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Apr 25, 2013
Place Your Bets: Akujin v Junko

((Clean 1000 yen intervals please))

It is the finals, the real money-maker. Tsuyoshi Junko, Chielf Med-Nin of Cloud versus Akujin (Byakko Kyūji), a Medic from Sunagakure. There were a couple of grand upsets already in this tournament, a few poor kids that came outta this place wealthy and a few rich blokes who were gonna be eating cat food for the next year to recoup their losses. That was of course their problem, if you cannot afford to pay then you should not play. That was hit motto at the very least. His mattress was overflowing with yen, with this match he would likely end up living the dream far away from this veritable prison.

It had been two weeks since the last step in the tournament made this seedy individual a rich man.

Again all seemed well enough in the Hisashī Zenshōsen Arena, the stadium was packed with curious and excited onlookers looking forward to the spectacle. Some paid for luxurious box-seats, those had to cost more than a months wage for an active shinobi. Resting in most of them were the world's elite, drawn from their respective corners of the world to see the first tournament of its kind. Few truly appreciated how significant this demonstration would be for the victor -- every customer (and this is one of those rare cases where the businessman is the consumer) wants the 'best' product and in this case the commodity being bought and sold was human. Still, there were profits to be made, even here. That was what Ryou was here for, to make his fortune because there was more than one way to make his fortune in the flesh trade.

That money was of course well-spent. Formerly part of the disbanded Midnight Crew, he was somewhat disenfranchised with the concept of shinobism as well as their crackdown on organized crime in Kurosawa these past few months. Cleaning the way for foreigner arrival they said. Bullshit. Still, an opportunity is an opportunity. Sometimes money was not everything but money sure helped someone get whatever it was that they wanted. Of course with all of these chakra chumps came new problems, reckless kids with more power than they could be handled being set loose in the village. The little shits were doing even more damage in some cases than his crew ever did. It was ironic really, the world was no better just different no matter how hard they tried.

"Back to the grind boys, we did good last time. Let's do better this time 'round." he announced as he sat a lockbox on the table and a pad of paper to the side. "Let's finish strong and watch more of these shinobi assholes get their asses handed to them."
Bets on the Junko v Akujin fight are to be posted here.

Best of luck!


Bets will close 11/9. Have fun.