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Jan 15, 2013
Technology is a tricky topic. A good rule of thumb has always been that if something was not seen in the Naruto Anime or in the Manga, then it does not exist on Ninpocho Chronicles.

However, as the series progressed, there are times where what is shown and later revealed does not necessarily align with the intended setting of Ninpocho. Thus, the list here are some hard rules on certain concepts;

The following are not allowed for player use;
  • No Dragons
  • No Advanced Technology (Rockets, planes, modern computers, etc.)
  • Space Travel
The following are not 'taboo', but are restricted to certain circumstances;
  • Some Guns, (see list below)
  • Flight (see below)
  • Time powers, such as time travel (see below)
  • Dimensional powers, such as teleporting or dimension crossing. (see below)

Currently, Ninpocho Chronicles defines it's technology as 80's Tech. This means, anything that was commercially available to the average consumer in the 80's is available to all players. If it could be bought off the shelf, then you can own it. Items that States and Nations can only purchase would be not obtainable. Usually, if you Wikipedia an item you have a question about, you will get info on when it was generally invented and when it was first sold. As long as it was sold to the public by 1989 or before, it is allowed. A good example would be the Internet. While it was invented in the 60's, it wasn't until the mid 90's that it was commercially available. Here are some general guidelines of what is allowed.
  • Basic Electricity. (Basic Circuits and motherboard tech)
  • Steam Technology (No Cars/Planes still)
  • Basic Road systems (Roman times bricked roads in rural areas, paved in Cities)
  • Basic Radio Tech (Only within a given country)
  • Technology before the first guns were made. (As in High powered crossbows)
  • Medical knowledge up until the first successful open heart surgeries. (Specifically, modern beating heart surgery.)
  • The centrifuge technology
  • Compasses are available.
  • Smelting is available.
  • Blacksmithing is allowed.
  • Herbalism is In as advanced a form to cure some forms of mild cancers (alternative to gamma radiation *note* We have radiation jutsu)
  • Chakra is the only way to successfully pull off a highly advanced forms of Medical Procedures (Brain surgeries for Kinjutsu, Prosthetic, etc)
The only exception here are Computers. Basic Computers and other limited electronics like TV's, Video Recorder, and Video Games are all in their basic form (Commador VIC-20, VHS Shoulder-held recorder, and Pong).
*None of these items can be enhanced by Chakra to do advanced functions that would surpass the tech standard defined above.

Approved Guns List
Guns exist in the world of Ninpocho. This means that you can use a gun as a weapon BUT the gun will not be statistically different in any way to a bow or other ranged weapon.

What you can use:
  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Carbines
What you can not use:
  • 'Modernized' guns, such as automatic machine guns or semi-automatic rifles
  • 'Futuristic' types of guns, such as laser guns.
If you wish to use a gun not listed here, ask an admin BEFORE attempting to do so.

Flight is defined on NC as the capability of remaining suspended in their air indefinitely, be it through wings, some type of levitation, or other method to surpass the pull of gravity. At no time will a player be considered untouchable/unreachable in flight because they flew "really high."

The following list are the cases when players are capable of flight without using a CRPJ;
  • Capped Santaru (think "Storm" from X-men)
  • Wind Valkyrie (via their power of wind and air)
  • Sunaku (via riding on Sand)
  • Toujigikou (via riding a clay creation capable of flight).
  • Bird, Bat, and Insect Sage/Archsages.
  • Any Contract summon capable of flight may be carry a single player out of battle, but not during (unless they have a skill specifically allowing them to do so, such as the Bird Contract with the 'Mount' ability).
  • The only vehicle capable of flight at this time is a hot air balloon.
Anything else unlisted, such as other creation jutsu, are considered to not be strong enough to allow flight. CRPJ may allow Flight with some restrictions.
  • The player but be at minimum A rank.
  • The player must have mastered 2 Advanced Elements.
The player will put in a standard CRPJ application for their flight mechanic, explaining how the elemental masteries they have enables it.

We are not allowing 'flying cities', houses, castles and locations otherwise only accessible through flight; there will be no jutsus strong enough to allow this, and no player may 'trap' or 'limit' players from entering certain portions of the community because 'a jutsu that requires flight is necessary'. If it is possible to fly there, it must also be possible to reach the area by jumping or climbing aided by chakra.

Time Powers
Time alteration is possible in our setting but, only possible through the use of shop (-not- CRPJ) jutsus, abilities, interactions with certain BLs/CAs or Contracts, that are stated to be able to do so (such as Temporal Strider). Custom Crpj allowing time-powers are not allowed.
  • Time Travel, regardless of the source, is also limited to a few seconds. At no point would someone be able to repetitively go backwards in time spamming their abilities/jutsus to move backwards in time significantly enough to change the outcome of a thread, change something as important as the course of a meeting, the birth of a player, etc.
  • If you are in a situation where another player as well as every player in the thread in question explicitly consents (badgering them to do so or threatening them to do this will result in being punished for harassment) you can change/retcon 1-2 posts worth of activity between yourself and this other player by 'going back in time.' Abuse of this privilege will mean that you will lose the ability to do this but it is entirely possible that the rest of the site will continue to enjoy the ability to do this.
  • This cannot be done to undo a call for a BMod, that becomes a "fixed point in time" and a modded situation.
  • This cannot be done to undo a Run attempt, that becomes a "fixed point in time" and a modded situation.

Dimensional Powers
Dimensional Travel is possible in our setting but like Time Travel is again only possible through the use of shop (not CRPJ) jutsus (such as the EMS Kinjutsu), abilities, interactions with certain BLs/CAs (such as Seikon) or Contracts that are stated to be able to do so.
  • At no point can this be used to pull over an alternate version of a character from another dimension (be it because you are dead, want a good/bad version of yourself, etc.)
  • This cannot be used to pull over old characters or setting information from the old site. That dimension is locked.
  • This cannot be used as an excuse to plagiarize another's work. (No, you cannot be Cersei or use her in a roleplay)
  • Parallel Universe/Alternate Timelines/etc may not be used or accessed by players, and may only be used by mod-team events.
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Jan 15, 2013
The Greatest Taboo of all.


We are here to roleplay and write with each other, not against one another. Do not try to one-up or decide how other players should interact with or respond to your actions. You can have a shiny gun, but cannot outright state you hit someone's character. It does not matter if you are throwing fireballs at them, collapsing time/space around them, or kicking gravel at them; they are able to decide how it affects them, and how they attempt to interact with you.

Just ask! You'd be surprised what some players are fine with. This list is not intended to be the be-all-end-all.
  1. Shared Threads.
    • A player is always known by the other players when they are in a thread. It does not matter if they are a mile away, if you can interact with and see them, they are allowed to do the same to you. No exceptions, unless a moderated situation!
  2. Forcing Things on Other Players.
    • This goes into maiming. A player cannot force maiming onto another user. That is often "an in character thing someone's character would totally do" only to victimize other users. Thankfully we have excellent medics in our setting. The loss of an eye, an ugly or inappropriate scar or even the loss of a limb can be repaired.
    • Posing as another user only goes so far. Transformation outside of battle gives players the right (regardless of the gap in stats) to feel that something is off and to deny the attempt.
    • Making a player into a puppet, a path, an earthborn, etc. requires the permission of the user. Permission that can be revoked. If a player revokes or denies another player permission, the "soul is not willing" and the body would be useless and dead.
    • This extends to bringing players back to life with a resuscitation. The intention of this is to bring back allies that want to continue to play their character but were not given the option. A player can opt. out of being brought back from the dead.
  3. Trapping Players in a Thread.
    • When a player is defeated in a thread in a moderated battle this is when a player can force kill, give a victim's choice, spare them or bring them to a fresh new thread (once and only once).
    • It is considered griefing to force a player to partake in a rape or a torture scene. You MUST obtain consent. If you bullied the user into consenting, you will be unapologetically banned from our setting.
    • Isolating a user to a single thread. telling them that you will 'kill' them if they are not in certain threads will be investigated for griefing. If you intend to kill a player, get it over with and do not drag it out. You are victimizing them and would be considered griefing.
    • At no point outside of a moderated situation can you kill someone without their consent. You only get the kill option when you have rendered your opponent unconscious in a moderated battle or caused their HP to reach -100%. There is no exceptions to this rule. You are victimizing them and would be considered griefing.
    • No player has the ability to block a player from creating new threads.
      • Please note, this is an OOC rule. If for example, a character has ICly been exiled from a village, and return, they should fully expect some form of IC consequence. It is when this turns into OOC harassment that it becomes griefing.
      • An exception to this would be if a player if imprisoned, which will have its own rules released at a later date.
Any abuse of these, or circumventing them, will not be tolerated.