Suna's Debut [Entering Country]

Nakata Dai

Oct 24, 2012
A tourist trap essentially, but that is because the location should be one of the seven wonders of the world. The nearly year-round temperate climate allows for the growth of vibrant and colorful plants and flowers, exotic animals and of course exotic women. Hotels, beachfront property and public beaches abound here. Crime is minimal here, the occasional pick-pocket and of course rouge mercenary attempting to make a quick buck but the private Sora militia appears to be more than capable of handling anything that comes their way.

Black was not the color which blended in the best with the landscape which awaited the traveling Uchiha. Anatsu was dressed in black from his toes up to his nose, with a beige Kasa hat covering his eyes as he made way towards the gates of Sunagakure. Up until this point, the rogue ninja from Konohagakure had successfully penetrated the Leaf village and departed from it unnoticed. He had no intentions of satisfying anyone's bingo book anytime soon.

[S-Rank: 30 minutes]
[Heading Towards Sunagakure gates]
[Topic Left if successful]