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Mar 16, 2013
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Before we continue any further in our story, the tales of those who live out in the desert, we must first rewind the clock to a previous event. Everyone has heard the story of the previous Kazekage, Sunahoshi Katsuo, perishing in a battle with his hated rival the Daimyo, an event that would unleash The Swarm... but what if the events that faithful night happened slightly differently? What would that change... what would that mean for our story?

Once Upon a Time in Kaze no Kuni...

Year: 244PP [Post Primus/Modern Calendar] [8 years ago]

Godsfall, the land of such prominence and history, but in these modern times it lays forgotten and undisturbed. Except for today. Today, three parties embarked on journeys starting from different locations but seemed to be on a collision course. All sides, within moments, would be upon the other, in this vast desert graveyard.

Within one party, there were simply two individuals. One, a tall figure wrapped in a black hooded cloak. Next to this figure would be a smaller figure with a large leatherbound tome clutched in their arms. The smaller figure would glance up to the larger one.

"Are you ready, Grand Master?"

"Everything is as it should be."

The smaller figure would nod as they would continue onward.

The second party would have traveled from Sunagakure no Sato. This party would consist of three individuals, a beast-like man, a man whose shadow seemed to dance like a living creature in the night sky, and the third man, the one who walked out in front, who was dressed in an odd armor with a sword at his side.

"Are you ready, Kazekage-sama?"

"Steel your heart, Katsuo. It is time to end something decades in the making."

"Worry not, Kuro, Kazuki; I am ready"
he would say as his gaze would linger off into the distance of the vast desert. "I hope the other party is ready... we have to end this all tonight."

The last party would be a larger procession, this time of five individuals. One figure would march at the forefront, a man who carried himself with pride and purpose. Behind him would be a row of four figures of various sizes and appearances. This party, if an outside observer were to spy them, would be of high notoriety. The four lined up behind the primary figure would be those figures who had been highlighted within Sunagakure no Sato as half of the remaining members of The Sovereign. Individuals who alone possessed otherworldly powers. At their head, the lone figure leading their group was none other than the Daimyo of Wind Country, Ishii Shiro.

His compatriots would be the metallic inhuman Number 6, "Roku". The equally inhuman, monsterish ink-black form of Number 3, "San". The equally monsterish, while still appearing human, form of the hulking Number 2, "Ni". Lastly, there would be the bandaged covered, but of much more natural human proportions, Number 1, "Ichi". Each member possessed enough power within them, thanks to either unnatural practices or bizarre experimentation, to rival several squadrons of average Sunan Shinobi. Each one, while holding their own personalities, quirks, and weaknesses, all shared one unwavering, or at least seemingly unwavering, commonality; a fierce loyalty to their leader; the Daimyo.

In fact, loyalty would be the unifying theme of this quiet and calm night. Each party was led by a figure that had adorned loyalty from their fellow party members. It would be admirable from the outside looking in, but the reality is that these factions of unrelenting loyalty were all soon about to come into a dramatic collision course with one another.

The party of Ishii Shiro and the party of the two cloaked figures would be the first to meet. Upon meeting, there would seemingly be a very informal exchange, as if the two sides knew one another, but this would quickly grow hostile as Shiro's voice and tone would grow louder and more aggressive.

"You come here to cast me aside? Cast me aside like am nothing more than just some game piece to you! Sorry, Master... but I have outgrown that role. I am larger than just some scheme of your ancient feud. I AM WIND COUNTRY!"

"You are the bane of Wind Country, not its ruler"
would echo forth from the party of three, the members of Suna, who had now gathered in the same location. The figure leading this troupe, the Kazekage, Sunahoshi Katsuo, would continue. "You have been a curse upon this land, upon our village, and upon my family... but today I break that curse."

"I do not have time for your petty personal vendettas, child! Can't you see bigger powers are at play here?" the Daimyo would say as he would motion towards the two cloaked figures.

"Very well, Shiro. End the Sunahoshi bloodline and I will allow you to continue with your little game here. Fail and, while it wouldn't matter because that would mean the heir had killed you, I will unleash him. Unleash them all." The words of the tall cloaked figure would creep out, surrounded in a calm but unsettling tone.

The Daimyo's teeth would grind and nash together with such ferocity that one might have thought he was about to pulverize the two rows of white to nothing more than dust. A chakra would begin to surge around him as his figure would begin to expand and grow, pushing past the limits of any known human, pushing past the limits of all of his sovereign. The chakra that would begin to flood out of his growing figure would be a mixture of a dark and sinister chakra and a foreign chakra, one that would feel akin to those referred to as Ancients, but perverted and vile. "I do not have time to play with you, boy. Ichi, Ni, San, Roku--kill the guardians of the Kazekage and bring their corpse back to Nao to craft new Sovereign."

"Kazuki, Kuro; buy me as much time as you can" Katsuo would say as a helmet would seem to begin to grow out of the armor upon his body and engulf his head. His eyes, and various etchings throughout the suit, would begin to glow a bright green chakra. Grasping his sword, the Kazekage would rush at the now-massive form of the Daimyo.

Toroano Kuro would not waste any time as he would let out a bestial roar and take off sprinting towards the Sovereign members. He would be met head-on by the hulking blonde brute known as Ni. Two of the three remaining Sovereign would stare down Kazuki, whose face would remain expressionless as he would raise his right hand into the air. From the shadows, a coffin would rise, and out of the coffin would appear a female figure with pale white skin and blood-red eyes. The figure would be the reanimated body of the Number Seven Sovereign member, Shichi.

The two Sovereign eyes would widen at the sudden appearance of someone that each had been searching for during the past year. "Shichi..." "So you had... her?" Each of their expressions would change but both would hold a burning rage upon their face, one with anguish mixed in and the other annoyance.

"A little bird had told me that one of you seemed to care for this one... it is only fitting that you discuss with her why she died. Like a pitiful fool."

the metallic being would yell as he would take off at Kazuki, but would instead be cut off by the Undead Summon of Shichi. "No..."

"The bitch was careless and so are you!"
the ink monster would yell as his body would seemingly liquify and rush towards Kazuki like a wave. A dark aura would burst forth from the Sennin as his Hybrid chakra would begin to pour out. "Time to teach another Sovereign member not to look down on Suna."

While this happened, the bandaged Ichi would turn his attention to the two cloaked figures. He would begin to slowly draw his sword as his eyes narrowed upon the two of them.

"I understand you trust your skill as much as you blindly trust little Ishii, but a child-like you better not bare your teeth at me..." the cloaked figure would say as he would turn his attention to the smaller cloaked figure next to him. "Begin the ritual."

"Yes, Grand Master."

"Wait! You told Ishii--"

"I have grown tired of you, Rag Doll"
and with a flick of his wrist, a large gash would tear down the torso of Ichi. Blood would splatter in all different directions as the heavily bandaged man would be cut deeply and sent collapsing to the ground, uncertain of what had just happened to him.

"Yes, Grand Master" the small cloaked figure would finally say in response to the request. This would be followed by a series of incantations that would cause glowing runes to appear upon the body of the small female and begin to spread outward upon the ground. The runes would begin to serpentine outwards covering a vast area of the area known as Godsfall.


Upon this command, the ground would begin to violently shake...

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Mar 16, 2013
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Part 3​

A bolt of lightning would streak across the sky as the Sunahoshi, embued by the power of the storm that dwelled within him, would thrust blade first into the heart of the Daimyo, piercing all the way through the giant human until existing out of the backside of him. It was like the Kazekage had been fired like a bullet, using his full-body, powered by the storm element, to rocket sword first through Ishii Shiro. A red misting would begin to rain down upon the battlefield as Katsuo came to a gentle landing upon the ground, sheathing his blade once paused. Shiro would let out a groan as his body began to shrink back down to more human size.

Kuro, using his kinetic and wild demonic energies, would send a punch crashing into Ni that would send the massive blonde crashing into the ground, the force denting the ground under the Sovereign member and sending blood splatter ejecting from his mouth. Kazuki and the animated Corpse of Shichi seemed to be getting the better of San and Roku as well before Roku would pause and open up his stomach cavity. Within it would be a rather strange looking chakra crystal, a more refined version of carmot, which was power Sandworm excrement that was used for all sorts of power-based needs. This one had an odd coil wrapped around it.

"Good thing Nao installed this... with this, I am going to leave this battlefield to be nothing more than valley carved into the face of this desert!" It would be a bluff, as the core would actually increase his powers to a dramatic level but would result in his body to start to break apart. Nao told him it was his trump card should he get desperate. His eyes would remain locked on Shichi. Get her and then get out of here...

"Oh, seems he and I have similar ideas"
the tall cloaked figure would say as the ritual the smaller cloaked figure was conducting continued to make the ground shake. The vibrations would be felt across the entirety of Wind Country.

"Shiro... and Sunahoshi Heir, I wish for you both to bear witness to what comes next. Below us is a structure, built long ago. Within that structure is a gateway, which is locked, that holds an army built from the past scars of this country. Within that gate are figures who have been forgotten to the history books that carry the same wish as I--but that is enough on that. Oracle, please open the door, and let's go welcome--"

Before he could finish, the blade of the Kazekage had come slicing down towards him. The cloaked figure was able to block but the sheer force of the strike would cause his hood to be pushed back and reveal the face of the cloaked figure.

"You... the Otokage... Kageoni?" The confused Kazekage would stumble through the question as the Otokage would smirk and flick his wrist once more. And once more, a cut would tear across the midsection of another before Kageoni. The armor of the Sunahoshi would be penetrated, but its masterful design would absorb most of the blow only giving very surface-level damage to Katsuo.

"Oh well, a little early to let the secret out. Oracle continue--" but before he could finish he was once more interrupted. This time, however, it would be from another who stood in opposition to the interest of the Otokage. From within the darkness would lurk a hazy visage and its glowing eyes. Shadows would pool at the bottom of the small cloaked figure's feet as shadow claws would reach upwards and pull the female down into the void. Her book would drop but she would have vanished.

"Damn, if only I had time to get the book--the rest is in your hands, Sunahoshi." With that, Mikaboshi, just quickly as he would have appeared, would disappear.

Kageoni's eyes would pierce out into the darkness as his expression would finally change to that of annoyance. Katsuo would rush once more and thrust his blade, Caliburn, upwards. The Otokage would begin to glow with the feeling of an old and very sinister chakra. His arm would lash out and take hold of the blade and with what looked like a simple squeeze, would shatter the blade in two. His eyes, now glowing with chakra, would turn to the Kazekage.

Location: The Palace of the Glorious Immortal

Roku would continue battling with Taro, who even though had been locked away in the Obsidian Palace for so long, still was an overwhelming obstacle to overcome, especially since he seemed to be operating like a robot. Nao would continue to tinker away at the table before finally turning around.

"There! Done! Now there is no stopping it. Soon, two things will happen. First, my master will open up the path to the Devil's Ascent and then open a literal gate to hell, and then, my present will go off. A chain reaction that will travel across this country in a matter of hours... I am excited! Aren't you!?"

Roku, unleashing a wave of pent up chakra he had been storing thanks to his Hybrid properties as a member of the Wild Hunt, would finally get some separation from Taro and take off rushing towards Nao. Quickly the Sennin would take hold of the collar of the mad scientist and send a headbutt flying into Nao's face. The connection would be solid as the Sovereign scientist's head would rock backward.

"Turn it off!" But as quickly as he would bark the order, the body of Nao would begin to start melting. Roku would push off of Nao, sending the Mud Clone falling to the ground while still going through the process of breaking apart.

"Don't have much time... when this goes off, there will be a big explosion, and some rather convenient safety measures will be disabled. Creatures buried deep in the gut of this place will be unleashed--mutants, Sovereign rejects, Ancient experiments, Barynx babies... just so many awful things will be unleashed. Don't worry... Kyu..."

Roku's eyes would grow big as blood would begin to pour from his mouth. He would look down and see the left arm of Taro now piercing through his gut from behind him.

"... bring me, Six. You have a minute. Hurry!" and with that, the clone would fully dissolve as Taro would remove his impaled arm from Roku and then pick up the motionless body of the Sennin and depart the Palace.

Elsewhere in the Palace.

"I hope you enjoy a DIVINE RAILGUN UP YOUR ASS!!!" the Kami empowered Teke would scream out as a powerful bolt of lightning would blast forward and consume a chunk of the mass of Earth Ancients before them. Teke, having already pierced the heart of Shi, assumed that fight was over and had moved on to help Kaen battle the mutant Ancient. She would not realize that the body of the Sovereign female would have already disappeared leaving behind a destroyed heart. Teke, however, only cared about one thing and that was charging up for another blast from her heavenly arsenal.

Meanwhile, the battle between Kanmuri and Hachi would still be stalemated until Kanmuri suddenly found himself losing balance. Hachi would smirk, "seems the poison gas I have been subtly emitting finally caught up to you, doggie." With that, he would now charge at the shaken Fang Mark ready land the finishing blows. This, however, would not be what happens. Instead, with a sudden increase of speed, the prodigy would rush forward and send his claws sinking into both sides of Number 8. The points would dig into the body of Hachi as some would long into his rib cage while others would sink further into the chest cavity. Blood would explode forth from the mouth of the Sovereign male as his bladed knuckles would finish their downward swing and stab into the shoulders of Kanmuri.

Kaen would turn to see his fallen former pupil but as soon as he attempted to make his way to Kanmuri, one of the remaining arms of the Ancient abomination would thrust out and take hold of the distracted captain.

At that moment, everything would freeze in place, the two ex-pupils would share a glance at one another and with their captain, their captain would take a moment, even in the struggle, to once more acknowledge the two he had helped raise within the ANBU ranks. Then, emanating from the throne room, an explosion would detonate sending off an emp-like wave throughout the area. This would in turn activate several marked explosives within the Palace while also shattering every chakra crystal and carmot, from those providing just lighting to those proving security measures, within the proximity of the emp burst.

This would be the start of a wave... the start of something that would change all of Wind Country.

Location: Godsfall

Kageoni would be peering down upon Katsuo, prepared to once and for all end the bloodline who had claimed the 'blessing', but before he could static would pop into his ears.

"Master, my first domino has dropped."

"Unfortunately, the ritual was interrupted..."

"Sorry, what I started can't be stopped, I would recommend you leave and we can just pick up the pieces once this is all sorted!"

"Very well... be expecting my arrival shortly, Nao."

And with that, the Otokage would return his gaze back to the injured Kazekage. "I do not have time...oh?" Before he could continue with his monologue, he would notice wretched hands begin to tear their way through the sand. Suddenly, twisted and mangled faces of humanoid creatures would begin to emerge from the desert floor and start to pull themselves to the surface.

"It seems that the ritual did have some effect, cracking the door open ever so slightly. Allow me to introduce you, Kazekage Sunahoshi Katsuo, to the harbingers of chaos... I believe they are called The Swarm."

One after another, tens of hundreds, of the twisted creatures known as Unbent, souls that had manipulated life and the physical laws of this world in an attempt to attain the power of the Ancients, would begin to rise from the sands and start to wildly swarm about the area. They would begin to attack all before them, even snapping at one another.

"Kuro, Kazuki, we must get out of here and warn the village..." the Kazekage would say turning his eyes back to Kageoni.

The Otokage would smile as the darkness would envelop his body and he would disappear without much more of a trace. Katsuo would turn his attention to The Swarm and begin to fight his way to his Sennin, who in turn would be doing something similar. The Toraono patriarch would continue to rip consecutive concussive blasts from his body, pushing away or crushing the Unbent around him. "KATSUO!" he would roar as he continued his march towards the man he viewed as a chosen savior of this land.

The Sovereign members would also find themselves in need of fending off the Unbent mobs as they too were viewed as prey for the swirling maw of madness. All the while, the injured Ichi approached the fallen but still breathing, the body of Ishii Shiro. "We are departing..."

Number Six of the Sovereign, whose chest cavity was still ajar revealing the strange chakra crystal and coil system, would begin to fight his way towards the animated corpse of Shichi. "Nao can fix you... I must... get... you... to Nao! SHICHI!" But before he could take hold of the arm of the Impure Ressurection Summons, a wave of energy would burst through the area. Upon coming into contact with him, Number Six would notice a strange vibration. He would look down at his chest and notice that the coils surrounding his enhanced chakra crystal would begin to power up. "What... no... no... NAO!"

The Sunans continue to fight to regroup with one another, The Swarm continued to buzz around and attack anything and everything, the Sovereign members continued to cling to their own battles, while Number Six stared blankly at the reanimated Number Seven. For a moment, it would appear that she was genuinely looking at him. "Goodb---"
And explosion would erupt from the mechanical Sovereign member that would engulf the entire battlefield in a heightened version of the same blast that had originated from The Palace of the Glorious Immortal. Additional modifications made to Number Six by Nao, which he believed were to his benefit, would actually finally serve their purpose but increasing the overall explosion caused by the initial incendiary. While the burst of energy would continue to travel outwards miles from the epicenter, the location known as Godsfall would be engulfed in a cloud of smoke and dust. Upon clearing, there would be a newfound gaping hole dug into the land, and most life would be gone, unknown if those present had perished, escaped, or merely fell into the newly opened depths.

A moment of silence would eventually come and pass, only to be offset by the echoes and shrilled cries of more Unbent. The Swarm had been freed. Sadly, this would not be the end of the damage from this night. The energy released by a blast that had started at The Palace and had set off another explosion at Godsfall, would only continue to travel throughout the country. It was designed to resonate with certain objects that had been scattered about the land by the scheming Nao.

Within hours, several more explosions would go off causing chaos, varying degrees of property damage, and casualties... but there would be one more impact that wouldn't be noticed at first, but would soon drive this country into madness and despair...

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