Return to the Red Rose [Open]

Uchiha Yukio

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May 7, 2017
Standing behind the bar it seemed it was becoming a rather regular thing for the Uchiha to return to his bar whenever finishing any form of assignment, had anyone asked him he would not have been able to explain why back in the old days it was simple, He enjoyed it, these days it seemed more like he considered more an extension of his work gathering information from the many patrons that walked in from distant lands lending an ear to hear out their troubles. Today would not be one of those days, no one to collect info from and no one to hear out the place was quiet the man spending more time cleaning the many glasses behind the counter than server waiting customers as he let out a sigh Chinatsu taking pause while cleaning up the counter top.

"You know if you would actually meet people maybe your life would seem less mundane and boring." Though the being had a point the Sennin could not see it that way, more he was incapable of doing so giving the statement a wide birth before a clatter drew their attention to the back room. "Taisen if you would be so kind as to not try and sneak a sip of my good stuff that would be highly appreciated." The man did not turn his head to look, he could tell what she was doing without even having too the spirit floating out. "He's right you know, lighten up a bit we both know you could be capable of doing so if you tried."

The man took a moment of pause placing down the glass before turning to the both of them. "Would you prefer being back in the office doing official desk work." There was no response save the two looking at one another and shivering at the thought not being ones to do such serious tasks willingly. .

Haku Yuki

Jun 11, 2013

Yuki allow her feet to carry her through the street of Kohana to her favorite little drinking establishment the Red Rose, the place was owned by Yukio and she can’t remember how long it had been since she had a drink there but he only served the finest spirits that he could find, even that did mean dealing with some undesirables from Crater City. The opened the door and saw him standing behind the bar, Chinatsu ever-present as he stood, she took a seat at the bar and studied Yuki for a few moments.
“You look tired, have you been sleeping enough?” Though Yukio was adult now her motherly instinct towards him was still ever present. “And don’t lie to me I will just get the truth from Chinatsu,” Her eyes narrowed glaring at him a little as she rested her elbow on the surface of the bar waiting for the male to respond.
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Uchiha Asuka

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Feb 20, 2018
"Come oooonnn!" Asuka complained walking through the Oak district. "It's been a loooong day." Rayne on the other hand sighed and pinched her nose. "All you did was paperwork." Asuka nodded to that statement "And that makes it one of the bad days, you know paperwork is boring." Rayne sighed, deciding not to argue with the girl. She just hoped Asuka wouldn't do anything stupid. Or have to carry her drunken butt home.

After a little bit of walking she finally got to her establishment, well... it wasn't hers per say but she loved being here it pretty much turned into a second home. Walking in through the doors she smiled seeing the people she cared about already in there. Her love interest Yukio, looking as emotionless as ever. This man could pull off being a rock like a diamond. She giggled as she started walking closer. In front of him sat her sensei, the most awesome terrifying Shinobi in Leaf. Before she could launch and hug both of them, Rayne stopped her. "If you start any of your usual shit, I will drag you out." Asuka pouted but decided not to test the girl, in reality she knew that she was capable of doing this type of thing.

Asuka sat next to her Sensei, Rayne sitting next to Asuka. "Helllooooo!" she spoke out with a big smile on her face. "Daarrrllliiinnng!" She smiled like a 12 year old girl looking at her celebrity crush "Gimme a glass of that good stuff you stock somewhere." Looking around, she pointed to a guy who already looked a bit out of it. "Put it in that guy's tab, I'm sure he won't notice."

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Kishiko Nagisa

Leaf Med-Nin Sennin
Dec 14, 2012
Nagisa would walk into the establishment eyeing the place carefully. So this is the place of Yukios. Interesting. Rustic. As she looked over the area, she heard a commotion and say asuka yukio and an unknown person talking.

Nagisa would approach and wave, sitting herself at the bar. Sshe did not drink becuase the taste was always watered down. She could also purge the alcohol from her system easily enough.

"ice water for me with a lemon wedge. Nice to see you all again. And I don't think we have met miss. I am Nagisa the medical sennin. Thank you." she would say to the barman.

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