Split Personalities

Ninpocho Admin

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Jan 15, 2013
Split Personalities

Due to the number of people who seem to use a split personality as an excuse to randomly attack other players, we have decided to make split personalities require registration and approval via their village council. For the purposes of this, demonic possession, including Jinchuuriki, and anything that involves more than one consciousness or mindset in a single body counts as a split personality.

The registration requires links to topics where the split personality has shown itself to act before, as well as a rough overview of the personality. Council is required to review these topics and the overview to check if they are consistent, and reserve the right to deny personalities that look as if they are only made as an excuse to kill (and only those.)

Note that this only applies to actual split personalities, and not the Split Personality ability (unless the person with the ability actually plays the sides as different personalities.) Only PCs have to register for approval; NPCs do not have to be registered under this clause.