards his father.

"My first official decree as the heir of this clan... I am going to Sunagakure no Sato."

A sneer would appear on his father's face. The fiery glow around Raizo would turn into more of an actual manifestation of fire that seemed to flow out of his very pores.

"I am going to assess for myself, and not hide from their pleas, whether it is time for our clan to rejoin that village or not... father."

It would be on this day, that several firsts would occur. It would be the first time a Konungr, since relocating to Sora, would mention returning to Suna. It would be the first time Raizo had ever openly clashed with his father. It would also be the first time the coronation ceremony would turn into a rather scandalous affair. But Raizo would be a man of his word, and he would immediately make preparations to head off to the village of Suna to make his own assessment, and to meet the writer of all those letters, Sousuke.

"Boy, you go and make your assessment... but until you return here and complete the Blood of Legatus ritual... you will always be nothing more than an heir. Remember that."

He would nod to his father and would begin his march to Suna...

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