[Report Tool] Introducing!


The Unfortunate Overlord
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Oct 25, 2012

Report Tool!
This is something I've had in mind for awhile, but only recently got together with our own Kitsune and built it from scratch fully.
What we have here is a report tool, you can see it linked at the top as well under Quick Links at the very bottom. (If you're on mobile it'll be in the left hand side drop-down menu)
You can also find it HERE

Simply fill it out, and click Submit. The message will be sent via an email to yours truly, and I will redirect it to the rest of the team. As of writing this we are still working on the intricacies, like maximum and minimum waiting time, ensuring continued information to those involved and handled accurately, and how we handle each degree of seriousness as per the tool.
The scale the importance is meant for a trial run, to see if it helps that you, the player is able to gauge the seriousness of your own report, helping us in understanding the seriousness of it. If this doesn’t work out effectively we may decide to remove it again. So please be mindful.

I hope you will understand if we're not the fastest right here at the start, as we work out the kinks and finding ways to maximise this new tool at our disposal.

Now, if you’re curious as to why we decided to do this, it is because, as the previous announcement mentioned, there’s been some issues, and we accept that there is definitely areas we can improve as a management team. And in one area in particular we saw was the way we were handling reports of grievances and complaints, against either staff teams or individual players.
And in pursuing a solution to this, I decided to opt for this idea I’ve been working on for some time. The standardisation of reports and complaints.

And this is why we’re implementing this system for everyone, the only requirement for access is that you are a currently active member in order to see it. This meaning, you need to be either an Admin, or a member of the current 4 main usergroups: Leaf, Cloud, Sand, or Missing. This is mostly to avoid potential spambots to access it.

Last thing to note, please only use this for serious reports only. While I do love the occasional cute messages from you, please direct them as DM/PM to me on-site or on Discord instead.

If you wish to know more about reporting of grievances and such, then I direct you to read our Site Rules post on that subject found here.

-Best regards
Yoshi Site Owner