Passport Office


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Apr 25, 2013

Cramped and overcrowded, the Passport Office does more than grant passports to shinobi as they enter or leave Sunagakure but also where they keep a copy of the village BINGO Book, ledgers involving trade with foreign and domestic partners as well as any social contracts that might effect travel. Everything is recorded in triplicate, a copy left here, a second copy sent to the Oracle Archives and a third copy submitted to the Kazekage building in the city.

Security here is well regulated, there is almost always at least two ANBU on duty at any given time and the workers in the office are also chakra capable and able to hold their own if it becomes somehow required. Theft is a moderate concern, there are multiple copies of everything, however there is power in intel and Sunagakure does their best to make good use of that. Forged passports from Sunagakure would be the highest concern of course, but thankfully every passport is numbered and cataloged so if the count is off at any point in the future officials would be able to note the discrepancy.

This is the place where a player would obtain a passport.