Peer Pressure (Learning Fiero)


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Aug 28, 2012
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He sat, Happi occasionally supplying him with a glass of water as he seemed to be ignoring his own needs per the norm of late. Before him was a stack of books, detailing the hidden language within the language of Konoha. His eyes blitzed through the pages and occasionally he would use his chakra to shift the ink around on the page to give himself a pause from the intense study he was taking.

Maki was learning the Fiero language as he knew he would need it sooner rather than later. As Happi showed up with some flash cards he would sigh and begin repeating the words in Fiero, then Fuego, before finally the common tongue of the lands. Only when he could do so without fail would the two head to the Ramen stand to get their dinner and head home.

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