Place Your Bets: The World Martial Arts Champion

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Apr 25, 2013
Place Your Bets: World Martial Arts Champion

((Clean 1000 yen intervals please))

All seemed well enough in the Hisashī Zenshōsen Arena, the stadium was packed with curious and excited onlookers looking forward to the spectacle. Some paid for luxurious box-seats, those had to cost more than a months wage for an active shinobi. Resting in most of them were the world's elite, drawn from their respective corners of the world to see the first tournament of its kind. Few truly appreciated how significant this demonstration would be for the victor -- every customer (and this is one of those rare cases where the businessman is the consumer) wants the 'best' product and in this case the commodity being bought and sold was human. Still, there were profits to be made, even here. That was what Ryou was here for, to make his fortune because there was more than one way to make his fortune in the flesh trade.

Part of the disbanded Midnight Crew, he was somewhat disenfranchised with the concept of shinobism as well as their crackdown on organized crime in Kurosawa these past few months. Cleaning the way for foreigner arrival they said. Bullshit. Still, an oppertunity is an oppertunity. This box seat cost him three months rent and change, the least they could do is let him smoke. He removed the No Smoking sign and left it in the trash can. the muscle at either side would be enough of a deterrence he reasoned as he lit the cancer stick set between his teeth. "Alright boys, time to make us some petty cash." he announced as he sat a lockbox on the table and a pad of paper to the side.
Bets on who will win the Word Martial Arts Championship End Fight are to be posted here.

Please note: The NPCs being controlled by some users are NOT intended victors of this tournament.

Best of luck!
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