That could have gone better [Private/Maki]


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Oct 22, 2012
Kill Switch
It came as a bit of surprise to Hoshirei when she received word that Maki had left the compound with what was described as a determined confidence. She however was not surprised at Maki's apparent destination, the Hokage mansion. She quickly finished what she was working on and made her own way toward the mansion, but stayed out of the way, waiting for Maki to appear from his chat with Takeshi. The receptionist also informed her that Asuka had made her way into the room and she had heard a raised voice for a few moments. Hoshirei cringed at this news and stood in such a way that whomever came out of the Hokage's office would see her first.

Hoshirei turned back to the receptionist and thanked them softly before returning to her vigil. Once Maki came out, she would let him know she was there and reach out to touch his face, if he allowed it.