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Shinrya Kirai

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Feb 15, 2021
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This is an NPC that was approved here on my main account:

Since this NPC was never a PC, I believe the rules specify I can make this character a PC on my sub account, I just need to unlock the PL required things as I acquire PL. Let me know if there is an issue with this, otherwise, information that exists currently for this character is as follows:
Name: Shinrya Kirai
Gender: Female
Code Name: "Oni"
Hair color: PinkEye color: Sea Green
Age: 19Height: 5'7"
IC Rank: Main Branch/JouninOOC Rank: E-Rank
Bloodline: Kyoujouran: The Shattered
Contract: N/A
Kinjutsu: Chimera (Reckless) [Will unlock with PL]


While Kirai is a member of the well known Shinrya clan, her parents did not initially want a girl, as they were part of the minor branch of the family. To her parents, a girl was considered a failure. By not having produced a potential male heir, no matter how far down in line they were to actually obtain a leadership position, her parents took much of their disappointment and anger out on Kirai. Kirai was isolated, locked away, her name never spoken by close family members and any manifesting traits never acknowledged. Kirai struggled to learn many basic functions of human interaction as a child, having to teach herself everything. As a result, Kirai developed more abrasive and blunt forms of communication between herself and others, a coy nature and short temper being the most prominent traits. Her emotional maturity tended to be lower than her age would typically reflect, but her aloofness and dark sense of humor is often at the forefront of exchanges.

One thing is certain is that her behavior alters as a way to stave of the constant pang of boredom and disinterest she experiences. She tends to switch between talking about subject matters directly, and avoiding them altogether, depending on her mood. Sometimes she'll spend time toying with a person before getting around to whatever point she was making. While she may prioritize self interest above others, she hyper fixates on things she likes and treats them as if they were very precious to her, often becoming playful and sweet. She views these things as 'hers' until she grows bored of them. Kirai is also incredibly well known for getting involved in high risk scenarios unnecessarily due to a blatant overly confident desire to prove herself.

On an underlying level, Kirai does experience deep feelings of self loathing, broken self esteem, and a dark hatred for her parents, but those feelings have shoved down and she chooses not to acknowledge them. Those feelings only rise to the surface and become unable to control in times of major distress or upset where her coping mechanisms force an extreme reaction. Where she felt pain and suffering, she tried to replace it with fairy tales and dreams of a better future. It could easily be said that those daydreams and fantasies are the only thing that kept Kirai going in her time of neglect and abuse, but she is unable to shake the trauma that was left there. Occasionally, when those feelings do come to the surface, the result is unbridled rage.

Some medics have speculated that her personality is the mixed result of trauma from being isolated and a coping strategy that she might one day be able to repair with effort, but no successful attempts have ever been made. Overall, Kirai has become slightly more adaptive to society as an adult, despite her complex personality, and prefers to stay close to the matriarchal Shinrya branch.

Kirai has a very pale complexion. She has a slender and athletic figure; and is more on the average side of height, standing at 5 foot 7 inches. She has waist-length, long pink hair with straight bangs that cover her forehead. A pair of small red horns poke out from her head, and a white headband is adorned around them. She has sharp, sea green eyes with darker green rings around the pupils. It is quite common for her to wear pinkish-red eyeliner on the sides of her eyes, which tend to cast an odd, yet striking contrast.

Kirai's ensemble often is comprised of a white military cap with a matching white overcoat. Many in Cloud often see her wearing a signature red military uniform, black leggings, and white boots. Though she tends to change outfits often depending on her mood, this attire seems to be the more favored of them because it gives her a sense of style and professionalism. Despite being part of main branch, she will often play the guise of an ANBU just for the fun of it. This, after all, is one of the ways she became acquainted with one of her dearest friends.

Another physical attribute that sets her apart from others are the fangs that reside inside her mouth. The horns and fangs are a direct giveaway of her status as an Onikawa. Though not a result of a direct demonic lineage, years of neglect have caused what would have been her bodies natural armor to take shape in more demon-like ways. As her power fluctuates and grows, especially during high intensity or emotional moments, these "demonic" attributes tend to become more evident physically, with her fangs, nails, and horns growing longer, her eyes glowing red, and sometimes her skin becomes more crimson. Many, including herself, tend to believe that she is a true demon.


Born as a female within the Patriarchal branch of the Shinrya clan was just the first of many events in Kirai's life that would force her to adapt for survival. Her mother and father were not incredibly well known members of the clan: their ranking within the clan perhaps one of the furthest in line from claiming any kind of leadership role. Yet still, they clung to their clan name like it was the only thing that mattered to them. They followed every tradition and teaching down to the very minuscule of details to remain in the good graces of the family. Everything was going according to plan until the family started preparing to have a baby. Initially congratulated on their news of expectancy, the future parents were ecstatic. They prepared the nursery with care, painting it all shades of blue and preparing to train their future son in the ways of the Kumo militia, even having bought him a kitana that was proudly mounted on the wall for the day that he would one day become a shinobi. When it came time for the actual birth, they were met with crushing disappointment at the discover that their son was, in fact, their daughter. Kirai was pale and very small, a look of wonder settling in her eyes as she took in the world around her for the first time. It was evident she would one day grow into a beautiful woman. She lacked the normal red hair that was notorious for numerous Shinrya family members to have, instead being gifted with pale pink tufts of hair. The small child smiled and giggled at her parents, but the two could only yell at the mednin to take her away. Despite the back and forth arguments with medical staff and the continuous complaints that their must have been some kind of mistake, her parents eventually gave in and accepted her. They gave her the name Kirai meaning "hated" and took her home. They were failures to their clan. Not necessarily in the eyes of clan members, but in their eyes. In fact, several of the clansmen gave praise to the beauty of the new member, and offered to help the new parents, but the offers were always rejected.

Her parents came to the conclusion that if they were forced to endure their mistake, they would just have to ensure that she would not become burdensome to them. They had a small dwelling built on the outskirts of the mountains, one that the family could look in on, but not see on a regular basis. They paid someone under the table to visit the child regularly and provide basic care for her until she would be old enough to take care of herself, but this way the family would not have to be reminded of their disappointment everyday. It was easy enough to fool any clan members that inquired about their child with a well thought up lie that Kirai was an incredibly sick child, and could not be exposed to people outside their home, nor the outside world and needed round the clock care.

Over time, less people inquired about Kirai within the clan, having accepted that she was to susceptible to leave her home. Her parents moved forward with their lives, eventually giving birth to the son they dearly wanted. Kirai was all but forgotten in their eyes. They weren't monsters in their eyes. Kirai had a roof over her head and a caretaker, they had even allowed her to retain her name; they just made it very clear that she was not to associate with them, instructions which were always made very clear to the caretaker.

As Kirai grew older, and the realization of what had happened to her became evident. Despite not understanding the exact details of her abandonment, even a child could feel the pains of rejection. She became more and more rebellious against her caretaker. Kirai would fight against them, smash things in the small home that had been made for her. Every day she would find more and more ways to be destructive. The caretaker did their best to placate and provide for the child. This went on for nearly 2 years, the caretaker still taking the families money, trying to keep Kirai calm and away from the clans home, while at the same time handling a child that seemed to be so overwhelmed with grief and anger that she destroyed nearly everything she came into contact with. The only thing that pushed the caretaker too far was the day they discovered Kirai had 2 small protruding red horns from her forehead, and sharp fangs had developed in her mouth. The caretaker had discovered Kirai, sitting in the corner of the small building, holding a piece of paper that had been ripped from a picture book close to her chest. The room was once again in ruins, with nothing but a small red glow from the power that came from the child. The caretaker tried to approach, but Kirai lunged towards them. The young girl had been destructive, but this was the first time she would actively be harming another being. The caretaker left in a hurry, a few scratches cutting deep into her upper arm that would likely leave scars.

The caretaker returned the family that had hired them, refusing payment any further and explaining that the child was becoming too much to handle. They expressed the fear that if left alone like this she would turn into an animalistic killing machine with no empathy. Kirai's family, now having moved on to spoil their son, would hear nothing of it. They had already fabricated a lie that that girl had finally died of her ailment before the birth of their son. If it took more money, they would pay it, but Kirai was not to ruin their lives any further now that things were perfect. The caretaker, despite everything, still felt the need to look after her. However, they would not jeopardize their safety to do so. Every day they would send in a clone, one that Kirai could destroy over and over again until she either grew bored or finally grew tired. They provided Kirai with minimal companionship, taught her to speak, read, write. The clone could also be used to help develop her abilities. The only thing the caretaker couldn't quite shake was the anger and rejection that lived within her.

When Kirai was 13, she was moved to live inside the village and placed into the academy. The caretaker at that point slowly seemed to phase more and more out of Kirai's life. Abandoned once again, Kirai was pushed hard by the instructors. It was evident that Kirai would not do well placed with other kids her age due to her social ineptitude with people. Instead, the instructors focused on displacing her frustrations in ways that would allow for her to control her feelings. Kirai learned to follow orders, but they were never due to them breaking her will. Kirai listened to their orders because she chose to listen to them. She was in control and if listening to their orders meant that they would let her unleash destruction that would allow for her to feel better then she would. It also seemed to keep things interesting. The only thing it seemed that they didn't care for was her offhanded disrespectful wild nature. Still, as long as they could use her power to strengthen Kumo's forces and she didn't turn on the people of the village, they would have a strong asset to the team.

However, the primary officers that were in charge of Kirai suddenly added a new member several years later. He appeared to be a member of the "ANBU" as they were called, but he was not introduced to her as such. His name was Notori, a man that seemed incredibly full of himself but everyone swore was an accomplished shinobi. Kirai already hated the man the moment he walked into the room. Every part of him just screamed narcissist. And he was supposed to be one of the ones in charge of her now? This would not do. She would show him that she could not be tamed so easily. Kirai rebelled against every effort of working with the man, making things incredibly more difficult than they needed to me. It only made her more and more angry when he would just shirk off her comments and behavior, firing back two fold with his own. One day, the officers called for a sparring day, to showcase their abilities and keep their skills honed. Kirai was of course paired with Notori. No other she had sparred with had ever won, so this would be a piece of cake. Kirai immediately went for him, using her unarmed skills and close combat methods to try and take him down swiftly. He always seemed to move out of the way before she could land a hit and that stupid smirk on his face was always plastered there. It was like he was toying with her. This went on for several minutes, before she finally landed a blow to him that send him flying back into a wall. Smiling as finally having worn him down, she placed her hands on her hips, grinning with victory. However, moments later, she could feel a strong,, violent grip overcome her body. She couldn't move. She screamed, trying to fight against the restraint he had one her. Kirai could only stare into his eyes as he walked from where he had been thrown into the wall, coming closer and closer to her. She was slowly being forced down to the ground. Kirai fought against the iron grip, her muscles visibly straining against the bonds she found herself in. The man stood over her again, never saying anything. He just stood there with that stupid SMIRK that she hated so much. Something seemed to snap within Kirai in response to the chakra that was gripping her there. Suddenly, her vision went white, her body growing red, horns extending, fangs growing larger as the floor cracked in every which direction. She became filled with fury, breaking the bonds that seemed to hold her. Like an unyielding animal, Kirai struck hard and fast. Notori, noting the visible difference in her fighting, tried to keep up with her but her strength and unpredictability sent him flying back into the wall once again. It was only seconds before she was nearly on him again. However, the other officers noticed this and four of them restrained her before she could do more harm. She clawed wildly at the ground, snarling at Notori, still blinded by whatever lapse in sanity she was experiencing. She could only feel the desire to destroy him.

Eventually, the officers managed to knock her out. When she came to in a hospital room, she noticed Notori waiting for her. The man was not afraid of her, but in fact, very intrigued. Against the referrals of the other officers, he had taken an interest in her. Kirai, unsure of what had elicited such a response from the other man that cause her to react in such a way, seemed equally as curious. She would often find herself paired up with him, working on cases together. They both had...unorthodox methods for handling situation, many that seemed to gain them respect and disappointment, but it got the job done. They were an unstoppable force. It became very common to see them working together and eventually Notori was someone that Kirai was able to call her friend. Eventually, her status as a shinobi reached the matriarchal branch of the Shinrya line, garnering attention from the head of their line, Kitsune. Kirai eventually was introduced, hearing the tale of Kirai's family abandoning her. She found herself more welcomed among the matriachal branch than that of her own. Though she still feels unsure of things, she does enjoy Kitsune's company, feeling a closer family bond to her than her own direct kin. It is a strange, yet not unwelcome, feeling. Kirai tries to show her respect accordingly.

Though things are still a bit odd for her, and she still has yet to totally control her feelings and abilities, Kirai does try to put all of herself into every task she does. She still pursues many of her tasks individually and in her own way, but she is slowly learning, with Notori's help, what it means to work in tandem with another and for a cause that is outside the realm of her own self serving purposes. Perhaps there is still hope for her yet.

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