Private Out of the Lightning and Into the Fire [S-Rank SSMM Part 3][Entering Country]

Jul 11, 2018
[Thread entered with PC Zentaru Tatsuya.]
[Thread entered with Council NPC Kyouzou Houjyou.]

As the pair crossed into the Fire Country, the scenery had also drastically changed. It was not a surprise though, given that the train had to cross another minor country first, one of a series of small countries that acted as a buffer zone between the Lightning Country and the Fire Country.

Now that they were in the Fire Country proper, the landscape was much more green - pretty much literally. There were forests everywhere, and they seemed to be filled full with life. This was of course very different compared to the Lightning Country, which despite known for its coldness, does have plenty of regions of wildlife but... never quite so lush as this.

It was... quite amazing indeed.

[Entering the Fire Country with both Zentaru Tatsuya and Kyouzou Houjyou.]
[Run time is 1 hour.]
[MFT, WC: 119.]
[Total word count: 1,024/1,500]