Profile Rules

Ninpocho Admin

Staff member
Jan 15, 2013
The Character Profile of your character is a central hub of all relevant information on them. Due to some issues which arise without an up-to-date centralized location for all of the information which encompasses a character, it is mandatory that you keep the profile up to date with the following information:
  • Vitals. The Vitals are your character's name, age, height weight; all of the information people would need in order to properly RP with them and describe them physically. Vitals can also include distinguishing features, background, or even a mental description.
  • Stats. Your six main stats on NC, as well as your Character Level and OOC rank.
  • CA/BL/Kinjutsu. You should list which you own, if any, and the skills from them you've learned and their ranks.
  • Abilities learned from the dojo.
  • Jutsu known and their ranks, as well as which AE's you know, and your affinities.
  • Custom Class.
  • Any cursed seals you have, and their ranks.
  • All weapons and puppets from the dojo.
  • Contracts owned.
  • Any CRPJ you own and their effects.

Your profile must be kept up to date with all of this information. Failure to do so will result in a moderator or administrator requesting you do so. If you still fail to update it after this, or if you send in information to a bmod that does not match your profile, you will suffer consequences up to and including stat loss.