Relic Hunt - I [SSM Mission]

Senju Kazuki

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Oct 23, 2012
The Senju Clan is an ancient clan, established in ancient Konohagakure in a time of great peace and prosperity. The initial iteration of the clan wanted nothing but peace. Although a force to be reckoned with, each and any Senju sought to solve all conflicts via peaceful solutions. And then Konohagakure was struck down and everything changed for them. A single survivor from the destruction of old Leaf, recreated the Senju clan under the influence of the event that had crushed their land. Although their resolve to protect Konoha was still the same, they were no longer worried about peace, searching for power in every venue possible. Leaf’s reconstruction began and their standing within the village was regained. Most of their lost relics were soon found out and recovered.

Unfortunately, fate had a similar fate for this new iteration of the clan. Leaf would once again be struck down and the Senju forced to leave their ancestral home. After find a temporary haven in Iwagakure, they would eventually permanently settle in Sunagakure. Just like in ancient times, the Senju would suffer a second change, losing their ardent passion for defending Konoha as it was slowly being replaced for defending Sand, though forgetting Leaf is something the older Senju can never do. Most of their relics were lost once more and their Overlord, vowed to recover them again and make sure they would never be lost again.

After being appointed as ANBU Sennin, Kazuki spread his intelligence network to encompass Sunagakure and the Wind Country as a whole. While he still had agents in the Fire Country and Earth, his reach there was much more minor than the one possessed in his current country. In reality, he had the habit of establishing a minor agency of his in every country he had ever visited before, so he always had a reliable source of information wherever he went. Therefore, he had established a foothold, as minor as it were, in every major habitable country of their world. And it was thanks to his network that he discovered a possible Senju relic resurfacing right beneath his gaze. One of his agents heard the rumor of an object of great worth being sold in the Black Bazaar. A notorious place for shady exchanges and where the scum of the village roamed freely.

The White Wolf was no stranger to the Black Bazaar. He had been there before and he had been forced to exert his authority there as well. Grabbing a black cloak, the Shadow Sword left his office and walked toward the Bazaar. Minutes later he was roaming the shady market, hearing everything he could from the stand, trying to ascertain where the exchange would take place. He also searched for possible places where the trade could take place if it would be a stand selling it. Shady people were also targets for his examination. His search was being fruitless until he caught word of something that could be what he wanted. He heard someone speaking about a kind of an action for an item of great worth, belonging to a clan originating from outside the Wind Country. After hearing for a bit, the Occult Sennin realized where this auction was going to take place. Ironically, instead of a shady alley or one of the smallest stands, it was going to happen in one of the biggest ones. In fact, he could already see a large crowd forming in front of the shop.

He had no interesting in taking point so he simply waited at the backend of the crowd, listening and observing. ”Gather around folks. We have here a very special item today.” the apparent voice for the action stated as he pointed toward an item that was concealed by a piece of black cloth. From the distance, Kazuki surmised the item was as big as his arm. He quickly recollected the relics he had found and the ones that were still lost and he didn’t remember one that was as big as that one. He would have to wait and see what was beneath the cloth. ”We have an item originating from the Fire Country, property of one of their grandest clans. This is an item of great power and capable of bestowing incredible might.” The man would, ceremoniously, remove the cloth and reveal the item underneath. A prosthetic arm, made of metal, with a black symbol engraved on the shoulder portion of it. The arm was black with silver linings and Kazuki thought he could sense power emanating from it. Now that he could see it, he knew this was not a relic from the Senju clan that had been brought into daylight again, but he still knew what it was. The arm of the man once known as the Winter Soldier. Now long dead and part of the Senju Overlord’s army.

The path was clear, he had to obtain that arm not because Barnes needed it but because he knew the arm’s potential and what it could be used for. ”This arm was belonged to a member of the fabled Senju clan. The initial bid is ten thousand yen.” the guy in charge announced, starting the auction at last. The auction’s pace started slow but quickly picked up. Multiple people began a shouting war, each one trying to surpass the others in a mad attempt of winning the arm. The White Wolf kept his cool, allowing everyone to outbid every other offer because he had a trump card that he was going to utilize at the most appropriate time. ”One million yen. Goes one…Goes two…Sold to the man with the large hat and brown overcoat.” Hearing that, it was time for the Occult Sennin use his trump card. Removing his black cloak, he would step forward. ”By the authority of Sunagakure’s govern, I am detaining everyone and confiscating every item on auction today.”<i></i> At the same, dozens of Kazukis emerged from behind the crowd, each one a clone he had created just to reinforce his position. While he waited for the bid to take place, he studied the crowd around him and concluded there were little to no shinobi training among the people near him.

The first individual that tried to flee was swiftly blocked and arrested and that served as deterrent for the rest of them. The Shadow Sword quickly seized everything he could and created a few more clones to carry the rest. He was going to have a few weeks ahead of him of cataloguing everything and delivering it to the proper owners. It was not going to be fun.

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