Playing Hooky (Open)


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Jul 15, 2016
With summer coming to a close, Juroyo was eagerly spending her time adventuring as much as possible as she could. But all too soon school came once again and she made pretty good time, two weeks without missing a day, however one lazy Wednesday morning when she set off for school. Lunch in hand, pack full of school supplies and homework (and secretly manga). She got down to the end of the stone path that would take her to school before she broke off the road. Drifting through the other kids without paying them any mind, she pops a sucker into her mouth and pushes past them until she got down to the sloping concrete that let her reach the river that ran through town. She scampers and ducks underneath the bridge, sitting in the shade as she plunks her feet in the water.
Maybe it was childish, but she just wasn't ready to let go of the Summer alright!? It was a time of great joy, all the cicadas she could catch and yakisoba and festivals every few weeks.
So to make herself feel better she cut school and thus sat there, under the bridge. Staring lonesomely down at the water, head in her hands. Nin-training was hard, and just getting harder, it really felt like she was losing control of her temper more and more lately. Maybe because she was getting older? Who knew, but it definitely showed, she was getting taller it seemed like.

"Wish the summer would last forever, it would be nice..."