RP Slot Rules

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Jan 15, 2013
Basic RP Slot Rules<i></i>
  • All players have 4 Roleplaying Slots.
    • A player can buy more slots from the ASP shop if they desire.
  • Village Kages have +2 RP slots, but they can only use these slots for threads that request the Kage's presence.
  • Village Sennins have +1 RP slot, but they can only use this slot for a thread that requests the Sennin's presence.
  • In addition players can also be in:
    • 1 Event OR Exam thread.
    • 1 Contract Search thread.
    • 1 Class OR Mentoring thread.
    • 1 Exam thread.
    • 1 Mission thread.

[Leaving A Thread]
  • Must post with the "Topic Left" tag in the post.
  • May be stopped by anyone in the thread from leaving within the same round of posting.
  • Cannot use space/time jutsu or any other means to attempt to override being stopped.
  • Only those in the thread when the player tries to leave may stop a player. No one can stop someone from leaving if the stop occurs on their entry post.
  • One may utilize the Harry Houdini Card from The ASP Shop to circumvent these rules.

Types of threads said:
[Roleplaying Threads]
  • General RP threads can be just about anything that you want as long as they make sense in your setting.
  • General RP threads do not require a moderator, a DM, a battle mod or use run times.
  • A General RP thread can become a Modded Situation when it requires a moderator, a battle mod or uses a run time.

[Modded Situations]
  • A modded situation is defined as a thread that utilized as moderator (contract, tutor, class and mission), a thread with the implicit threat of battle (forced entry/exit topics and event threads), or a thread where a battle is in process. Entry into these threads may be restricted, for more information regarding these thread types, please refer below. Threads which already have a moderator (Tutor, Contract, Class, Mission, Events) are under the direct control of the moderator; they may change rules to suit the thread and they have final call on what happens in these threads. If you feel a moderator is abusing this authority, please contact an admin.
  • The following threads are constituted as being a [Modded Situation]
    • A Moderated Battle.
    • A Class / Tutor session.
    • Exams.
    • A Mission.
    • Forced Exits/Entries/ Going Missing.
    • Events.
    • Contract.

[Battle Moderated Threads]
  • A General thread becomes a Modded situation as soon as Battle Mod is called.
  • You may only be in one Battle Moderated Thread at a time.
  • Read more on this in the, Rules of Engagement thread.

[Tagged Threads]
  • [Forced Entry], [Forced Exit] and [Going Missing]
    • Tags are used to pass the Village Gates using your run-time.
    • In accordance to Rules of Engagement These threads are recognized by default as Modded situations because there is an implicit threat of battle in a run topic.
    • See Travel Rules for more details.
    [Country Entry/Exit]
    • For entering and leaving a country using run-time (the only way).
    • When leaving a country, you cannot start any new threads within the village of the country you are leaving.
    • And you must complete all threads within the village before being able to enter the village of another country.
    • See Travel Rules for more details.
    [Mission], [Class], and [Tutor]
    • Mission, Class, and Tutor threads that come with OoC rewards all are in this category.
    • You may only be in one Mission and one Class/Tutor at a time.
      • One may perform a Self Modded Solo Mission and still partake in another Mission at the same time. This is the only exception to the ruling.
      • A teacher/mentor may choose to opt out of the rewards for a class in order to be in more than one, and the participants still receive the rewards.
    • Village/Site-wide topics that are run by either Council or Lorekeepers Team.
    • A player can forego any reward they might receive in the event and have an event thread occupy an extra RP Slot.
    • For trying to achieve a contract, guided by a Contract Mod.
    • You may only be in one at a time.
    • A Medical Thread is one associated with the Medical Thread rules found in The Mission Rules

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Jan 15, 2013
Topic Activity

TOPIC DEATH in an RP thread:
  • An RP that everyone has left is considered to be a dead topic.
  • The act of reviving a dead topic is also termed: Topic Necromancing.
  • We request that users do not revive dead topics as stated also HERE.

  • If a topic is not posted in by a user for more than 5 days, that person is considered to be no longer in the topic unless the player(s) in the topic wish to skip the user's turn until he/she has returned.
  • If a topic is not posted in by a user for more than 5 days and there is only 2 users, the other player may leave the topic without being stopped at any time.
  • If a player has died, he/she may continue RP'ing in topics after his/her death with that character that he/she was active in prior to their death as long as EVERY member in the thread consents.

  • If the post is in an RP thread and is in character, it must be a minimum of 50 words. Anything less and you will be asked to add to it.