Raikage and Sennin - A timeline

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Jun 17, 2015

**Please take a look at the following for a brief run down of what has happened over the last about 50 years IC in Kumogakure. This may help you build depth into your character as their family may have lived through some of these events should they have been in Kumogakure at the time.**

Raikage timeline:
Year 01 TE - Kagetsu Kiyo is the first Raikage of the Fifth(Tech) Age and the last Raikage to receive the title due to inheritance.
Year 1.5 TE - Years ago - Kagetsu Kiyo disappears and is replaced by Nigami Eimin
Year 02 TE - Nigami Eimin is removed from power by Sarunishi
Year 07 TE - Sarunishi disappears and is replaced by Aion the Dawnbringer and Takao the Mad
Year 11 TE - Aion the Dawnbringer ascends to godhood
Year 12 TE - Takao retires from the position by choice, replaced by Santaru Ryuuto
Year 18 TE - Santaru Ryuuto disappears from public life, though is still assumed to be Raikage
Year 19 TE - Santaru Ryuuto is ousted by Shinbatsu (formerly known as Shouten Mitsukai)
Year 23 TE - Shinbatsu ascends to godhood
Year 23 TE - Kagetsu Kiyo returns from pilgrimage and takes her place as Raikage for a second time
Year 38 TE - Kagetsu Kiyo is crippled by an attack from the Kingslayers, replaced by Hayata Shin
Year 42.5 TE - Hayata Shin was killed by Isaki Hoshikata, replaced by (tba) - The Sixth Age of Kumogakure begins, the age of Democracy
Year 43 TE - Haruka is elected Raikage through the first elections
Year 43 TE - Haruka disappears from public life, Akira Saito forcibly takes her place
Year 49 TE - Akira Saito retires, the Council accepts his request to make Kogami Ayumu his replacement
Year 60 TE - Kogami Ayumu vanishes, the Council chooses Shinrya Kitsune to replace him

The first time that actual "Branch Leader" Sennin came about was Year 9 TE. Prior to that (Ringo and Karubin) there were simply a number of Sennin that were chosen due to their skill and ability as Shinobi.

ANBU Sennin timeline:
Year 08 TE - Santaru Ryuuto is ANBU Sennin
Year 12 TE - Santaru Ryuuto remains ANBU Sennin despite also being Raikage
Year 18 TE - Shinbatsu becomes ANBU Sennin
Year 19 TE - Shinbatsu is made Raikage, replaced by Santaru Rin
Year 23 TE - Santaru Rin retires from shinobi life, replaced by Akira Saito
Year 28 TE - Akira Saito leaves on pilgrimage to seek Shinbatsu, replaced by Myoumi Akuhei
Year 30 TE - Akira Saito returns and Myoumi Akuhei steps down allowing Akira Saito to replace him
Year 36 TE - Akira Saito retires from Shinobi life, replaced by Oyadama Yakunan
Year 38 TE - Oyadama Yakunan is forced to step down, replaced by Santaru Rin as she returns from retirement
Year 41 TE - Santaru Rin dies, replaced by Kogami Ayumu
Year 43 TE - Kogami Ayumu voluntarily steps down from Sennin position, replaced by Akira Saito
Year 44 TE Saito has taken the title of Raikage, names
Year 45 TE - is hospitalized and then murdered in the hospital. Akira Saito names Santaru(Kaze) Kouin (a missing nin) as ANBU Sennin
Year 49 TE - Santaru Yoshi is named Co-sennin with Kouin after pressure from the council.
Year 50 TE - Santaru Yoshi steps down due to clan politics.
Year 51 TE - Santaru(Kaze) Kouin is forced to step down, the position is left empty/headed by the Raikage Ayumu.
Year 55 TE - Okada Kaji is chosen as ANBU Sennin by Kogami Ayumu.
Year 60 TE - Okada Kaji is made to step down, with a replacement not yet found.

Current Sennin: N/A

Main Branch Sennin timeline:
Year 01 TE - Ringo is Main Branch Sennin
Year 18 TE - Ringo attempts to go missing [killed], replaced by Nara Ryuujin
Year 19 TE - Nara Ryuujin retires from shinobi life, replaced by Kyoujouran Emi
Year 25 TE - Kyoujouran Emi retires from shinobi life, replaced by Hayata Shin
Year 27 TE - Hayata Shin focuses on the Academy, replaced by Sude Sairasu as Sennin
Year 33 TE - Sude Sairasu is forcibly retired from Main Branch Sennin, replaced by Hayata Shin
Year 38 TE - Hayata Shin is made Raikage, replaced by Souseiki
Year 39 TE - Souseiki is forced to step down, replaced by Takaki Masao
Year 42 TE - Takaki Masao dies, replaced by Tanaka Hikari
Year 44 TE - Tanaka Hikari disappears, replaced by Kogami Ayumu
Year 49 TE – Kogami Ayumu is made Raikage, replaced by Kagetsu Yuii
Year 60 TE - Kagetsu Yuii vanishes, and is replaced by Kashino Yuu.

Current Sennin: N/A

Medical Branch Sennin timeline:
Year 01 TE - Hyuuga Karubin is Medical Branch Sennin
Year 09 TE - Hyuuga Karubin is replaced by Taji Yuki
Year 17 TE - Taji Yuki disappears, replaced by Airisuke
Year 24 TE - Airisuke disappears, replaced by Hyuuga Karubin
Year 30 TE - Hyuuga Karubin disappears back into his study, replaced by Itonami Ataeru
Year 34 TE - Itonami Ataeru leaves the position, replaced by Kogan
Year 38 TE - Kogan steps down, replaced by Isaki Kushin
Year 42 TE - Isaki Kushin retires from shinobi life, replaced by Kaguya Daisuke
Year 43 TE - Kaguya Daisuke is killed while protecting his Kage, replaced by Shinrya Kitsune
Year 48 TE - Shinrya Kitsune is stripped of Sennin for treasonous acts, replaced by Shinrya Kahako
Year 49 TE - Shinrya Kahako steps down, replaced by Tsuyoshi Junko
Year 56 TE - Tsuyoshi Junko is occupied by threats to his family, Shinrya Kahako returns to office
Year 60 TE - Shinrya Kahako vanishes, leaving the position empty and handled by Raikage Shinrya Kitsune until a proper replacement can be found

Current Sennin: Raikage Shinrya Kitsune

Note to Council: This information is also found here :https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?p=191536#p191536 and any updates should be carried over.
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