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Apr 7, 2014
OCR Form said:
Old Character Name: Okada Kaji
Old Village/Missing: Cloud
OCR Type: Turning Kaji into an NPC
Last Known Where-abouts: The Hidden Cloud
Old IC Rank: ANBU Sennin

New Character Name: Koyanagi Jomei
Preferred Username: Jomei
New Village/Missing: Missing (Original Gone-Missing Sauce Provided)
New BL/CA: Hachiashi
Custom Class: Click Here to create your new Custom Class.
All-New Amazing Spider-Ninja
HP: 39,000
CP: 39,000
Class Bonus: +10% Chance of inflicting Suppression (Class Point Card), Kinjutsu
High: Ranged
Average: Ninjutsu, Dodge, GenSave
Low: Melee, GenDC
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main Branch
IC Rank: Formerly Chuunin.

Height: 182cm / 6ft
Weight: 70kg / 156lbs
Gender: Male
Alias: None Earned
Profession: Adventurer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Family: Matsui Benjiro (Foster Father)
Koyanagi Emi (Hachihashi Clan)

Jomei Matsui is a tenacious ninja, and a known member of the hidden stone. Initial studies indicated that as an academy student he was a bit of a pipsqueak; small in stature for a boy his age. However, a few years of experience as a ninja have developed Jomei into a unique specimen; and a prototype ninja. After the events of the recent Basilisk Day Jomei received his last physical and achieved a good condition rating. He is a spry type of young man, always having enough willpower left to accomplish his goals. Though he entered this life as a pale-skinned child of the water land people, Jomei has spent the majority of his life in the highland earth country climate and became a bit more tan and rugged as a result. Almost fully grown, Jomei stands at an even six feet tall, and pure Hachiashi genes almost auto-pilot his physique into an acceptable form, ready for whatever life may throw at him. But unlike many of his peers, Jomei does not train to maintain his skill or physique, and merely relies on his natural gifts.

He has a faded slave brand on his back. Read on for details. He has an ectomorph body type and is growing leaner as his hachiashi genetics continue to develop. His special traits include a unique aberration in the form of red patches of skin that span from below his arms to his hips. From this flesh he is capable of manifesting four additional arms at will; a hachiashi genetic feat known as the Hands of Tsuchigumo. The limbs tend to multi-task and act independently as if possessed, sometimes even functioning in unbecoming ways that betray Jomei's expressed intentions towards others. As a result, Jomei has astounding hand-eye coordination that would rank high on any YouTuber's tier list. Jomei is capable of forming small barbs on the pads of his hands and feet that allow him to adhere to surfaces without the use of chakra. The grip of this ability is so strong, that Jomei is capable of leaving burn-like wounds on the skin when touching others. However, Jomei has never used this ability on another person and doesn't think it is in his character to do so.
  • Style: Jomei is an independent sort; the product of various strict households and institutions. Ever since his time at the academy, he has taken dressing tactically and practically with serious resolve. His hair is cut ear-length and combed, but the wind always pushes a unique style onto him. As you can imagine, his clothing requires a special tailoring due to his evolution, but this doesn't hurt his ability to dress well. Jomei wears loose-fitting, wide-seamed clothing in traditional Hidden stone colors. slits are sewn into his clothing between the armor fabric, allowing them to expand and comply with his four additional arms when summoned. Comfy slim-fitted slacks complement the unique jacket. Two equipment pouches are tied to his belt, including most of his amenities and a possible snack. A few slabs of standard-issue armor are strapped to him as a precaution. Jomei is still young, after all.

No one expected him to develop the way he has, but he is gradually being recognized for his potential. Jomei is a positive character with a dark past, and a persistent personality always ready to find a solution to what is troubling him and others. Delving into the ninja way of life has added a definition to his existence. He liked the idea of chasing the monsters who crept at night. Above all, he just wanted to do good for the sake of it. As a child, a doctor diagnosed Jomei as mute for having trouble communicating after the shock of the Kaede Manor raid. He was still young and was new to the violence he witnessed that day. Since then Jomei has adjusted but has always been quiet. Evaluations by academy staff revealed that Jomei's behavior was the product of abnormal multi-tasking; brilliance in motion when Jomei would pursue several ideas at once without faltering. He is prone to ignoring the people around him while becoming deeply involved in his studies and tasks at hand. While Jomei is typically not the confrontational type, he has become more prone to standing up for his research more than he would for other personal endeavors.
  • Motivations: Jomei has the conviction to become an elite ninja but is distant when asked about it. He was not the most physically adept student but has since developed into an agile specimen. In order to compensate for physical shortcomings, Jomei has developed grit and a knack for learning quickly. He has an introverted personality but aims to work hard and create a name for himself without conforming to the will of his controlling foster father.
  • Fears: Jomei has a distinct fear of small spaces, such as cages and boxes, better known as claustrophobia. He has a fear of captivity, which invokes itself during scenarios of fight or flight. Jomei also suffers from insecurities brought on by his hachiashi bloodline traits. He is sensitive about his mutation and appearance and reacts timidly when others address his evolution, regardless of whether they are giving compliments or insults.

For a few years now, Jomei has made a hobby of harvesting and collecting the arcadianite ore deposits hidden within the core of Maruishi. Spending his youth gathering a robust collection of the substance has molded him into somewhat of an expert on the mystical ore. Through the SRD, his interest and hobby have developed into an unrivaled knowledge about the ore, such as their chemical compositions, the locations of every known, major vein of arcadianite, their chakra yields, and et cetera. As his endeavors to learn more about acradianite have progressed, he and the SRD staff have managed to produce numerous innovations to the Capital’s infrastructure, with Jomei playing a pivotal role in discovering the potential of arcadianite, and refining a new energy source from the core of Maruishi Mountain.

Expedition to Kirigakure
During his expedition to the Water Country, Jomei gained much more experience in mechanical engineering, even creating a steam-engine powered by a single block of concentrated Arcadianite, and fit it to a fishing boat he procured from a fisherman in the Tea country, in a fair purchase. While fighting for survival in the deathly environment of the Kirigakure frozen land, Jomei learned to apply his fire-natured chakra as a tool for scientific achievement, and by using the arcadianite as a medium, restored the oxygen to his environment. Over the season-long expedition, Jomei rebuilt an abandoned forge within the doomed territory and hobbled down there to continue researching the endless storm, along with the land left behind in eternal winter. The result of his exploration and research was the encounter and recovery of numerous technologies unique to the water country, and blueprints he spent countless hours obsessing over once he hunkered down in his shelter.

Jomei has taken up Archery as his primary combat method, paired with hand to hand skill for close combat instances. Using his golden webbing, Jomei crafts his own bows with precision and skill, always aiming for the highest quality. Do to his novice capabilities, he typically does this in advance of battle, as it takes a tedious amount of time and effort. Jomei will also custom-craft each arrow in his quiver prior to battle, using golden webbing to mold each hardened razor tip. While he can also create arrows on the fly, it’s more efficient to arrive prepared.

During one of his first adventures, Jomei was given a camera by a friend so he could take photos of an evasive criminal and provide evidence to the town’s people of the Akigahara farms. As a result, Jomei became fascinated with photography and was told to keep the camera as a reward for his good deed. Ever since that day, he has repeatedly used his camera for different purposes and gags during his adventures.

While Jomei may be considered an adoptive member of the Matsui family by his Father, Jomei was born a descendant of the Hachiashi Society of the Water Country. This was revealed when Jomei began the familiar mutations that occur during the Hachiashi coming of age, once he began training as a shinobi. As the dormant hachiashi genes awakened, his transformation began.

Thus far, Jomei has felt two stages of mutation. Initially his abilities came in the form of a sticky webbing secreted from pores across about 85% of his body. In addition to these pores, Jomei has central web spinnerets capable of firing webbing from the base of the palm of each hand, and a large one under his tongue, which he hates using. The webbing flows through his body via web veins connected to a large web gland in his abdomen, and several smaller glands located closer to the spinnerets. The most enigmatic ability of his genes comes in the form of his spider-sense; a reactionary sensory ability to detect impending danger. The Spider-sensation takes form as a nervous ping felt in the brain and a somewhat involuntary physical reaction when Jomei gives in to instinct.

The secondary transformation occurred after Jomei was gravely injured in combat. Though he has no recollection of his actions, Jomei weaved a cocoon around himself and disappeared from the Ninja Academy for two weeks, before emerging from the cocoon with four additional arms, an enhanced physique unlike the typical human, and the ability to enhance his webbing to a gold-standard.

Without shinobi training, Jomei’s hachiashi abilities are still formidable, but with the addition of those talents, Jomei is capable of hardening his webbing to an incredible, metal-like solidity. In this hardened form Jomei has learned to develop thin yet incredibly tough, golden armor, and even build unique weapons on he can wield efficiently.

Hands of Tsuchigumo
Within the Hachihashi bloodline of mutations, some abilities are unique to individuals and lesser known throughout the generations. One of these unique abilities can be found in Jomei in the form of a rare power to spawn and degenerate his additional Hachihashi gene arms. However, the nature of this special mutation has resulted in a unique inhuman appearance to his extra appendages. The new set is unsettlingly red in color, with tough skin more akin to an exoskeleton than a humanly sort. Since gaining the power to mask his transformation, Jomei has commonly maintained his two-armed form, and mostly hides the Hachihashi part of his identity in favor of keeping it a secret to his strategy.

Almost twenty years ago, Madame Web made a deal with a young adventurer who had uncovered the Sacred Temple of the Spider and sought after the heiress of the Koyanagi family Emi once was. His name was Benjiro Matsui, and he was a bothersome curr from the Stone Country who was managing to dig up the connections between the many affluent Hachihashi who originated in the water country. Seeking the fortune of Emi Koyanagi to save his own noble family, Benjiro collected a small army of mercenaries from the middle-seas and hunted down the Spider Queen’s lair. They fought through the Madame’s own army of spiders, which she gained sentient of control of using some of the many abilities she gained using her forbidden jutsu. Countless spiders were slain as the army plunged into her temple, and nothing but Benjiro and a couple of his best men made it onto her throne room floor. They found a pristine hall covered in gold and lit torches and an exquisite goddess of spiders who watched intensely as they stormed her palace. Attempting to take something that wasn’t there, Benjiro claimed that the Madame used her clan to steal the fortune of Emi Koyanagi using their implanted operative, her master Ukyo. Benjiro intended on confiscating the fortune on behalf of the Water Country, but Emi was quick to correct him and reveal that she was indeed Emi Koyanagi herself. She saw through his claims and intentions and ensured him that the fortune he wanted was not there. Instead, she had an offer for him that would end with him being rewarded with the entire fortune if he agreed to meet her terms. The Spider Queen foresaw Benjiro’s scheme with the Web, and chose to use him to her advantage since the village of mist would meet it’s demise to the eternal winter that would eventually doom it, and her clan. She revealed a small orphaned child from underneath her robes; a baby boy wearing a red cotton cap and garments, in a basket made of straw. His name was Jomei Koyanagi, or so she claimed urgently, upon revealing him. She made him a deal: if he would raise this hachihashi child, and send him back to her in fifteen years once his hachihashi abilities were fully revealed, she would grant Benjiro the treasure he desired, or else she’d kill him then and there; and he’d never manage to find that fortune if he managed to escape her temple with his life intact. With no choice but to take her deal, Benjiro Matsui took the child Jomei and left her sight at once. As Benjiro left with the child of burden, Emi warned him that he should urge Jomei to manage his abilities secretively, as he would be at risk to remaining Hachihashi of the world who still believed in sacrificing weaker specimens, as being a Koyanagi would make him extra valuable. In order to protect his foster son more effectively, he swore to never reveal this truth.

While she did not tell Benjiro, her scheme was intended to ensure that her clan would see the next generation, and a vassal would eventually arrive to awaken her from the next phase of her plan to save the future: reincarnation. In her collected wisdom, Emi devised a new method to reincarnate herself and achieve a new youthful form, so that she would regain the vitality needed to rebuild the web of fate once the hidden mist was destroyed by the unending storm. During their lifetimes, each Hachihashi is capable of molting at least once; a process where their bodies are saved from certain death by secreting sticky webbing until they are encased in a cocoon thereby undergoing a healing transformative process. Most Hachihashi use this process to gain their special abilities, but Emi had yet to molt, and molting after receiving her Kimera no Jutsu sealing would result in something drastically different and uncharted. Her theory was full reincarnation, but she predicted that the full molting process would take her years to fully reincarnate. Once the diplomat left with the key to unsealing her special molting process, Emi ordered her remaining army of giant arachnids to guard her temple ferociously, allow no one but the Hachihashi to enter domain again, and began a long sleep she expected to last about a decade.

The Hidden Stone's oldest records on Jomei reported that he was from a small ricing community down in the wetlands to the south-east of the earth country. Though the region is unclear, it's a fact that kidnapping was a serious problem in the country. Jomei was reportedly an orphan left to a colony of farms where indentured servants worked for pitiful wages. It was possible that Jomei was a byproduct of poor families who traded their young to escape debt. Among them, Jomei was the youngest and was too meek for men's work. He served as the personal servant to Lady Kaede, the wife of the farm's Owner. She was crude and ingenious— a woman who wore the pants in her family. She kept a collar around her husband's neck tighter than the one she kept on Jomei. That was a figure of speech. Though Jomei did not wear collars, he was subject to the whims of a human master.

Years ago, Jomei and dozens of other orphans were set free when a squad came to shut down the operation. One of the rescue squad ninja took responsibility for Jomei and brought him back to the hidden stone once the raid resolved. His name was Matsui Benjiro, and he became Jomei's adoptive father.

Lady Kaede and her husband were both killed for resisting arrest. Arrows. All the villagers returned to their homes if they had one, wandered off, or joined the Hidden Stone as low class citizens. Too young to survive alone, the hidden stone took responsibility for Jomei and introduced him to his foster home with the Matsui family. He was offered a mediocre childhood that was as brief as it was disheartening before Jomei fell into the village's academy pipeline. Becoming a ninja became Jomei's answer to living an empty lie, worlds away from a home too long lost to be remembered. Only in his coming of age would Jomei venture out to uncover the truth of who he was: Koyanagi.

Mission Data
E-rank: Charlotte's Web
E-rank: Ichirou the Runner
E-rank: To the Top
D-rank: Man of Spiders
D-rank: The Chameleon
D-rank: The Vulture
D-rank: Academic Analysis (Failed/SMM)
D-rank: The Great Hunt? (SMM)
C-rank: The Glow
D-rank: The Legerdemain (SMM)
C-rank: The Forerunners (Event/GMM)

Death/Retirement Thread: No way fam.
Old Profile: Okada Kaji
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Special Usergroups: None boi.

Old Stats: Capped
Old OOC Rank: S
Stat Cut: Nope
New Stats: Cappederoonie
Stat Minimums said:
E rank - 20 minimum in each stat
D rank - 40 minimum in each stat
C rank - 70 minimum in each stat
B rank - 120 minimum in each stat
A rank - 210 minimum in each stat
S rank - 240 minimum in each stat
New OOC Rank: S

Jutsu Mastery Swaps: I'm Keeping Everything!
Keeping Jutsu Compendium
Yin / Yang Ninjutsu</U><i></i>
E - Transformation - M[lb][/lb]
E - Body Switch Technique - M[lb][/lb]
D - Cancel- M[lb][/lb]
D - Contract Summoning - M[lb][/lb]
D - Combination Transformation - M[lb][/lb]
D - Crystal Eye - M[lb][/lb]
D - Spirit Lantern - M[lb][/lb]
C - Jutsu Sealing - M[lb][/lb]
C - One-Element Sealing - M[lb][/lb]
C - Elemental Clone - M[lb][/lb]
C - Barrier - M[lb][/lb]
C - Stunt Double - M[lb][/lb]
C- Elemental Negation - M[lb][/lb]
B- Leech Seal - M[lb][/lb]
B- Chakra Blast - M[lb][/lb]
B - Shadow Shuriken Replication - M[lb][/lb]
B - Energy Transfer - M[lb][/lb]
B - Chakra Shield - M[lb][/lb]
B - Adv. Combo Transformation - M[lb][/lb]
B - Rasengan - M[lb][/lb]
B - Curse Sealing - M[lb][/lb]
A- Perfected Rasengan - M[lb][/lb]
A- Five Element Seal - M[lb][/lb]
A - Nature's Guard - M[lb][/lb]
A - Morality Sealing - M[lb][/lb]
A - Stardust Nova - M[lb][/lb]
A - Gate of Enma - M[lb2][/lb2]

Anbu Ninjutsu<i></i>
D - Mask Summon - M[lb][/lb]
D - Critical Exposure - M[lb][/lb]
C - Chakra Sense - M[lb][/lb]
C - Active Camo - M[lb][/lb]
C- Snapshot - M[lb][/lb]
C- Mental Infiltration - M[lb][/lb]
B - Intangible Passage - M[lb][/lb]
B - Shadow Servant - M[lb][/lb]
B- Incapacitate - M[lb][/lb]
B- Searchlight - M[lb][/lb]
A- Physical Imprisonment Seal - M[lb][/lb]
A- Body Bind - M[lb][/lb]
A - Flock of Shadows - M[lb][/lb]
A - Black Blockade - M[lb2][/lb2]

Medical Ninjutsu
D - Mystical Hand - M[lb][/lb]
D - Coagulation - M[lb][/lb]
C - System Shock - M[lb][/lb]
C - Skeletal Fortification - M[lb][/lb]
C - Anesthetic Infusion - M[lb][/lb]
C - System Restoration - M[lb][/lb]
B - Mystical Force - M[lb][/lb]
B - Medical Assistant - M[lb][/lb]
B - Tranquilize - M[lb][/lb]
B - Medical Ward - M[lb][/lb]
A - Resucsitate - M[lb][/lb]
A - Angelic Blessing - M[lb][/lb]
A - Regeneration - M[lb][/lb]
A - Pristine Aura - M[lb2][/lb2]


Fire Nature Ninjutsu
E - Thermal Maw - M[lb][/lb]
D - Fireball - M[lb][/lb]
D - Immolation Armor - M[lb][/lb]
D - Combustive Seal - M[lb][/lb]
C - Dragon Flame Technique -M[lb][/lb]
C - Scalding Ash Cloud- M[lb][/lb]
B - Firestorm - M[lb][/lb]
B - Ring of Fire - M[lb][/lb]
A - Dragon Flame Bomb - M[lb][/lb]
A - Flame Shield - M[lb2][/lb2]

Shadow Nature Ninjutsu
C - Midnight Strike - M[lb][/lb]
C - Spectre Shade - M[lb][/lb]
C - Dark Displacement - M[lb][/lb]
B - Underworld Prison - M[lb][/lb]
B - Black Moon Fang - M [lb][/lb]
A - Absolute Void - M[lb2][/lb2]

Kinesis Nature Ninjutsu
C- Force Blast - M[lb][/lb]
C- Psionic Assault - M[lb][/lb]
C- Kinetic Infusion - M[lb][/lb]
C- Force Guard - M[lb][/lb]
B- Psi-shock - M[lb][/lb]
B- Force Break - M[lb][/lb]
B- Mind Lock - M[lb][/lb]
B- Reflection - M[lb][/lb]
A- Kinetic Blast - M[lb][/lb]
A- Psionic Rend - M[lb][/lb]
A- Concussion Pulse - M[lb][/lb]
A- Redirection - M[lb2][/lb2]
Wind Nature Ninjutsu
E- Wind Slash - M[lb][/lb]
E- Pressure Burst - M[lb][/lb]
D- Whirlwind Spin - M[lb][/lb]
D- Air Bullet - M[lb][/lb]
D- Shredding Touch - M[lb][/lb]
C- Wind Scythe - M[lb][/lb]
C- Tempest - M[lb][/lb]
C- Gale Force - M[lb][/lb]
C- Wind Release - M[lb][/lb]
B- Great Wind Scythe - M[lb][/lb]
B- Wind Scar - M[lb][/lb]
B- Vacuum Sphere - M[lb][/lb]
B- Cyclone Movement - M[lb][/lb]
A- Tatsumaki - M[lb][/lb]
A- Hurricane - M[lb][/lb]
A- Ambiance of the Forbidden - M[lb][/lb]
A- Zephyr's Grace - M[lb2][/lb2]

Scorch Nature Ninjutsu
C - Dehydration - R1[lb][/lb]
C - Rushing Burst - R1[lb][/lb]
B - Convection Spheres - R1[lb][/lb]
B - Heatblast - R1[lb][/lb]
A - Updraft - M[lb][/lb]
A - Amplifier - M[lb2][/lb2]

Water Nature Ninjutsu
E - Pressurized Mist - M[lb][/lb]
D - Water Whip - M[lb][/lb]
C - Impaling Hydro Jet - M[lb][/lb]
C - Water Prison - M[lb][/lb]
B - Torrential Vortex - M[lb][/lb]
B - Water Shark Bomb - M[lb][/lb]
A - Scorn of Aquarius - M[lb][/lb]
A - Water Dragon Bullet - M[lb2][/lb2]

Vapor Nature Ninjutsu
C - Hidden Mist - M[lb][/lb]
C - Blinding Fog - M[lb][/lb]
C - Bloody Mist - M[lb][/lb]
C - Mist Ball - M[lb][/lb]
B - White Mist - M[lb][/lb]
B - Burning Mist - M[lb][/lb]
B - Rolling Fog - M[lb][/lb]
B - Vapor Punch - M[lb][/lb]
A - Suffocating Fog - M[lb][/lb]
A - Ether Strike - M[lb][/lb]
A - Black Mist - M[lb][/lb]
A - Steam Snare - M[lb2][/lb2]

<U>Projectile Kenjutsu<i></i>
E - Curve Shot - M[lb][/lb]
E - Raw Shot - M[lb][/lb]
E - Unforeseen Strike- M[lb][/lb]
D - Piercing Strike - R1[lb][/lb]
D - Venomous Sting - R1[lb][/lb]
D - Disillusion Shot - R1[lb][/lb]
D - Power Shot - M[lb][/lb]
D - Quick Shot - R1[lb][/lb]
D - Bounce Shot - R1[lb][/lb]
C - Critical Shot - M[lb][/lb]
C - Snipe - R1[lb][/lb]
B - Pierce Shot - M[lb][/lb]
B - Pin Shot - M[lb][/lb]
B - Homing Shot - M[lb][/lb]
A - Destructive Power Shot M[lb][/lb]
A - Combustive Shot - M[lb][/lb]
A - Terra Firma Shot - M[lb][/lb]
A - Glacial Shot - M[lb][/lb]
A - Voltaic Shot - M[lb2][/lb2]

E - Slash - M[lb][/lb]
E - Arcing Slash - M[lb][/lb]
E - Dynamic Slash - M[lb][/lb]
E - Overhead Strike - M[lb][/lb]
D - Cross Rip - M[lb][/lb]
D - Full Circle - M[lb][/lb]
D - Crimson Flash - M[lb][/lb]
D - Gasher - M[lb][/lb]
D - Heavy Tow - M[lb][/lb]
C - Vanishing Slash - M[lb][/lb]
C - Lunar Steps - M[lb][/lb]
C - Blade Trail - M[lb][/lb]
C - Whisperer - M
C - Sword Juggle - M
C - Zero Slash Counter - M
C - Top Spin - M
B - Magnum Break - M
B - Steel Weaving - M
B - Executioner - M
B -Focal Blade - M
B - Flight Aerial Strike - M
B - Kill Driver - M
B - Lotus Flower - M
A - Zantetsuken - M
A - Higuma - M
A - Annihilation - M
A - Heavenly Sword - M
A - Fatal Draw - M

E - The One-Two - M
E - Janken - M
D - 4-hit Combo - M
D - Spinning Wind - M
D - Dynamic Entry - R1
D - Dynamic Finish - R1
C - Grapple - R1
B - Shadow Step Strike - R1
A - Eagle Drop - R1
A - Fist of Virtue - R1

Piercing Taijutsu
E- Thrust - M
D- Impaling Counter - M
C- Iron Point Prison - M
C- Feint Spike - M
B- Million Stabs - M
B- Bloodletter - M
B- Finisher - M
A- Ultimate Countermeasure - M
A- Piercing Pinholder - M
A- Trashin' - M

Puppet Taijutsu
D- Searchlight - M
D- Puppet Transformation - M
C- Hidden Smoke Bomb - M
C- Puppet Clone - M
C- Puppet Switch - M
C- Gas Warfare - M
B- Terra Shift - M
A- Nihil Shield - M
A- Iron Maiden - M
A- Flamethrower Stream - M

Buffing Taijutsu

E - Block - M
C - Feint - R1
B - Counterstrike - R1
B - Cover - R1
B - Anabolic Frenzy - R1
B - Focused Assault - R1
A - Devastating Aura - M
A - Unleash - R1
A - Limit Break - M

Audial Genjutsu

E - Deception - R1
D - Gong - R1

Kinetic Genjutsu

B- Phoenix Embrace - R1
B- Petrification - M
B- Crush Depth - R1
B- Puppet Betrayal - R1

Visual Genjutsu

E- Mimic - M
E- Eye Strain - M
E- False Surroundings - M
D- Basic Clone - M
D- Blur - M
D- Double Vision - M
D- Rorshach Eye - M
C- Distortion - M
C- Ocular Trauma - M
C- Black Flash - M
C- After-Image - M
C- Verse of Darkness - M
C- After-Image - M
B- Advanced Clone - M
B- Perception Filter - M
B- Depth Barrier - M
B- Nightmare - M
B- Solar Flare - M
B- Mime Box - M
A- The Reaper's Gaze - M
A- Ocular Assault - M
A- Body Double - M
A- Déjà Vu - M
A- Invisibility - M
A- Night - M
A- Invisibility - M

Will Genjutsu

E - Intimidation - R1
D - Amnesia - R1
D - False Success - R1
B - Slowed Perception - M
B - Thought Down - R1
A - Mind's Eye Panic - R1

Archsage Kinjutsu
Death Pulse - Kinjutsu Ability
Dark Immortality - Kinjutsu Ability
B - Essence of Life - M
B - Naturalization - M
A - Breath of the Wild - M[
S - Gaia's Vengeance - Auto Master
Purchased Augments

01. Trick Weapon
02. Toxify
03. Swift
04. Silencer x6
05. Rough Divide
06. Wired
07. Siege
08. Mirage
09. Quick Switch x2
10. Blood Rack x3
11. Razor Strike x3
12. Daze
13. Special Composition
14. Blitz
15. Spirit Link
16. Vampiric
17. Re-Energize x2

Name of any Contract you currently own:
- Lizard Contract (NPC Kaji is Keeping)
- Tsukumogami Contract (NPC Kaji is Keeping)

Name of Kinjutsu you own:
- Kaji is keeping Archsage as NPC
- Jomei formerly had Chimera and is keeping it. Link to RP

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Extra RP Slot - 35 points said:
x1 Extra RP Slot (Purchased 3/28/17)
Grants an extra RP slot for free RPs. Does not allow one to go on more missions/classes or be in more than one modded thread at a time. [lb][/lb]
May be purchased four times.
Free Major Element - 100 Points said:
x1 Free Major Element (Purchased 7/16/17)
The user is granted a free major in an element of their choosing (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Non-Elemental) OR a free Sensory Mastery of their choosing (Kinetic, Visual, Audial, Will).
May be purchased Twice.
Abilities Card - 75 Points said:
x1 Ability Card (Purchased 6/25/17)
Grants the user 1 additional Ability Slot.
In cases of split personality, Rikudo Sennin or anything that has multiple groups of abilities: this only effects one of the personalities or paths. [lb][/lb]
May be purchased one time.
Class Point Card - 100 Points said:
x1 Class Point Card (Purchased 6/29/17)
Grants the user 2 additional Class Points.
May be purchased one time.
Half the Time Card - 500 Points (Holiday Reward) said:
x1 Half the Time Card (Rewarded 12/19/17)
The run times of the user will be permanently cut in half.
May be purchased 1 time for permanent use with all run times. When using Half the Time Cards, it must be listed in the run time post with link to approval. Run times must be posted anytime you use this card and will be as followed: [insert the new run time and link to approval. This does not change the ANBU +45 minute catch time in any way.
Item Hoarder - 100 Points said:
x1 Item Hoarder Card (Purchased 12/19/17)
The user gains one additional Inventory slot.
May be purchased one time.
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Apr 7, 2014
This is an open and shut OCR to a previously played character. I'm not swapping out the purchased kinjutsu because I have an excess of yen and ASP to spend on chimera jutsu once I have my new training thread. All of the Koyanagi Jomei story is a product of previous threads so there's really very little that needs review.

If there is anything I can do to help expedite the approval process please let me know.

In full honesty, I've made this return with the hopes of doing some writing to jump-start my ignition for other, unrelated endeavors. I have years and a literal book's worth of RP as Kaji alone on this site so I'd rather continue here than pick up somewhere else. Idk if this is a classic missing council sluggishness thing or maybe something personal, but I'm hoping it's the former. If it's the latter— perhaps about my leave of absence or other things, I'd just pose the question: what does a sailor do when the ship is sinking? Does he find a raft and watch his home at sea go under? Does he fight for it until the currents take him? Or lastly, does he let those who sank his ship take him aboard and be at their mercy?


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Feb 21, 2013
One thing that would help expedite your OCR is not intentionally being rude to the Council doing the OCR, just FYI. Also, don't edit your OCR post.

I have your old Profile/Dojo/Training threads which I have resurrected, Cloud will need to approve NPC status and move your Cloud stuff, I have messaged them about it,

I assume as you haven't mentioned it, that this is a return from inactiviy OCR so this being a free retire/unretire should be fine.

You haven't listed your ASP here and I have zero access to cloud, can you please post below with the last balance directly from your cloud training?

Otherwise Chimera has changed a fair bit since you last played Jomei so please make sure you read the kinjutsu for when you post it in your Dojo for chimera bloodline/core ability approval(not the rp). Your bloodline has also changed a fair bit.

Please request a banner change from here, and name change from here.

Once I have that ASP and Cloud has posted, the OCR should be finalized as approved.


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Feb 21, 2013
ASP has been updated, Kitsune was kind enough to move your old stuff and update your name and banner. NPC status also ok. OCR completed. Enjoy your new/old character.
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