Repairs [SSMM]

Yamamoto Airi

Dec 14, 2018
Airi was mostly healed as she made her way out towards the monastery again. This time they requested someone to help restore their stocks of ingredients and generally help with the rebuilding considering the damage that the Bandit group did while they were still I power. It had been about two to three weeks since that mission had happened and she was surprised to see it pop up. As such since it was a solo mission she asked if she could take it since they would at least already know her. Considering the fact it was a C-rank and well within her ability to complete it the mission staff had no problems signing off on Airi going there.

Airi would be taking the train once again but this time she would be less starry eyed as she went. The sites from the train she had seen before and she could not help but feel a little nervous as the train slowly rolled further and further. She figured the monks were still appreciative of what she did, she just hoped they did not see her as a failure. The train would only take her so far and she would eventually have to make the climb once again but now the she was certain where the monastery was…she was confined she could make it there in half the time. The only concern she really had was her right shoulder. She had a scar there now but she was still a little nervous with it. It still groaned against her sometimes but the doctors had told her if she made it do what she wanted it would eventually go back to something close to normal. Nothing…ever was the same after it was damaged. She wondered if that was equally true for the monastery.

As she exited the train she made her way to the small village before making her way up towards the mountain pass. Here everything seemed normal, despite the bandits not really being that far away the city itself had remained untouched. She sort of wondered why that was but maybe the bandits just saw a monastery raid as easier and safer than raiding a town. She figured a town would get protection much more quickly and efficiently. When Airi finally got to monastery they had already suffered three raids. She wondered if there really was not a faster way to get these messages around to help those that were not directly in the village faster. Airi took a train to get here just do to the sheer distance and not wanting to be tired. Could she actually outrun a train at this point? Probably not but she did imagine that Byakko-san and Maru-san could. They were so fast…and someday she would as well.

Now that she was pretty skilled with the water walking technique her proficiency with the wall climbing technique was basically mastered. Now that she had that under her belt it took her very little time at all to make it to the monastery by evening. Getting here though was only half the battle. As she made her way she introduced herself which she received a few bows which of course she returned. They were thankful for her service. They expected her to perform just as efficiently this next time as well. Her duration was supposed to be three days’ worth of work where the first one would be rebuilding, the second would be resource management, and the last were little odds and ends before returning back to Kumo. Needless to say she honestly felt like it was something that would make a huge impact if she was hardened enough. She was ready to work!

The first official day of work was rebuilding, she did everything from repairing damages to the roof of a few buildings, making sure to re set up the fence, and she remade the fields for the plants and helped remake the fields so production could be started. She even helped make a brand new well which she had be fascinated to learn about. There were numerous little things that needed to be done in-between each larger project and being chakra sensitive really helped with. The fact that she had a major affinity with earth also really aided in the field work, since she had the ability to move it. The manual labor itself did not bother her either consider her Anbu training. This was actually a really amazing break from that. She figured she would really work up a sweat later tonight though and do some after hours training before bed. She did not want to slack off with her physical therapy.

Throughout the day she rolled her shoulder a lot to keep it loose. As such when it came to the evening one of the monks who brought her some food asked her if she had been healing well. When she mentioned that she was mostly healed but still had some lingering issues since her arm was almost lopped off the monk asked her if she would like to try a more spiritual type of healing. Airi really had no reason to go against this so the man started by giving her a unique smelling tea…the color looked almost brown and yellow and she hesitated for only a moment before drinking it. The taste left much to be desired but she did down the whole amount. Afterwards the gentleman asked her to soak in the hot springs for exactly twenty minutes and then to come back for a message. Airi did as she was told though keeping to exactly twenty minutes had been a challenge without any means of monitoring time.

After that she went and got aback and shoulder message. Painless and comfortable were not the terms she would use for it. He prodded and poked and twisted in ways she never knew her sockets were capable of and to be frank…if she was not in Anbu training she might have even cried out. Once it was finished however he gave her another cup of tea and told her to rest for the evening. As she laid down she did feel looser…but also sore.

The next day she needed to travel around the mountain to gather some of the more elusive ingredients that had been lost in the raids. These required her to go to some of the less stable parts of the mountain. If you were not trained and chakra sensitive she could really see the danger…most animals stayed away from her is she used a smaller jutsu but if she could not stick to walls this would have been a complete nightmare. As she made her way around she honestly felt like it was almost too dangerous for these people to go an excursions for these times. Normally what would take them a day to handle at least one task she was able to get five done. Each of these items either used in some kind of ritual or was for healing purposes.

As she got back she did a few more chores around the place while there was still daylight and as she trained again she was approached by the same monk who offered the same treatment. Mentioning that tonight would be far less painful than the first. Reluctantly she agreed to go through the process again. This time however when he finished up with the treatment he added a fourth step of acupuncture…she had never gone through it before and if she was honest, it really was not as bad as she had originally thought it would go.

On the final day things were brought back to normalcy. She finished her earth based movements. Did what repairs she could and helped with the organization of their storage. As they finished that she then moved onto cleanup which ended with her spending the entire day again. She was invited to a prayer service which she accepted and while her faith had been shaking she watched these people with pure devotion pray that she was moved. She even prayed a little more to the Raiden she once prayed to every single day. She stayed on final night and the healing ritual entered its final phase.

With that wrapped up she said her goodbyes the final morning and she was present with some monk robes with the symbol of Raiden on them. They said that she was a strong believe when she first came and now if she ever wanted to retire she could come back to the mountain and become a monk like them. She thanked them and told them she would consider their offer.

On her train ride home she did think about quitting and leaving all this behind her but…would the village even let her? She certainly had not done enough work to make up for taking her in…no she would continue to do this until she could not. There were too many people with expectations of her to grow and become an amazing shinobi. Maybe she would even become so great Raiden himself would pull her up into heaven. She chuckled at that figuring that would never happen but a girl could dream right?

That evening her should problems were for the most part…fixed.

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