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Basic Data</B>
Shiruko Makoto
Title: Blank Slate
Nicknames: Kyou
Rank: Moon Warden (Mercenary)
Core Ability: Chakra Attuned
Kinjutsu: Jinchuuriki (Non-Elemental, Holy)
Status: Youngest child of main family, Shiruko (Moon) branch of Shoukyou Clan

Personal Info
Eye Colour: Pale blue
Hair Colour: Silver
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61.23 kg)
Age: 24
Birthday: February 28th
Blood Type: AB-
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexual Orientation: Asexual​

Appearance: Short and slim, with mid-length silver hair and blue eyes. He prefers to wear comfortable clothes, although due to his family they tend to be tailored and presentable at least. His hair is typically bird's-nest messy as he only infrequently combs it. He only has good posture in the presence of his family members, and otherwise can be found lounging, leaning, and reclining against any available semi-comfortable surface.

Personality: If you looked up the definition of 'lazy' in the dictionary, you wouldn't find Makoto there, but only because he wouldn't have bothered to show up to have his picture taken. He does absolutely everything he can with his actual considerable intellect to avoid anything resembling work--and because he's the youngest child of a noble family, he typically gets away with it. He's still had to go through the clan-typical fighting without chakra training in addition to the usual shinobi arts, but he doesn't exactly make a habit of advertising that fact, and only fights when necessary--which is a lot more than he'd rather do, considering he's a warden of Moon.

Despite avoiding work, he is actually quite intelligent, and prefers to work things out with his brain before acting on an absolutely sure course of action as opposed to running around or actively trying to solve the problem. He can be quite rude to people he thinks do not measure up to his standard, although he usually prefers to measure if he will actually incur any wrath from his sarcastic comments before speaking. Being as he isn't that great with people, he tends to be wrong about this. It has given him a rather cynical view of other people, particularly those who aren't used to his sharp tongue.

That doesn't mean he goes out of his way to pick fights, of course. That would be way too much work. He's just not the first person you'd want as a diplomat. Or near a diplomat.

History: Makoto was born as the younger brother to twin older brothers, the last of three in the typical three-child arrangement of his clan, the Shiruko branch of the Shoukyou clan. This branch was the family who remained in Moon when the main family went to Mist centuries ago. They took advantage of a marriage several decades later to change the name of the clan, and so no one else save them remembered the original name and who they were related to until the Mist branch returned.

This meant that for much of his life, Makoto was the frequently-spoiled youngest child of one of the richest families in Moon, and the only reason he even bothered to apply himself as a ninja was when he figured out there was something curious about his own chakra. Not being able to resist a puzzle, he found the only way to unravel this particular mystery was to apply himself, which he reluctantly did. What he discovered was that he had an unusual talent for non-elemental attacks due to the fact his chakra couldn't naturally shape itself elementally. Rather than put in the work to change that, he decided instead to go the easier route of enhancing his natural talent.

His peculiar talent caught the attention of his eldest brother, who was already a warden and insisted on training him to be one. He weighed the options and decided it couldn't really hurt, since it would give him greater access to some areas of the village in exchange for the very little trouble Moon ever seemed to attract. It didn't bother him too much to have to do occasional investigations, since between his family's resources and his expeditions to find good napping spots he didn't often have to do a lot of legwork on them. After all, being bored and not in a mood to nap was almost worse than having to do things anyway.

Due to his dislike of boredom, he also is rather adept with the areas of combat he has chosen to specialize in--fortunately, these are ones that assist in his job rather than detract from it.

Theme Songs:
-Die - RWBY
-Invincible - OK Go

Main Weapon: A sky blue parasol with a retractable bladed tip. The fabric is enhanced by chakra to be resilient and the spokes are of a durable metal, and flare out. The metallic parts all have a silver sheen.

RP Details
  • Physical
    • Quite short, especially compared to most other ninja.
    • Has excellent posture.
    • Aside from his parasol, which is always visible due to how harmless it looks, he carries a number of concealed weapons at any given time.
    • Usually wears a blue and black longcoat.
    • Has a contract pact marking of a stylized phoenix on the back of his right hand and wrist, though he is usually wearing gloves.

  • Mental
    • Not very easily intimidated, particularly when he thinks he's right.
      • Given the combination of how sharp he is and how arrogant he is about his intelligence, this is nearly always.
    • Generally predisposed better to people who show themselves to be clever or resourceful, and much less so to those who show immediate ignorance on something.

  • Other
    • The fact he can't manipulate raw elemental chakra is noticeable to anyone whose senses run toward chakra sensing.
    • His chakra might still read as nebulously 'wrong' in some slight way, even to those unaware of or accounting for that.
    • Can put forth a slight aura of chakra pressure that makes it a little more difficult to cast jutsu around him, but this is something he suppresses normally outside of battle (unless he is unconscious and cannot) (Chakra Attuned skill - Pressure).
    • To those who can detect it, he is a Jinchuuriki. Likewise, to those who can detect it, his alignment is Holy.
    • Does not like being touched.

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topic log

Rebirth Thread:

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Established Relationships

Shiruko Kanashimi: Eldest brother, the one who inducted him into Moon's wardens. Kanashimi is one of the few people Makoto actually respects, due to his serious demeanour and skills. That doesn't mean he doesn't razz him a fair bit, but he is more subdued here and typically directs his complaints about other people to Kanashimi, rather than making remarks about him.

Shiruko Saito: His other brother. Makoto has significantly less respect for Saito, who is a healer and doesn't even try to fight at all. He never is outright cruel, particularly when anyone else is around, but he doesn't have a lot of respect with Saito's peace-loving attitude, and perceives him as innocent and ignorant to the world around him. He isn't above making fun of this. This has developed to a smidgen more respect for Saito's cold-reading skills and spy abilities recently...but only a bit.

Casual Acquaintances

Takahashi Shiori: Met her at the gates to Sand, but didn't get her name. Met again later, where she gave her name as Hahaoysuna. Favourably inclined toward her, for a medic.

Osore: Knows him as an addict with low alcohol tolerance; no real opinion.

Tsukino Nanami: Thinks she's a stupid loudmouth and a bitch. It's probably mutual but he doesn't care.

Namazu Kyojin: Found out the loud party was from Moon from him; no real opinion.

(Masashi/)Sunahoshi Katsuo: Teammate on storm mission. Favourably inclined toward him for generally being sensible and strong, if a little bit over-dramatic. Doesn't really get the significance of his rank yet. Phoenix classified him as 'the heavy hitter.'

Mizushima Nanami: Teammate on storm mission. Knows she's his distant cousin and a civilian now, and is such a little more favourable toward her. Phoenix classified her as 'the healer.'

Takahashi Sousuke: Teammate on storm mission. Thinks he's impulsive in battle though levelheaded otherwise. Interest in metalworking gets him points, too. Phoenix classified him as 'the armored one.' Recently found out he was the Steward Kazekage; respect increased.

Shoukyou Tatsuya (NPC): New distant cousin. Took an instant dislike to him due to his fakeness and strange aura. Phoenix doesn't like him either.

Kiyomizu Sheimi (NPC): Senior member of the Wardens. Respects her, and is on good terms with her, which is not something that can be said of either of them for many people. It appears to be a mutual respect, which is even stranger.

Mitsuyo Takeyashi: Drinking buddy. Makoto was uncomfortable with the emotional currents coming from him, but with his empathy gone it will probably be easier to strike up an actual friendship. Seems to like him.

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battle data

Base Stats

Ninjutsu: 600
Genjutsu: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Agility: 600
Stamina: 600
Chakra Control: 600
Class: Neapolitan Swirl

HP: (60+lvl) x stamina
CP: (41*+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu, +1 Accuracy
High: Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average: Ranged Accuracy, Genjutsu DC, Evasion, Genjutsu Save
Low: Melee Accuracy
Secondary Stats

Power Level: 3600
Character Level: 15
Hit Points: 45000
Chakra Points: 33600

Core Ability: Chakra Attuned

The Chakra Attuned are ninja who excel at creating and molding chakra, able to summon up the power for a jutsu in a snap. It is said that those who are Chakra Attuned just plain have more chakra stored up in them than others, and this copious amount of spare power allows them to experiment and train in ways others could only dream of.
One-Handed Seals - Passive
A ninja who is properly Chakra Attuned is able to produce the correct amounts of chakra even with an incomplete seal. With extreme practice and their natural talent for manipulating chakra, they can learn the ability previously thought to be exclusive to a bloodline clan.
Effect: The user is able to perform all Jutsu handseals with one hand.

Conservation - Passive
Through repeated use and training with the lower level techniques, the attuned ninja learns the best ways to manipulate their chakra in order to produce the desired effects. They are able to cast weaker jutsu for a much smaller cost than an average ninja would.
Effect: -15% Ninjutsu cost.

Strike the Spirit - Dependent Special Move
Those who have a powerful connection with chakra themselves have an intimate knowledge of how to disrupt that connection in others. By specially molding a jutsu, the Attuned ninja is able to cause it to blast away an enemy’s chakra instead of their health.
Effect: Once per round, the user may have a Ninjutsu deal Chakra damage. The chosen jutsu only deal 80% Damage, and receives no buffs at all.

Pressure - Passive
The Chakra Attuned can warp not only their own chakra to be efficient, but the opponent's to be much less efficient. The problem is that this can backfire, hitting allies as well.
Effect: Up to 3 targets in battle with the user take 20% extra CP to cast a jutsu. Does not work on other Chakra Attuned ninja.

Normalize - Passive
Chakra Attuned users like to say their chakra is pure, rather than twisted toward one particular element. Some of them take this to extremes, making their chakra tuned toward no elements at all.
Effect: All Elemental Damage caused by the user is treated as Non-Elemental Damage. Gives Ninjutsu +10% Damage that bypasses half of the target's damage reduction.
Note: This does not allow converted Ninjutsu to use Affinity Moves or other techniques that they can only use for Non-Elemental Ninjutsu.

Spirit Boost - Boost (purchased 2x)
A Chakra Attuned ninja's prowess with Ninjutsu is not to be underestimated. Their skill with it is unparalleled, and is not limited to any one specific element.
Effect: +5% Ninjutsu damage.

Energy Boost - Boost (purchased 3x)
A Chakra Attuned ninja tends to have slightly more chakra to work with than the average, being that they tend to work with it more often than others.
Effect: +2 to CP modifier.

Chakra Vacuum - Jutsu (Rank 2)
A fearsome technique that can only be used by those with an absolute mastery over chakra molding, such as the Chakra Attuned. The Chakra Vacuum is just that, a technique which sucks chakra out of everything nearby and pulls it into the user. This attack is strongest when there are multiple targets surrounding the caster, so that they can feed off of all of them at once. Once this jutsu is activated, the user cannot move at all, needing to maintain total concentration--if the user moves, the jutsu will be disrupted.
Effect: Absorbs 1500 chakra from up to 3 targets every round. Lasts a maximum of 4 rounds.
Cost: 3 AP, 1250 CP/round

Total Available CA Points: 20
Total Used CA Points: 20
Remaining CA Points: 0

Kinjutsu: Jinchuuriki

There are many forces beyond human in this world, and many of these forces do not have a corporeal form. Sometimes, these forces will choose to align themselves with a single human, or otherwise be sealed into them. This is not always voluntary on either part. It does, however, grant great power to the human host based on their spirit's abilities. This power comes at a cost, taxing the life force of the user with use. Jinchuuriki in the past have been known to win intense battles by giving their all, and then collapse immediately thereafter. One thing is for sure, however. The Jinchuuriki is a powerful ally for whoever befriends them--or a weapon for whoever controls them.

Prerequisites: Kinjutsu Application, 3 Ability Slots, B Rank, Chosen Element Minored

- When applying for this Kinjutsu, the user chooses any Base or Advanced element of Ninjutsu to be the affinity of their possessing spirit. This element may not be changed while the user retains the Kinjutsu.
- The user also chooses, upon application, their inner spirit's Alignment, whether it be Holy, Cursed, or Spiritual. All of their Jinchuuriki techniques are treated as this Alignment. The user is treated as their Alignment when using the Elemental Manifestation ability, and all of their chosen element attacks in that state are as well.
- When the user casts Ninjutsu of their chosen element, they do not require handseals. (This does not apply to Advanced Elements using the chosen element as a base, if the user chooses a base element.) They are also treated as having a Major Affinity to this element regardless of the number of jutsu they have in it. If an Advanced Element is chosen, this element will not count towards their 'Advanced Element' slots.
- All Jinchuuriki techniques do not require handseals, and are treated as their chosen element. However, they still cannot be used with Affinity Moves.

- Unlike the series, this Kinjutsu refers to demons and spirits in general, not Bijuu. While this spirit can be made freely, this spirit cannot be a tailed beast in any way or form. Expect an Auto-denial if you mention any form of Bijuu with this.

Element: Non-Elemental
Alignment: Holy
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00. Shinobi 101 (Kinetic Genjutsu with Ninjutsu Accuracy)
00. ANBU Ability - Sentinel
00. Jinchuuriki Ability - Aura Strike
00. Jinchuuriki Ability - Elemental Manifestation
01. Jutsu Mastery
02. Called Shot
03. Fearless
04. Quickdraw
05. Willpower
06. Stalker
07. Tracker
08. Elemental Illusion
09. Healing Factor


Main Weapon - Silver-Edge Parasol
A sky blue parasol with a retractable bladed tip. The fabric is enhanced by chakra to be resilient and the spokes are of a durable metal, and flare out. The metallic parts all have a silver sheen.
Type: Bludgeoning | Accuracy: -2 | Damage: +10% | Attribute: Suppression | Augments: Silencer, Vanguard, Recovery

Secondary Weapon - Twin Serrated Knives
Unlike Makoto's other weapons, not polished and made of a rather dark metal. The blades are serrated with a clip point and designed to cut unevenly, but are quite sharp and very capable of digging deep. They are solid enough to deflect some weight from blows if handled properly.
Type: Slashing | Accuracy: +1 | Damage: -5% | Attribute: Bleeding | Augments: Rough Divide, Vanguard, Vampiric

Other Weapons

Silver-Edge Senbon
Ordinary senbon, polished and sharpened to perfection. There are seals inscribed on the cases for all of them that give them other special properties.
Type: Thrown | Accuracy: +2 | Damage: -10% | Attribute: Bleeding | Augments: Rough Divide, Razor Strike, Blood Rack

Silver-Lining Gloves
White gloves stitched with silver, with weights carefully embedded in the knuckles. They are stitched so as to make the fabric give off a slightly metallic sheen.
Type: Unarmed | Accuracy: +0 | Damage: +0% | Attribute: Suppression | Augments: Rough Divide, Blitz, Lantern

Silver-Edge Crossbow
A light hand crossbow that attaches to the wrist. Most of its components are a deep midnight blue, but all the bolts for it and stripes along each side are a pale silver.
Type: Projectile | Accuracy: -1 | Damage: +5% | Attribute: +3% chance of Called Shots | Augments: Rough Divide, Siege, Assault

Silver-Edge Rapier
A thin, sharp, silvery blade with a line of blue running down the side of it. The material it's made of is extremely durable despite its fragile, whippy appearance. Sheathes into the handle of the parasol.
Type: Piercing | Accuracy: -1 | Damage: +5% | Attribute: Bleeding | Augments: Rough Divide, Swift, Primal

Silver-Edge Disc
A large, circular construction capable of limited independent movement when released. It is silver, several centimeters thick, and contains various different mechanisms for moving over varying types of terrain. In battle however, it is more effective when latched onto an arm or leg.
Type: Puppet | Accuracy: +2 | Damage: -10% | Attribute: Suppression | Augments: Rough Divide, Primal, Blitz

Spare Augments: Rough Divide x2, Blitz x6, Vanguard x6, Primal x6, Silencer x7, Recovery x7, Vampiric x7, Razor Strike x7, Blood Rack x7, Lantern x7, Siege x7, Assault x7, Swift x7, Great Weapon x8, Overflow x8, Steady x8, Explosive Seal x8, Wired x8, Free Flow x8, Toxify x8, Barbed Teeth x8, Anchor Boost x8, Wide Edge x8, Lucky Dodge x8, Lucky Strike x8, Vengeance x8, Friendly Saviour x8, Tracer x8, Quick Switch x8, Spirit Link x8, Raid x8, Chain Link x8, Daze x8, Chakra Drain x8, Pressure x8, Special Composition x8, Trick Weapon x8, Re-energize x8, Mirage x8, Dual Weapon x8

Full Inventory

Slot 1: Pouch [Tool]
Slot 2: Light Armor
Slot 3: Headset
Slot 4: Binding Agent
Majors and Minors

Basic Elements
Fire: Majored; All Jutsu
Water: Majored; All Jutsu
Earth: Majored; Free Minor + All Jutsu
Wind: Majored; All Jutsu
Lightning: Majored; All Jutsu
Non-Elemental: Majored; Free Major + All Jutsu
ANBU: Majored; All Jutsu
Medical: Majored; All Jutsu

Kinetic: Majored; All Jutsu
Audial: Majored; All Jutsu
Visual: Majored; All Jutsu
Will: Majored; All Jutsu

Advanced Elements
Photon: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Radiation: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Explosion: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Wood: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Ice: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Advanced Elements ctd.
Vapor: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Crystal: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Plasma: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Mirror: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Lava: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Metal: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Magnetic: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Kinesis: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Storm: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Gravity: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Paper: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Ink: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Scorch: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Acid: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Shadow: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Sound: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Sand: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Dust: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Blood: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu
Poison: Majored; Unlocked + All Jutsu

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base ninjutsu

Fire | Water | Lightning | Earth | Wind | Non-Elemental | ANBU | Medical | Jinchuuriki
Note: All jutsu are linked by name.

Infernal Ember - Mastered
Thermal Maw - Mastered
Pressurized Mist - Mastered
Water Gun - Mastered
Storm Bolt - Mastered
Thunderfist - Mastered
Stone Bullet - Mastered
Gravel Shift - Mastered
Wind Slash - Mastered
Pressure Burst - Mastered
Transformation - Mastered
Body Switch - Mastered

Fireball - Mastered
Immolation Armor - Mastered
Combustive Seal - Mastered
Water Whip - Mastered
Aqua Fang - Mastered
Rinse Off - Mastered
Thunderclap - Mastered
Electroshock - Mastered
Electrocution - Mastered
Cancel - Mastered
Whirlwind Spin - Mastered
Air Bullet - Mastered
Shredding Touch - Mastered
Earth Flow River - Mastered
Sinkhole Fist - Mastered
Mud Clone - Mastered
Mask Summon - Mastered
Critical Exposure - Mastered
Combination Transformation - Mastered
Crystal Eye - Mastered
Spirit Lantern - Mastered
Mystical Hand - Mastered
Coagulation - Mastered
Contract Summoning (Bird) - Mastered

Dragon Fire - Mastered
Searing Eruption - Mastered
Scalding Ash Cloud - Mastered
Heat Wave - Mastered
Grand Waterfall - Mastered
Impaling Hydro Jet - Mastered
Water Prison - Mastered
Rain Dance - Mastered
Zeus Flash - Mastered
Lightning Torrent - Mastered
Thunderstruck - Mastered
Volt Charge - Mastered
One Element Sealing - Mastered
Elemental Negation - Mastered
Elemental Clone - Mastered
Barrier - Mastered
Wind Scythe - Mastered
Tempest - Mastered
Gale Force - Mastered
Wind Release - Mastered
Inner Earth Reflection Lure - Mastered
Earth Flow Wave - Mastered
Rock Golem - Mastered
Earthen Coating - Mastered
Snapshot - Mastered
Chakra Sense - Mastered
Active Camo - Mastered
Mental Infiltration - Mastered
Jutsu Sealing - Mastered
Stunt Double - Mastered
System Shock - Mastered
Skeletal Fortification - Mastered
Anesthetic Infusion - Mastered
System Restoration - Mastered
Infernal Hellfire - Mastered
Firestorm - Mastered
Spontaneous Combustion - Mastered
Ring of Fire - Mastered
Torrential Vortex - Mastered
Hydro Tidal Shockwave - Mastered
Water Shark Bomb - Mastered
Mystical Pond - Mastered
Gigavolt Cannon - Mastered
Chidori - Mastered
Lightning Beast - Mastered
Amp Field - Mastered
Leech Seal - Mastered
Chakra Shield - Mastered
Rasengan - Mastered
Great Wind Scythe - Mastered
Wind Scar - Mastered
Vacuum Sphere - Mastered
Cyclone Movement - Mastered
Bedrock Coffin - Mastered
Weighted Rock Technique - Mastered
Earth Spiker - Mastered
Antlion Sinkhole - Mastered
Shadow Shuriken Replication - Mastered
Chakra Blast - Mastered
Energy Transfer - Mastered
Incapacitate - Mastered
Intangible Passage - Mastered
Shadow Servant - Mastered
Searchlight - Mastered
Mystical Force - Mastered
Medical Assistant - Mastered
Tranquilize - Mastered
Medical Ward - Mastered
Daunt - Mastered
Elemental Shockwave - Mastered
Cursed Sealing - Mastered

Dragon Flame Bomb - Mastered
Sol Fire Tempest - Mastered
Abysmal Harbinger - Mastered
Flame Shield - Mastered
Grand Hydra Excavation - Mastered
Water Dragon Bullet - Mastered
Scorn of Aquarius - Mastered
Supreme Aqua Realm - Mastered
Raijin's Vengeance - Mastered
Chidori Control - Mastered
Kirin - Mastered
Thunderdome - Mastered
Perfected Rasengan - Mastered
Five Element Seal - Mastered
Morality Sealing - Mastered
Stardust Nova - Mastered
Gate of Enma - Mastered
Tatsumaki - Mastered
Hurricane - Mastered
Ambiance of the Forbidden - Mastered
Zephyr's Grace - Mastered
Fist of Gaia - Mastered
Earthen Magnitude - Mastered
Earthslide Wall - Mastered
Petrification - Mastered
Nature's Guard - Mastered
Physical Imprisonment Seal - Mastered
Body Bind - Mastered
Flock of Shadows - Mastered
Black Blockade - Mastered
Resuscitate - Mastered
Angelic Blessing - Mastered
Regeneration - Mastered
Pristine Aura - Mastered
Life Corrosion - Mastered

Vanishing World - Mastered

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advanced ninjutsu

Photon | Radiation | Explosion | Wood | Ice | Crystal | Vapor | Plasma | Mirror | Lava | Metal | Magnetic | Kinesis
Storm | Gravity | Paper | Ink | Scorch | Acid | Shadow | Sound | Sand | Dust | Blood | Poison
Note: All jutsu are linked by name.

Light Flare - Mastered
Flashbang - Mastered
Luminous Shine - Mastered
Invisible Shell - Mastered
Atomic Shockwave - Mastered
Sub-Atomic Scorch - Mastered
Radioactive Decay - Mastered
Radioactive Glow - Mastered
Landmine - Mastered
Bang Bullet - Mastered
Explosive Touch - Mastered
Blast Wave - Mastered
Vine Tangle - Mastered
Armor of Thorns - Mastered
Ingrain - Mastered
Wood Hammer - Mastered
Ice Shards - Mastered
Frigid Ice Blast - Mastered
Hypothermic Touch - Mastered
Arctic Aether - Mastered
Topaz Tempest - Mastered
Fluorite Spikes - Mastered
Emerald Emitter - Mastered
Ruby Rain - Mastered
Hidden Mist - Mastered
Blinding Fog - Mastered
Bloody Mist - Mastered
Mist Ball - Mastered
Ionic Laser - Mastered
Deadly Burn - Mastered
Plasma Lamp - Mastered
Ionic Borealis - Mastered
Mirror Clone - Mastered
Reflective Surface - Mastered
Shattering Shards - Mastered
Breaking Glass - Mastered
Magma Strike - Mastered
Molten Cloak - Mastered
Lava Torrent - Mastered
Molten Mantle - Mastered
Steel Slam - Mastered
Quality Break - Mastered
Mercury Poisoning - Mastered
Steel Clone - Mastered
Polarity Burst - Mastered
Ionic Infusion - Mastered
Magnetic Control - Mastered
Magnetize - Mastered
Force Blast - Mastered
Psionic Assault - Mastered
Kinetic Infusion - Mastered
Force Guard - Mastered
Squall - Mastered
Shielding Tempest - Mastered
Laser Prison - Mastered
Fissure Slash - Mastered
Gravity Distortion - Mastered
Anti-Gravity - Mastered
Orbital Strike - Mastered
Gravitational Pull - Mastered
Folded Shuriken - Mastered
Paper Clone - Mastered
Burst of Confetti - Mastered
Origami Shower - Mastered
Ink Prison - Mastered
Splatter - Mastered
Ink Jet - Mastered
Blank Canvas - Mastered
Scorched Land - Mastered
Dehydration - Mastered
Rushing Burst - Mastered
Unstable Release - Mastered
Acid Rain - Mastered
Weapon Corrosion - Mastered
Lactic Buildup - Mastered
Citric Burn - Mastered
Black Eruption - Mastered
Midnight Strike - Mastered
Specter Shade - Mastered
Dark Displacement - Mastered
Harmonic Vibrations - Mastered
Hyper Clap - Mastered
Sonic Destablilizer - Mastered
Sonic Pulse - Mastered
Sand Stars - Mastered
Sandstorm Veil - Mastered
Cluster Attack - Mastered
Desert Deflection - Mastered
Dust Cloud - Mastered
Molecular Collision - Mastered
Particle Accelerator - Mastered
Dust Clone - Mastered
Blood Blade - Mastered
Crimson Whip - Mastered
Red Tide - Mastered
Blood Clone - Mastered
Poison Extraction - Mastered
Toxic Channeling - Mastered
Immunity Break - Mastered
Venom Needle - Mastered
Clandestine Concealment - Mastered
Starstrike - Mastered
Mirage Manipulation - Mastered
Radiant Shatter - Mastered
Acute Irradiation - Mastered
Nuclear Discharge - Mastered
Radiation Poisoning - Mastered
Atomic Deterioration - Mastered
Atomic Blast - Mastered
Volatile Fireworks - Mastered
Starlight Nova - Mastered
Minefield - Mastered
Piercing Timber - Mastered
Pit of Crimson Tears - Mastered
Evergreen Thicket - Mastered
Glow Moss - Mastered
Ice Transmutation - Mastered
Snowflake Shuriken - Mastered
Crystallize - Mastered
Ice Prison - Mastered
Goldstone Clutch - Mastered
Moonstone Shower - Mastered
Sapphire Storm - Mastered
Amethyst Casing - Mastered
White Mist - Mastered
Burning Mist - Mastered
Rolling Fog - Mastered
Vapor Punch - Mastered
Hyper Beam - Mastered
Solar Winds - Mastered
Plasma Blade - Mastered
Plasma Scar - Mastered
Synchronized Reflection - Mastered
Speculum Sphere - Mastered
Reflective Rain - Mastered
Mirrored Edge - Mastered
Lava Storm - Mastered
Magma Cannon - Mastered
Ashfall Tendrils - Mastered
Volcanic Sinkhole - Mastered
Alloy Spiral - Mastered
Reinforced Wall - Mastered
Iron Breakout - Mastered
Density Crush - Mastered
Polarity Shift - Mastered
Static Infusion - Mastered
Electromagnetic Vision - Mastered
Magnetic Flux - Mastered
Psi-shock - Mastered
Force Break - Mastered
Mind Lock - Mastered
Reflection - Mastered
Barrage of Storms - Mastered
Voltaic Flash - Mastered
Black Panther - Mastered
Storm Mail - Mastered
Graviton - Mastered
Clutch of the Giant - Mastered
Forced Polarity - Mastered
Inertial Control - Mastered
Cocoon Sheets - Mastered
Paper Blade - Mastered
Streaming Cloak - Mastered
Loose-Leaf Wall - Mastered
Dynamic Art - Mastered
Ink Clone - Mastered
Black Tsunami - Mastered
Ink Blot - Mastered
Scorching Devastation - Mastered
Arid Land - Mastered
Convection Spheres - Mastered
Heatblast - Mastered
Acid Clone - Mastered
Acidic Sweat - Mastered
Fangs of the Komodo - Mastered
Dust of Lye - Mastered
Underworld Prison - Mastered
Shadow Punishment - Mastered
Black Moon Fang - Mastered
Ebony Nightmare - Mastered
Sound Bullet - Mastered
Distorted Aura - Mastered
Harmonization - Mastered
Echo Strike - Mastered
Sand Missiles - Mastered
Sand Clone - Mastered
Sand Shower - Mastered
Sand Coffin - Mastered
Particle Charge - Mastered
Dust Assimilation - Mastered
Particle Storm - Mastered
Molecule Breaker - Mastered
Sanguine Shield - Mastered
Kiss of the Vampire - Mastered
Red Rain - Mastered
Curse of Anemia - Mastered
Toxic Curse - Mastered
Stun Vapor - Mastered
Venom Strike - Mastered
Poison Mist - Mastered
Illumination - Mastered
Rainbow Flash - Mastered
Corona - Mastered
Meteor Storm - Mastered
Radiation Therapy - Mastered
Gamma Ray - Mastered
Inborn Mutagen - Mastered
X-ray Scan - Mastered
Meteor Aura - Mastered
Big Bang Flash - Mastered
Flare Execution - Mastered
Blast Infusion - Mastered
Frenzy Plant - Mastered
Sleeping Forest - Mastered
Wrath of Nature - Mastered
Grand Gaia Impalement - Mastered
Hailstorm - Mastered
Koorikan - Mastered
Falling Snow - Mastered
Subzero Purge - Mastered
Diamond Cutter - Mastered
Obsidian Dragon - Mastered
Amber Beacon - Mastered
Crystalline Passage - Mastered
Suffocating Fog - Mastered
Ether Strike - Mastered
Black Mist - Mastered
Steam Snare - Mastered
Nebula Shine - Mastered
Supernova - Mastered
Plasma Generation - Mastered
Atmospheric Pressure - Mastered
Fun House - Mastered
Spitting Image - Mastered
Reflective Storm - Mastered
Mirror Coat - Mastered
Gaia's Wrath - Mastered
Final Confrontation - Mastered
Blazing Golem - Mastered
Vulcan Eruption - Mastered
Silver Flash - Mastered
Senbon Coating - Mastered
Burdening Touch - Mastered
Superalloy Tempest - Mastered
Gigavolt Railgun - Mastered
Magnetoblast - Mastered
Biomagnetic Alteration - Mastered
Polarity Storm - Mastered
Kinetic Blast - Mastered
Psionic Rend - Mastered
Concussion Pulse - Mastered
Redirection - Mastered
Laser Chaos - Mastered
Infinity Rain - Mastered
Storm Guider - Mastered
Gates of Babylon - Mastered
Shinra Tensei - Mastered
Chibaku Tensei - Mastered
Newton's Apple - Mastered
Centrifugal Force - Mastered
Shredding Torrent - Mastered
Shredding Tsunami - Mastered
Torn Downpour - Mastered
Maelstrom Document - Mastered
Mastered Artistry - Mastered
Colorful Canvas - Mastered
Wrath of the Artist - Mastered
Everlasting Stain - Mastered
Vaporization - Mastered
Updraft - Mastered
Searing Whirlwind - Mastered
Amplifier - Mastered
Negative pH - Mastered
Royal Water - Mastered
Heartburn Disorder - Mastered
Lure of the Flytrap - Mastered
Shadow Summoning - Mastered
Shadow Garb - Mastered
Darkness Falls - Mastered
Absolute Void - Mastered
Concussion Wave - Mastered
Hypersonic Reverberation - Mastered
Resonating Howl - Mastered
Final Chime - Mastered
Desert Tendril Unleash - Mastered
Terror of the Dunes - Mastered
Sand Tsunami - Mastered
Desertification - Mastered
Detachment of the Primitive World - Mastered
Disruption Field - Mastered
Particle Destabilization - Mastered
Crop Dusting - Mastered
Crimson Stars - Mastered
Drain Claw - Mastered
Red Haze - Mastered
Blood Thrall - Mastered
Toxic Conversion - Mastered
Black Fog - Mastered
Touch of the Accursed - Mastered
Corrupted Mist - Mastered

[ Top ]

Shiruko Makoto

Head Lorekeeper
Staff member
Oct 7, 2012
OOC Rank

Visual | Audial | Kinetic | Will
Note: All jutsu are linked by name.

Hot Weapon - Mastered
Stun - Mastered
1000 Years of Pain Kai - Mastered
Deception - Mastered
Favoritism - Mastered
Wasteful - Mastered
Mimic - Mastered
False Surroundings - Mastered
Eye Strain - Mastered
Lethargy - Mastered
Tourniquet - Mastered
Intimidation - Mastered

Drunken Stupor - Mastered
Influenza - Mastered
Tickling - Mastered
Facepalm - Mastered
Trembling Music - Mastered
Pained Expressions - Mastered
Appreciation of Music - Mastered
Gong - Mastered
Basic Clone - Mastered
Blur - Mastered
Rorschach Eye - Mastered
Double Vision - Mastered
Amnesia - Mastered
False Success - Mastered
Leaking Mind - Mastered
Sear of the Mind - Mastered

Mist of Deceit - Mastered
Crippled - Mastered
Masochism - Mastered
Silly Fingers - Mastered
Crossed Wires - Mastered
Sometimes Shouting Works - Mastered
Deaf - Mastered
Run it Back - Mastered
Groans - Mastered
Piercing Cry - Mastered
Distortion - Mastered
Ocular Trauma - Mastered
Black Flash - Mastered
After-Image - Mastered
Verse of Darkness - Mastered
Black Out - Mastered
Insomnia - Mastered
Paranoia - Mastered
Charismatic Breakdown - Mastered
Untruth - Mastered
Phoenix's Embrace - Mastered
Petrification - Mastered
Lingering Spark - Mastered
Crush Depth - Mastered
Puppet Betrayal - Mastered
Pox - Mastered
Centralized - Mastered
Death Chime - Mastered
Prolong - Mastered
Leak - Mastered
Wither - Mastered
Bass Drop - Mastered
Advanced Clone - Mastered
Perception Filter - Mastered
Depth Barrier - Mastered
Night Mare - Mastered
Solar Flare - Mastered
Mime Box - Mastered
Havoc of the Doomed Mind - Mastered
Slowed Perception - Mastered
Oblivious Rapture - Mastered
Betrayal - Mastered
Taunt - Mastered
Thought Down - Mastered

Curse of the Leper - Mastered
Hemorrhagic Fever - Mastered
Delayed Agony - Mastered
Parasitic Infestation - Mastered
Tree Binding - Mastered
Shared Torment - Mastered
Devil's Whisper - Mastered
Death's Anthem - Mastered
Blank Slate - Mastered
Radial Shock - Mastered
Chakra Ravage - Mastered
Auto-Tune - Mastered
The Reaper's Gaze - Mastered
Ocular Assault - Mastered
Body Double - Mastered
Night - Mastered
Déjà Vu - Mastered
Invisibility - Mastered
Torment of the Physical Plane - Mastered
Corruption of the Earthly Plane - Mastered
Chaos of the Mental Plane - Mastered
Mind's Eye Chaos - Mastered
Temple of Nirvana - Mastered
Repetition - Mastered

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Shiruko Makoto

Head Lorekeeper
Staff member
Oct 7, 2012
OOC Rank

Slashing | Bludgeoning | Projectile | Piercing | Thrown | Unarmed | Puppet | Buffing
Note: All jutsu are linked by name.

Slash - Mastered
Arcing Slash - Mastered
Dynamic Slash - Mastered
Overhead Strike - Mastered
Bunt - Mastered
Broad Slap - Mastered
Pound - Mastered
Smash - Mastered
Curve Shot - Mastered
Raw Shot - Mastered
Unforeseen Strike - Mastered
Piercing Strike - Mastered
Stab - Mastered
Thrust - Mastered
Multi-Impale - Mastered
Piercing Rain - Mastered
Volley - Mastered
Full Toss - Mastered
Trick Launch - Mastered
Mad Flight - Mastered
The One-Two - Mastered
Low Sweep - Mastered
Janken - Mastered
Uncalled For Shot - Mastered
Castling - Mastered
Chakra Emissions - Mastered
Guided Strike - Mastered
Swift Spin - Mastered
Charge - Mastered
Grip - Mastered
Fleeted - Mastered
Block - Mastered

Full Circle - Mastered
Cross Rip - Mastered
Crimson Flash - Mastered
Gasher - Mastered
Heavy Tow - Mastered
Dynamic Bash - Mastered
Dynamic Charge - Mastered
7-Hit Combo - Mastered
Double Slam - Mastered
Concrete Blast - Mastered
Venomous Sting - Mastered
Disillusion Shot - Mastered
Power Shot - Mastered
Quickshot - Mastered
Bounce Shot - Mastered
Cross Pierce - Mastered
Impaling Counter - Mastered
Dynamic Poke - Mastered
Dynamic Pierce - Mastered
Defensive Thrust - Mastered
Projectile Sealing - Mastered
Sudden Shot - Mastered
Shadow Projectile - Mastered
Blood Grinding - Mastered
Instant Fail - Mastered
4-Hit Combo - Mastered
Spinning Wind - Mastered
Dynamic Entry - Mastered
Dynamic Finish - Mastered
Nut Buster - Mastered
Searchlight - Mastered
Puppet Transformation - Mastered
Surprise Shift - Mastered
Dagger Assault - Mastered
Projectile Launcher - Mastered
Shadow Play - Mastered
Eagle Vision - Mastered
Muscle Control - Mastered
Brandish - Mastered
Basic Safeguard - Mastered

Vanishing Slash - Mastered
Lunar Steps - Mastered
Whisperer - Mastered
Sword Juggle - Mastered
Zero Slash Counter - Mastered
Top Spin - Mastered
Blade Trail - Mastered
Render Blitz - Mastered
Blast Rush - Mastered
Skull Buster - Mastered
Set-Up - Mastered
Blackjack Attack - Mastered
Carpe Noctem - Mastered
Carpe Diem - Mastered
Critical Shot - Mastered
Snipe - Mastered
Scatter Shot - Mastered
Counter Shot - Mastered
Tracking Beacon - Mastered
Catapult Discharge - Mastered
Detonation Tip - Mastered
Outcry - Mastered
Iron Point Prison - Mastered
Clip Downpour - Mastered
Spiked Shield - Mastered
Feint Spike - Mastered
Pressure Pierce - Mastered
Outer Rim Breaker - Mastered
Silver Crows - Mastered
Buzzsaw - Mastered
Full Impact - Mastered
Spread Counter - Mastered
Sly Silver - Mastered
Sinister Steel - Mastered
Silver Stream - Mastered
Dragon Assault - Mastered
Tiger Hook - Mastered
Step-In Flash - Mastered
Shoryuken - Mastered
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - Mastered
Roaring Combination - Mastered
Grapple - Mastered
C-Rank ctd.
Hidden Smoke Bomb - Mastered
Puppet Clone - Mastered
Puppet Switch - Mastered
Channel Puppet - Mastered
Needle Shower - Mastered
Gas Warfare - Mastered
Magnet Missile - Mastered
Dynamic Art - Mastered
Chakra Extension - Mastered
Shadow Dance - Mastered
Gather - Mastered
Barrage - Mastered
Expel - Mastered
Feint - Mastered
Chakra Absorption - Mastered

Magnum Break - Mastered
Focal Blade - Mastered
Steel Weaving - Mastered
Flight Aerial Strike - Mastered
Kill Driver - Mastered
Executioner - Mastered
Lotus Flower - Mastered
Rebound Blitz - Mastered
Precise Interruption - Mastered
Rigor Mortis - Mastered
Eclipse Fury - Mastered
Nostalgia Strike - Mastered
Joint Lock - Mastered
Hex Breaker - Mastered
Flurry Shot - Mastered
Blunt Shot - Mastered
Pierce Shot - Mastered
Pin Shot - Mastered
Grapple Shot - Mastered
Burst Shot - Mastered
Homing Shot - Mastered
Pressure Thruster - Mastered
Fake Out - Mastered
Enraging Strike - Mastered
Fillet-O-Flesh - Mastered
Million Stab - Mastered
Blood Letter - Mastered
Finisher - Mastered
Crush Bit - Mastered
Body Flicker Shuriken - Mastered
Gravedigger's Hole - Mastered
Zero Point Assault - Mastered
Pinpoint - Mastered
Steel Dragon - Mastered
Silver Cloud - Mastered
Suplex - Mastered
Primary Lotus - Mastered
Shadow Step Strike - Mastered
Seismic Toss - Mastered
Submission - Mastered
Spear Hand - Mastered
Multi-Hit Combo - Mastered
Terra Shift - Mastered
Paradise Invite - Mastered
Audio Medic - Mastered
Volatile Shield - Mastered
Shortcircuit - Mastered
Vapor Cannon - Mastered
Atomic Core - Mastered
Unbound - Mastered
Endure - Mastered
Counterstrike - Mastered
Cover - Mastered
Anabolic Frenzy - Mastered
Concealed Steps - Mastered
Focused Assault - Mastered

Zantetsuken - Mastered
Higuma - Mastered
Annihilation - Mastered
Heavenly Sword - Mastered
Fatal Draw - Mastered
Tombstone Driver - Mastered
Memento Mori - Mastered
White Lotus Strike - Mastered
Rejected Assault - Mastered
Pillar of the Four Dragons - Mastered
Destruction Power Shot - Mastered
Combustive Shot - Mastered
Glacial Shot - Mastered
Voltaic Shot - Mastered
Terra Firma Shot - Mastered
Ultimate Counter Measure - Mastered
Piercing Pinholder - Mastered
Hyper Thrust - Mastered
Trashin' - Mastered
Giga Star Breaker - Mastered
Heavenly Rain Drive - Mastered
Twin Rising Dragon - Mastered
Earthly Impalement - Mastered
Spiraling Silver - Mastered
Meteor Breaker - Mastered
Falcon Punch - Mastered
Eagle Drop - Mastered
Dance of the Waxing Moon - Mastered
Fist of Virtue - Mastered
Fist of Sin - Mastered
Nihil Shield - Mastered
Puppet Fusion - Mastered
Kaizo Trap - Mastered
Iron Maiden - Mastered
Flamethrower Stream - Mastered
Insatiable Hunger - Mastered
Devastating Aura - Mastered
Awakening - Mastered
Unleash - Mastered
Limit Break - Mastered

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Shiruko Makoto

Head Lorekeeper
Staff member
Oct 7, 2012
OOC Rank
custom summon

Bright Shapeshifting
HP: (35 + Your CL) x Your CC
CP: (30 + Your CL) x Your CC
Class Bonus: +2 Genjutsu DC
High: Genjutsu DC
Average: Ranged Accuracy, Evasion, Genjutsu Save, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Low: Melee Accuracy

Action Points: 5
Hit Points: 30000
Chakra Points: 27000

Dazzling Feather Rain
Hitomi is capable of weaponizing her feathers, turning them into projectiles and shooting them from her wings to bombard a target. While each one individually might not hurt, a lot of them at once certainly do--not to mention they move very fast and are blindingly bright. Fortunately, she can regrow feathers easily.
Type: Thrown
Accuracy: +2
Damage: -10%
Attribute: Ability to use handseals
Augments: Re-energize, Daze, Mirage

00. Bird Contract Passive - Avian Grace
00. Bird Contract Special Move - Keen Sight
01. Hyperactive
02. Healing Factor
03. Shattered Reality

Chosen Jutsu Subtypes
Medical Ninjutsu, Visual Genjutsu, Will Genjutsu


01. Lethargy
02. Intimidation
03. False Surroundings
04. Mimic


01. Mystical Hand
02. Coagulation
03. Rorshach Eye
04. Leaking Mind

01. Skeletal Fortification
02. System Restoration
03. Paranoia
04. Verse of Darkness


01. Medical Ward
02. Mystical Force
03. Slowed Perception
04. Advanced Clone


00. Bird Contract Senjutsu - Nevermore (Audial Genjutsu)
01. Angelic Blessing
02. Regeneration
03. The Reaper's Gaze
04. Body Double
05. Torment of the Physical Plane
06. Chaos of the Mental Plane

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Shiruko Makoto

Head Lorekeeper
Staff member
Oct 7, 2012
OOC Rank
training log

Current Points: 1138
Nov 30/14: +6
Dec 14/14: +5
Dec 28/14: +18
Jan 18/15: +11
Jan 25/15: +8
Feb 08/15: +4
Feb 14/15: +5
Feb 22/15: +35
Feb 25/15: +5
Mar 08/15: +5
Mar 13/15: +7
Mar 22/15: +3
Mar 26/15: +3
Apr 05/15: +3
Apr 09/15: +18
Apr 15/15: +11, -75 for Ability Card
Apr 26/15: +5
May 03/15: +90
May 05/15: +5
May 24/15: +11
May 27/15: +6
Jun 14/15: +3
Aug 30/15: +11
Sep 06/15: +8
Sep 13/15: -10
Oct 04/15: -113
Oct 25/15: +15
Nov 08/15: +35
Dec 21/15: +70
Dec 27/15: +70
Apr 17/16: -5
May 01/16: -13
May 08/16: +5
May 15/16: +20
May 22/16: +20
May 29/16: +35
Jul 10/16: +16
Jul 17/16: -5
Jul 24/16: +5
Jul 29/16: +5
Aug 21/16: +17
Aug 26/16: +5
Sep 01/16: +5
Sep 09/16: +5
Sep 25/16: +15
Oct 23/16: -100 for extra AE slot
Nov 13/16: +11
Nov 15/16: +11
Nov 27/16: +5
Dec 04/16: +5
Dec 11/16: +71
Dec 25/16: +11
Jan 01/17: +11
Jan 08/17: +35
Jan 15/17: +35
Jan 22/17: +35
Jan 29/17: +35
Feb 05/17: +35
Feb 11/17: -100 for extra AE slot
Feb 12/17: -143 for jutsu mastery + yen packs
Feb 17/17: +35
Feb 25/17: +35
Mar 05/17: +35
Mar 11/17: +35
Mar 18/17: -65 for extra AE slot
Mar 24/17: -143 for jutsu mastery + yen packs
Mar 27/17: +35
Apr 07/17: +35
Apr 14/17: +35
Apr 23/17: +27
Apr 30/17: -165 for class point card and extra AE slot
May 07/17: -143 for jutsu mastery and yen packs
May 14/17: +5
May 21/17: +11
Jun 04/17: -95 for jutsu mastery and extra AE slot
Jun 11/17: -143 for jutsu mastery + yen packs
Jun 18/17: +35
Jun 24/17: +35
Jul 09/17: +35
Jul 17/17: -100 for extra AE slot
Jul 23/17: -113 for jutsu mastery
Jul 30/17: -65 for extra AE slot
Aug 06/17: -113 for jutsu mastery
Aug 13/17: -65 for extra AE slot
Aug 20/17: -113 for jutsu mastery
Aug 27/17: +5
Sep 03/17: +5
Sep 10/17: +10
Sep 17/17: +5
Sep 24/17: +5
Oct 15/17: +5
Oct 22/17: +5
Oct 29/17: +5
Nov 05/17 (1): -100 for AE slot
Nov 05/17 (2): +437
Nov 08/17: -100 for AE slot
Nov 12/17: -86 for jutsu masteries and ASP purchases
Nov 19/17: -153 for jutsu masteries
Nov 20/17: -100 for AE slot
Nov 26/17: -43 for jutsu masteries
Dec 03/17: +205
Dec 10/17: +140
Dec 17/17: +290
Dec 24/17: +105
Dec 31/17: +105
Jan 07/18: +240
Jan 14/18: +140
Jan 21/18: +105
Jan 28/18: +105
Feb 11/18: +240
Feb 18/18: +140
Feb 25/18: -895 for AE slots
Mar 04/18: -1280 for jutsu masteries
Mar 25/18 +105
Apr 15/18: +200
Apr 22/18: +105
Apr 29/18: +105
May 15/18: +240
May 26/18: -795 for ASP Cards
Jun 30/18: +195
Aug 12/18: +195
Sept 16/18: +175
Oct 07/18: +240
Nov 25/18: +130
Dec 30/18: +145

Nov 30/14: Charge, Grip, Fleeted, Block, Shadow Play, Eagle Vision, Muscle Control, Brandish, Basic Safeguard Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 06/14: Earth Flow River, Sinkhole Fist, Mud Clone, Mask Summon, Critical Exposure, Combination Transformation, Crystal Eye, Spirit Lantern, Mystical Hand, Coagulation, Snapshot, Chakra Sense, Active Camo Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 14/14: Mental Infiltration, Jutsu Sealing, System Shock Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 28/14: Transformation, Body Switch, Stunt Double, Skeletal Fortification, Anesthetic Infusion, System Restoration Rank 1-Mastered, Holiday Bonus ASP Shop Free Purchase: Discovery of Contract of Your Choice.
Jan 18/15: Energy Transfer, Advanced Combination Transformation Rank 1-Mastered
Jan 25/15: Incapacitate, Nature's Guard Rank 1-Mastered
Feb 08/15: Intangible Passage, Shadow Servant, Searchlight, Physical Imprisonment Seal, Body Bind Rank 1-Mastered
Feb 14/15: Flock of Shadows, Black Blockade Rank 1-Mastered
Feb 25/15: Hot Weapon, Stun, 1000 Years of Pain Kai, Deception, Favoritism Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 08/15: Wasteful, Mimic, False Surroundings, Eye Strain, Lethargy Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 13/15: Tourniquet, Intimidation, Drunken Stupor, Influenza Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 22/15: Tickling, Facepalm, Trembling Music, Pained Expressions Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 26/15: Appreciation of Music, Gong, Basic Clone, Blur Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 05/15: Rorschach Eye, Double Vision, Amnesia, False Success Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 09/15: Leaking Mind, Sear of the Mind, Mist of Deceit, Crippled, Masochism, Silly Fingers, Crossed Wires, Petrification, Lingering Spark, Crush Depth Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 15/15: Puppet Betrayal, Pox Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 26/15: Curse of the Leper, Hemorrhagic Fever Rank 1-Mastered
May 03/15: Delayed Agony, Parasitic Infestation Rank 1-Mastered
May 05/15: Tree Binding, Shared Torment Rank 1-Mastered
May 24/15: Mystical Force, Medical Assistant Rank 1-Mastered
May 27/15: Tranquilize, Medical Ward, Resuscitate, Angelic Blessing, Regeneration Rank 1-Mastered
June 07/15: Pristine Aura, Light Flare, Flashbang Rank 1-Mastered
June 14/15: Luminous Shine, Invisible Shell, Clandestine Concealment Rank 1-Mastered
Aug 30/15: Starstrike, Mirage Manipulation Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 06/15: Radiant Shatter, Illumination Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 13/15: Rainbow Flash, Corona, Meteor Storm Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 04/15: Atomic Shockwave, Sub-Atomic Scorch, Radioactive Decay, Radioactive Glow, Acute Irradiation, Nuclear Discharge, Radiation Poisoning, Atomic Deterioration, Radiation Therapy, Gamma Ray, Inborn Mutagen, X-ray Scan Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 25/15: Sometimes Shouting Works, Deaf Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 17/16: Landmine, Bang Bullet, Explosive Touch, Blast Wave Rank 1-Mastered
May 01/16: Atomic Blast, Volatile Fireworks, Starlight Nova, Minefield Rank 1-Mastered
May 08/16: Meteor Aura, Big Bang Flash Rank 1-Mastered
May 15/16: Flare Execution Rank 1-Mastered
May 22/16: Blast Infusion Rank 1-Mastered
Jul 10/16: Run it Back, Groans, Piercing Cry, Centralized, Death Chime Rank 1-Mastered
Jul 17/16: Vine Tangle, Armor of Thorns, Ingrain, Wood Hammer Rank 1-Mastered
Jul 24/16: Piercing Timber, Pit of Crimson Tears Rank 1-Mastered
Jul 29/16: Evergreen Thicket, Glow Moss Rank 1-Mastered
Aug 21/16: Frenzy Plant Rank 1-Mastered
Aug 26/16: Sleeping Forest Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 01/16: Wrath of Nature Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 09/16: Grand Gaia Impalement Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 25/16: Distortion, Ocular Trauma Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 02/16: Black Flash, After-Image Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 09/16: Verse of Darkness, Black Out Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 16/16: Insomnia, Paranoia Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 23/16: Charismatic Breakdown, Untruth Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 30/16: Ice Shards, Frigid Ice Blast Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 03/16: Hypothermic Touch, Arctic Aether Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 13/16: Ice Transmutation, Snowflake Shuriken Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 15/16: Crystallize, Ice Prison Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 27/16: Hailstorm, Koorikan Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 04/16: Falling Snow, Subzero Purge Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 11/16: Prolong, Leak Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 18/16: Wither, Bass Drop, Advanced Clone, Perception Filter, Depth Barrier, Night Mare, Solar Flare, Mime Box, Havoc of the Doomed Mind, Slowed Perception Rank 1-Mastered
Dec 25/16: Oblivious Rapture, Betrayal Rank 1-Mastered
Jan 01/17: Taunt, Thought Down Rank 1-Mastered
Feb 12/17: Hidden Mist, Blinding Fog, Bloody Mist, Mist Ball, White Mist, Burning Mist, Rolling Fog, Vapor Punch, Suffocating Fog, Ether Strike, Black Mist, Steam Snare Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 24/17: Topaz Tempest, Fluorite Spikes, Emerald Emitter, Ruby Rain, Goldstone Clutch, Moonstone Shower, Sapphire Storm, Amethyst Casing, Diamond Cutter, Obsidian Dragon, Amber Beacon, Crystalline Passage Rank 1-Mastered
Apr 23/17: Contract Summoning Rank 1-Mastered
May 07/17: Ionic Laser, Deadly Burn, Plasma Lamp, Ionic Borealis, Hyper Beam, Solar Winds, Plasma Blade, Plasma Scar, Nebula Shine, Supernova, Plasma Generation, Atmospheric Pressure Rank 1-Mastered
May 14/17: Demon Cloak Alpha, Demonic Burst, Demonic Howl Rank 1-Mastered
May 21/17: Destructive Shield, Demon Cloak Omega Rank 1-Mastered
Jun 04/17: Demon's Edict, Menacing Blast Rank 1-Mastered
Jun 11/17: Mirror Clone, Reflective Surface, Shattering Shards, Breaking Glass, Synchronized Reflection, Speculum Sphere, Reflective Rain, Mirrored Edge, Fun House, Spitting Image, Reflective Storm, Mirror Coat Rank 1-Mastered
Jul 23/17: Magma Strike, Molten Cloak, Lava Torrent, Molten Mantle, Lava Storm, Magma Cannon, Ashfall Tendrils, Volcanic Sinkhole,
Gaia's Wrath, Final Confrontation, Blazing Golem, Vulcan Eruption Rank 1-Mastered
Aug 06/17: Steel Slam, Quality Break, Mercury Poisoning, Steel Clone, Alloy Spiral, Reinforced Wall, Iron Breakout, Density Crush,
Silver Flash, Senbon Coating, Burdening Touch, Superalloy Tempest
Aug 20/17: Polarity Burst, Ionic Infusion, Magnetic Control, Magnetize, Polarity Shift, Static Infusion, Electromagnetic Vision, Magnetic Flux, Gigavolt Railgun, Magnetoblast, Biomagnetic Alteration, Polarity Storm Rank 1-Mastered
Aug 27/17: Devil's Whisper, Death's Anthem Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 03/17: Blank Slate, Radial Shock Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 10/17: Chakra Ravage, Auto-Tune, The Reaper's Gaze, Ocular Assault Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 17/17: Body Double, Night Rank 1-Mastered
Sep 24/17: Deja Vu, Invisibility Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 15/17: Torment of the Physical Plane, Corruption of the Earthly Plane Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 22/17: Chaos of the Mental Plane, Mind's Eye Chaos Rank 1-Mastered
Oct 29/17: Temple of Nirvana, Repetition Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 05/17: Force Blast, Psionic Assault, Kinetic Infusion, Force Guard, Psi-shock, Force Break, Mind Lock, Reflection, Kinetic Blast, Psionic Rend, Concussion Pulse, Redirection Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 12/17: Squall, Shielding Tempest, Laser Prison, Fissure Slash, Daunt, Elemental Shockwave, Barrage of Storms, Voltaic Flash, Storm Release: Black Panther, Storm Mail, Life Corrosion, Laser Chaos, Infinity Rain, Storm Guider, Gates of Babylon Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 19/17: Castling, Chakra Emissions, Guided Strike, Swift Spin, Searchlight, Puppet Transformation, Surprise Shift, Dagger Assault, Projectile Launcher, Hidden Smoke Bomb, Puppet Clone, Puppet Switch, Channel Puppet, Needle Shower, Gas Warfare, Magnet Missile, Terra Shift, Paradise Invite, Audio Medic, Volatile Shield, Shortcircuit, Vapor Cannon, Atomic Core, Nihil Shield, Puppet Fusion, Kaizo Trap, Iron Maiden, Flamethrower Stream Rank 1-Mastered
Nov 26/17: Gravity Distortion, Anti-Gravity, Orbital Strike, Gravitational Pull, Graviton, Clutch of the Giant, Forced Polarity, Inertial Control, Shinra Tensei, Chibaku Tensei, Newton's Apple, Centrifugal Force Rank 1-Mastered
Mar 04/18: Folded Shuriken, Paper Clone, Burst of Confetti, Origami Shower, Ink Prison, Splatter, Ink Jet, Blank Canvas, Scorched Land, Dehydration, Rushing Burst, Unstable Release, Acid Rain, Weapon Corrosion, Lactic Buildup, Citric Burn, Black Eruption, Midnight Strike, Specter Shade, Dark Displacement, Harmonic Vibrations, Hyper Clap, Sonic Destablilizer, Sonic Pulse, Sand Stars, Sandstorm Veil, Cluster Attack, Desert Deflection, Dust Cloud, Molecular Collision, Particle Accelerator, Dust Clone, Blood Blade, Crimson Whip, Red Tide, Blood Clone, Poison Extraction, Toxic Channeling, Immunity Break, Venom Needle, Cocoon Sheets, Paper Blade, Streaming Cloak, Loose-Leaf Wall, Dynamic Art, Ink Clone, Black Tsunami, Ink Blot, Scorching Devastation, Arid Land, Convection Spheres, Heatblast, Acid Clone, Acidic Sweat, Fangs of the Komodo, Dust of Lye, Underworld Prison, Shadow Punishment, Black Moon Fang, Ebony Nightmare, Sound Bullet, Distorted Aura, Harmonization, Echo Strike, Sand Missiles, Sand Clone, Sand Shower, Sand Coffin, Particle Charge, Dust Assimilation, Particle Storm, Molecule Breaker, Sanguine Shield, Kiss of the Vampire, Red Rain, Curse of Anemia, Toxic Curse, Stun Vapor, Venom Strike, Poison Mist, Shredding Torrent, Shredding Tsunami, Torn Downpour, Maelstrom Document, Mastered Artistry, Colorful Canvas, Wrath of the Artist, Everlasting Stain, Vaporization, Updraft, Searing Whirlwind, Amplifier, Negative pH, Royal Water, Heartburn Disorder, Lure of the Flytrap, Shadow Summoning, Shadow Garb, Darkness Falls, Absolute Void, Concussion Wave, Hypersonic Reverberation, Resonating Howl, Final Chime, Desert Tendril Unleash, Terror of the Dunes, Sand Tsunami, Desertification, Detachment of the Primitive World, Disruption Field, Particle Destabilization, Crop Dusting, Crimson Stars, Drain Claw, Red Haze, Blood Thrall, Toxic Conversion, Black Fog, Touch of the Accursed, Corrupted Mist Rank 1-Mastered

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First: Bird - success!
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Critical Exposure
Chakra Shield
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Stardust Nova
Flock of Shadows
Leech Seal
Rainbow Flash
Gigavolt Cannon
Phoenix's Embrace
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