Seeing what makes them tick (SSM - S Rank, Event Phase 2 Oracle Mission)

Sunaku Harupia

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Oct 10, 2012
Harupia had mixed feelings as he approached the Omni Prime facilities, in spite of keeping his usual cheery expression as he came through the doors. He was in tip-top shape it seemed, no real wounds or sickness to him which had caused a bit of confusion when he approached the reception, carrying a duffle bag. That shifted quickly into a look of slightly dread but understanding as he said that he was meeting with the doctors in the Assylum. With haste he was led to a side wing of the hospital facility, then down to the cellars and after a coded knock, a hatch opened to which he entered. There he was met with an unfamiliar doctor who introduced himself as Ikari, as well as two men wearing the familiar garb of the Anbu.

The debriefing was short as they ventured further, in the murky walls of the Asylum. The hunter and Rangers of their village managed to capture a few live specimens of the creatures that were swarming around the village...these "Unbent" as they were called. They had been transported down here as this was a secluded and guarded place and one which offered a lot of of...ambient noise to cover up the wild things. The screams and wails of some of those caught in this place were quite...unsettling, but they did sound somewhat inhumane. His task was somewaht simple: as an Oracle, he was there to document the ongoing examination of the creature's flesh.

"Some of Our doctors had started a bit early when there was only one specimen brought in... it became a bit trickier once we had more brought in. It's interesting how they operate in a pack. It almost seems the more of them are around the more emboldened and aggressive they become, though it's hard to tell how aware they are of the presence of each other. There is a slight chance one of them could run loose during the proceedings...but I dont think that should be much of a problem for you would it?" the doctor said adjusting his glasses, earning a solemn nod from the Sunaku. He volunteered for this as it seemed that besides recording there was a chance defending the researchers would be necessary. And he was simply curious fo this threat...he had managed to avoid it so far. But he'd be only so lucky. And this was a chance to test certain things before a more direct encounter.

After some time they had reached the destination. It seemed as something akin to an interrogation room, though as they explained as he changed into some more disposable clothing from his bag it was also used to observe more dangerous individuals during their therapy, in the rare cases they were eligible. An observation room defended by a thick layer of reinforced glass and on the other side a spacious area, beyond which were the targets of the investigation.

He entered the room in mostly dark light clothing, and a somewaht large notebook with its pages blank, one of the Anbu members following in with him while the other remained outside. In the room, there were 3 people, one who seemed to be a fairly spooked chunin, two who were medics, one of which was working over the mostly unmoving carcass of one of the creatures. Besides that, there were 3 more of them inside the room, bound to steel pillar and wrapped in Iron bars. The Chunin there was paritucalry skilled in metal manipulation hence he was asked to assist in the proceedings "Ah, Harupia-san, you finally came...I was slightly suprised to see you'd be even interested in such a... crude proceeding" one of the medics said as he approached him. Haru shook his hand as he said "Well, as messy as it maybe it is an important task...from what we know there are hordes of these things out there...and the more we learn about them the more we can do to defend ourselves from the... So, what have you found so far?" he asked, getting a pen out as he looked closer at the creatures before him.

It was strange. There was a wide discrepancy in how they all looked. It seemed they were all for the most part humanoid, though their bodies were changed in horrific ways, twisted and mutated. With his skilled hands, he dedicated each page to a sketch of each of the creatures as he listened to the doctor's talk. He did hear from other encounters that some people compared them to the corpse used by some practitioners of forbidden ninjutsu but this was a bit different. Those bodies were mostly empty husks driven by chakra, these seemed to be moving, fleshy, breathing. Though it seemed the muscles were not power by blood as a normal humans were, and according to the dissected specimen next to them, they appeared to be overgrown as if to compensate for not working fully. The mutation went even further as he was shown the heart of the dissected one had a bulging growth next to it which was almost like a smaller heart of its own too. Dissecting it was a challenge in of itself, the skin more akin to hardened leather and hard to tear apart, and the bones seemed to have overgrown as well, the ribs almost trying to fuse into one single plate of bone rather several ends. They all seemed to have similar features of elongated and sharped claws and teeth, and their bodies seemed to be mutated in ways to give hem more speed and strength. Even as they tore apart the specimen's chest some lose strands of flesh were trying to connect as if to sew it back together, which did coincide with the creatures struggling less and less. So it seemed that while it could try and mend its wounds the process was draining for it, so at least with these lower-ranked specimen they could perhaps knock them down easily to thin the horde and not worry about them coming back up to fight further

He had tried to take a closer look at the dismantled corpse, before moving to the live specimen, which kept gnawing and thrashing at their presence. He tried to compare them as he looked at his notes. "Hmm...there doesn't seem to be a pattern to their overgrowth or mutation...just seems their bodies just overdevelop so their better at killing. "I assume you guys didn't see them during...well, consuming flesh or anything?" he asked, getting the shaking head in reply as he said "I assume when they eat they can grow stronger, but all tier bodies seem overdeveloped in terms of being used as a weapon, and there is so much mass in a body...". The Doctor who was earlier by the body said "What, you suggesting some parts are more squishy to give the meat to the other?" as Harupia pondered "Something like that, though it'll be hard to really least in a safe way" As they looked between the bodies considering things, they didn't quite notice one of the specimens thrashing even harder... Harupia was the first to nice its arms seemingly expanded just slightly more than before...and he reacted just in time.

The specimen, with overgrown bulky arms covered in spikes, managed to break through the metal. Before it could pounce on anyone present, a sudden cloud of dust, sand, and pebbles formed before it and wrapped tightly around it, keeping it in place. The Sunaku user pulled any lose particles from his surroundings, and some of the sand seemed to pour from under his clothing as he kept the beast in place with an iron grip of the sand. "That was to fucking close...where do you get all the sand anyway?" the chunin asked, panting from the suddenness of the attack "Well, we have our ways...the trick is to keep it from being itch under the cloths" he joked with a wink... there was one way his clan supplied themselves for the material for their attacks. The fact he had his specific way of doing it is something he wasn't quite planning on sharing.

He looked at the caught creature, which tried to break free from his grip, while the other seemed agitated by it breaking free. Before the Chunin tried to bind it again he raised his free hand saying "I know we dont have to much of these around but...since I have it in my grasp...I'll just check how sturdy it is" while squeezing his other hand which was manipulating the sand. The cloud started to contract against the unbent flesh, squeezing it in a vice grip, causing the creature to snarl. It seemed all the muscles were as dense and sturdy as he imagined, he couldn't quite feel any of them give out less bulk...but that was the surface level... focusing he poured more sand into the cloud, while it started to move towards the snarling mouth of the creature...and then further down. The reaction of the onlookers was somewaht mixed but Haru pushed further, closing his eyes to focus on the...rather unpleasant sensation as the sand filled the creature's body and started feeling around...feeling the squishiness of the insides. He managed to reach the organs and it was as he suspected. Compared to the one distracted, the organs besides the heart seemed to be several underdeveloped, just as if they weren't quite needed... He gave the sand a bit of an extra push around the lung area, and he could feel it pierce through the skin while doing so around the heart area met some resistance.

He held the creature in his grasp for a slightly longer time, some blood soaking into the sand. After that, once the creature was unmoving he plopped it on the ground, making sure to extract all of the sand from it before saying "That felt...gross. But it seems that these things dont need most of their organs to function, so they dont focus on protecting them quite as much. Stabbing through the ara around his heart would be tough, but the lungs or kidneys should have more exposure. Striking around those areas could be easier...aslo, if you guys have any glass containers I can wring the blood from these sand...might be useful ins some way right?" he said with a sheepish smile. They managed to extract the blood, and after that, the other unbent were additionally restrained as he continued making the notes they had, and adding any new ones. He probably didn't find out too much new, but the fact they seemed to neglect protecting spots that weren't crucial to function as a hunter could be something. And he knew as though as they could be, he had enough power to take them least in a controlled environment. But it was a start.

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