Oda Kuroko


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Jan 18, 2020
Name: Oda Kuroko
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Core ability: Battle smith - Your rules said I could start with an ability or blood line!
General Description: Personality & Physical.

Kuroko is generally a free spirited, joyful and happy person. Those who know him personally understand his weird sense of humor, though it can come off as childish, immature, or dark to total strangers. Very few things upset up and he’s very accepting of just about any situation. Though, he does have a strong sense of justice and a serious side. He is a very determined individual who’ll accomplish whatever he’s set his mind to no matter the cost. In these situations, he proves to be incredibly stubborn.

When in a more relaxed setting, he can usually be found goofing off or teasing those he cares about. Those closest to him would describe him as goofy, loud, energetic despite his lazy tendencies, and outgoing,

Kuroko Is an average sized male. Standing at five foot eleven and weighing roughly one hundred and ninety pounds. One of his more noticeable physical characteristics is his dark mossy green hair and golden eyes. He usually wears a plain maroon Haori, with a standard black Hakama. Obviously, his footwear of choice are traditional Japanese sandals.


Early Childhood -

Born to neither a wealthy nor poor family, Kuroko had your everyday average childhood. His family loved one and another very deeply, and it showed. Being the youngest child of three, he was unintentionally allowed to get away with much more than his two older siblings. Then again, his parents stayed busy managing the family’s smith store which gave him ample time to play and have fun with his childhood friends.

Coming of age -

At the age of eight, he entered the sand villages academy. Here, he studied the basics of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. It wasn’t long until he, his family, and his instructors realized he had no natural talent for the art of Genjutsu and ultimately lead to the decision of abandoning Genjutsu altogether. By doing this he was capable of shifting his focus towards both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Soon after this, his father would gift him his first katana. There wasn’t really anything special about this katana, other than the fact that his father forged the blade himself. Upon receiving this blade, he soon developed an addiction towards weaponry.

After training with his katana for months at the Village’s Academy, his father would eventually bring him into the family business and begin apprenticing him to become a blacksmith in the event life as a shinobi didn’t work out. For the next few years, he trained his body as hard as he could and grew his control over his chakra by day at the academy, and by night he learned how to craft armors and forge steel.

Of course, this leed him to carrying his favorite weapons and armors almost everywhere he went. And since using these weapons coincided with his training as a shinobi, he began trying to master the arts of weapon based Taijutsu. Eventually becoming his major focus, he found himself spending all his free time crafting new weapons of caring for the ones he already possessed.

At the age of twelve, he and several others were presented with a final test to determine if they would graduate. He simply had to run from one spot within the village, to another and collect an item, and then run to another spot within the village to deliver that item. Though this test was easy, it was required that he complete it within a time frame. Getting ready to begin, he listened as the instructor decided last second to inform Kuroko and that group that only one of them could pass. He explained that during the test, they’d each be competing against one and another. It was basically a solo game of capture the flag, and they had all been given permission to use force against one and another during the task.

At this point, Kuroko was determined. Even though it meant his friends wouldn’t graduate if he won, he simply did not care. His mind was made up and nothing would stop him. Right at the beginning, he dropped a smoke bomb and went running at full speed. Hoping to give himself an advantage, he began setting up wire traps with kunai along the way, hoping to trip up his classmates. By the time things were done and over with, he found himself being presented with a headband and officially being declared a Shinobi.

The Copper Age -

Six years as a Genin would pass and Kuroko was now a grown man, though his youth was far from fleeting. Within the coming months, he would end his apprenticeship under his father and take position as blacksmith beside him at the family business. Though, his work as a Shinobi came first, he would never outgrow his obsession for armors and weapons. Carrying them with him, whenever he went, he felt confident in his ability to be prepared for anything that came his way. After all, he was a walking armory.

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Oct 22, 2012

Agility: 5
Taijutsu: 5
Ninjutsu: 5
Genjutsu: 5
Chakra Control: 0

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