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Akira Yukari

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Oct 23, 2012
Requesting old profile for swaps?
Old Character Name: Akira Yukari
Old Village/Missing: Leaf
OCR Type: Over 90 days inactivity: Last place posted was in the Hokage’s office
Old IC Rank: Jounin

New Character Name: Maui
Preferred Username: Maui
New Village/Missing: Cloud
New BL/CA: Reckless
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
[u]Dark One[/u]
[b]HP:[/b] (65+lvl) x stamina
[b]CP:[/b] (35+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu, +5% Damage Reduction
[i]High:[/i] Melee
[i]Average:[/i] Evasion, Gen Save
[i]Low:[/i] Gen DC, Nin Acc, Range Acc
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main Branch
IC Rank: Jonin

Character Age: 17
Gender: Pansexual
Sex: Female
Character's Physical Description: Describe their general appearance. A picture (no larger than 300x300) is also acceptable along side a written description.
Character's Mental Description: Maui is a fascinating and daringly cantankerous enigma, the proverbial bitter pill who also happens to be a highly intuitive taijutsu genius. She despises interacting with others and dabbling in social norms but prefers mental games and mysteries that leave others scratching their heads in befuddlement. She has been described as a misanthrope, cynic, narcissist, and curmudgeon. Her unorthodox approaches, radical obligatory motives, and stalwart rationality have resulted in much conflict between her and her colleagues. Maui is also often portrayed as lacking sympathy for her colleagues and villagers, a practice that allots her time to solve pathological enigmas such as motives and purpose of love, religion, beliefs and suicide.
Multiple Personality Application: N/A
Character History: Along with a brief history, you HAVE to state whether or not your character is associated with any other PC here, and that PC has to post to your OCR with his/her approval. Also be sure to notate your CA/BL here, how it has related to your character and how it has been a strong attribute in your character’s life. In addition, if you have applied for the ANBU or Med branches, be sure to include your experiences and skills here.
Clan Request: If applying for a clan in the village you are joining, you will need to state which clan and await acceptance by the Clan Leader

Death/Retirement Thread: Post the thread that your character died or retired. If applicable
Old Profile: A link to your old profile. If you want to re-use the same format, now is the time to copy/paste it to yourself via PM to yourself
Old Training: A link to your old training.
Old Dojo: A link to your old dojo

Special Usergroups: List all of your special usergroups you wish to keep. This is generally used for OOC teams such as Development, B-Mod, Plot, Contract, etc. All other usergroups not listed will be removed.

Old Stats: Stats you had as your last character
Old OOC Rank: State your old OOC Rank
Stat Cut: Depending on the reason you are making an OCR, please state the applicable percentage of PL loss.
New Stats: The new stats for your character. However, keep in mind the minimums you are required to have in each stat.
Stat Minimums said:
E rank - 20 minimum in each stat
D rank - 40 minimum in each stat
C rank - 70 minimum in each stat
B rank - 120 minimum in each stat
A rank - 210 minimum in each stat
S rank - 240 minimum in each stat
New OOC Rank: Keep your new stats in mind when posting your new OOC Rank

Jutsu Mastery Swaps: List all of your current jutsu with mastery ranks, along with whether you are keeping them or not. Please list the ones you are having refunded separately from the ones you are keeping, and separated by OOC rank (E, D, C, B, A). This will make it easier for council to calculate the ASP and yen you are to be refunded. All refunds during OCR are 100% sellback.

After that, you may list the jutsu you are picking up, and if you want to spend some of your (refunded or existing) ASP to rank them up. These follow normal jutsu ranking costs as listed in the Training Rules.

Please note that you need to have the requirements of any jutsu you are swapping to, including Advanced Element jutsu.


Body Switch - Mastered
Transformation - Mastered


Wind Slash - Mastered
Pressure Burst - Mastered
Stun - Mastered

Whirlwind Spin - Rank 1

Swapping to

Water Gun - Mastered

Aqua Fang - Mastered

The example above would keep their Body Switch and Transformation jutsu Mastered, gain back 2550 yen and 18 ASP for the refunds, and spend 1650 yen and 14 ASP on new jutsu, leaving them with a net refund of 900 yen and 4 ASP. During OCR only, this ASP contributes to the total that could be spent to make up for stat loss.

Swaps can ONLY be done during OCR unless you purchase the Jutsu Swap card from the ASP shop.

Other Refunds: Includes things like augments, storage items, puppet add-ons, and anything else you have to spend yen on. List those you have here, and indicate whether you are keeping or refunding them. All refunds are at 100%. You may purchase anything for your new character in your new training thread.

Name of any Contract you currently own:
- If Retiring character, list link to obtaining the Contract. You will regain this contract upon rebirth back into this character provided you do not transfer it or swap it. Contracts do not transfer over to new characters normally. You may pay 300 Advanced Shop Points to transfer over a single contract you currently own, or pay 450 Advanced Shop Points to swap and transfer one contract you own for another contract during the OCR process. Both options require a writeup to be sent to the contract team for approval of how you gained the contract as your new character. You may not switch to a rare contract from a common contract. (Rare contracts are Kami, Youkai, Tsukumogami, and Elemental)
Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own:
- If Retiring character, list link to obtaining the cursed seal (from village request). You will regain this cursed seal upon rebirth back into this character. Curse Seals do not carry over to new characters.
Name of Kinjutsu you own:
- If retiring character, list link to obtaining the kinjutsu (from your village request). You will regain this kinjutsu upon rebirth back into this character. Kinjutsus do not carry over to new character. Also, you may choose any kinjutsu fr your new character, but you will need to apply for it with your new character.

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads?
Upon death, roleplayers in ANY of your other incomplete thread(s) are to vote whether they can deal with your non-existence from the beginning of these thread(s). Whether you joined these thread(s) before or after you entered the battle that got you killed, you are still considered a part of these thread(s).
- If players vote yes, you get to move on to your next life.
- If players vote no, you must stay in those threads as if you were still alive.

You can still train (see: explanation of Limbo Training below) and do other OOC things, but you may NOT join any new threads. After you have completed these thread(s), post in OCR again and we will move you on to your next life.

What is Limbo Training?
This is the training that you would have gotten if you did not move on to your new character's life. Your caps are determined by your rebirthed stats. You must keep a record of your stats gained during limbo in your OCR thread. You may NOT request for an automatic rank up should you find that your new stats allow you to upgrade. Limbo training is only for people who have died in modded combat or suicide. Anyone whose character has not died is still capable of RPing that character until their OCR is finalized, and thus can train as normal.

Things you do NOT need to state, but take note of:
  • Abilities = All of your Abilities are auto-untrained upon rebirth. In order to have any Abilities for your new character, you must activate them by posting in your character’s Dojo topic in your new village.
  • Character History = By suiciding/rebirthing, you're making a new character. This means your new character must not know or remember anything of your old character's life/thoughts/feelings. If your new character has ANY direct/indirect connection to your old character, you MUST state that in your new character history write up for Admin & Village approvals. All Medical or ANBU related experience should be reflected in your history along with CA or BL influence.
  • Editing Your New Character Application = Do not edit a post you have made in your OCR. You must copy all of your information from your last post and add the changes to the new post. This is for papertrail reasons.

Things that do NOT transfer with your next character:
Please take notice of which ASP shop items that you have bought transfer with your character, and which do not.[/quote][/hr]
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