Smoke Bomb

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Jan 15, 2013
Smoke Bomb
A classic addition to any shinobi's arsenal, this item is easily portable for convenient use. When thrown, these capsules release a thick veil of dark smoke that masks all those within from the outside. Preventing vision, this item is an excellent tool for subterfuge.

Type: Consumable, Tool
Uses: 2
- Effects up to three targets in battle. Lasts a full round.
- Those affected by this item cannot be targeted specifically by any combatant (unless targeting themselves or they are the only target under the effects of the item). Any attack which targets a combatant under the effects of a Smoke Bomb will have it's target randomly determined among all participants affected by the Smoke Bomb even if the attacker is not affected by the Smoke Bomb. This item will never force someone to attack themselves or their own Clones/Creations.
  • Attacking someone affected by Smoke Bomb will randomize the attack among all those currently affected by Smoke Bomb.
  • Someone affected by Smoke Bomb attempting to attack anyone will have their action randomized among all those affected by Smoke Bomb.