[Self Modded Mission] The Body Count

Dec 25, 2012
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"You've got to be kidding me . . . " Otome grumbled as she looked at seemingly insurmountable stacks of empty forms and unfinished reports scattered about the desk reserved for her. "I know I didn't kill that much scum."

She turned on her headset, filling the air with static as she contacted the upper echelons of the ANBU branch.

"Hey, Otome here. . . . I'll get on it right away, but first a few questions. . . . I mean, there's a lot here to fill out. . . . Is it all for me? . . . What is it then? . . . Alright, thank you, sir."

Cutting off her communications, she sighed as she pulled out the chair, sat down, and glanced at each individual stack to better understand the obstacles before her. After a minute or two, she learned that the stacks were separated into three areas. The largest pile in the middle consisted of unfinished autopsy reports, each one accompanied by more documentation regarding what information was still needed (or so she assumed, considering the coroner's usage of bizarre symbols). The smallest pile, to the right of the behemoth in the middle, consisted of documentation for Otome's bloodthirsty behavior. Finally the pile to the left consisted of empty and incomplete forms that Otome neglected failed to fill out beforehand.

"Well, . . . shit." she swore as she began diving into the pile in the middle first, slowly making progress as she scribbled what information she could down on a separate sheet of paper for each report in the event that the coroner wanted to transcribe it himself. An hour or so passed before she finished the entirety of that pile and started the pile to the right. But as she thumbed through the reasons for the write-ups, her face contorted with rage and indignation.

"Ok . . . now this, I know, is bullshit." she cursed as she slammed her fist on the desk. "Assassinating a suspected mark without prior authorization? Assassinating a suspected mark's affiliate without prior authorization or provocation? Why the hell do I need prior authorization at all!?"

She huddled over the desk, cradling her face in her hands as tears began to crawl from her eyes.

"This is what I get for helping make Kumogakure a better place to live," her mind trailed off as she recalled each and every act of justice she had made. She sat like that for a several minutes before she wiped away her tears and filled out and signed the rest of the documents.

As she got up to leave, she shook her head and wondered:

"What was so different when I killed my father?"

[Mission: 453]