The ANBU Sennin, or Lack Thereof [Announcement]

Kogami Ayumu

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Oct 22, 2012
Months had passed since the latest in the line of ANBU Sennin had been chosen. Santaru Yoshi had been chosen because of his ties to the Santaru clan. He had never been an ANBU, never had the training. He wasn't one of them. For this reason, his choosing had been met with some discontent from many of the ANBU branch. Ayumu himself had not been thrilled with the idea, but he had been willing to give it a chance at the Council's insistence. The trial period had come and gone and for reasons that would be left unspecified, the arrangement did not work out. Whether it was because he did not take to the training he received, because he had been too busy with clan leadership, or that he had simply become disillusioned with the position, few could say and it would not be announced publicly.

Before Yoshi, an even more controversial decision had been made for the leader of the ANBU. An outsider who bested the previous ANBU Sennin and killed some of Kumo's own shinobi in the process. Akira Saito had seen Kouin's strength, as could most. He had also believed in Kouin's desire to make amends, which made him one of a very exclusive group who had such faith. When Saito had stepped down, the Council was quick to seek a replacement for Kouin. Ayumu was on board with such a decision, but the options of a replacement were slim at best. Yoshi's selection had come out of a sense that the position of ANBU Sennin had to be filled no matter what. His short time in the position proved the false merit of that idea.

The time for a decision had come before the Council again. Yoshi was no longer an option and Kouin had spent more time in his position as Sennin outside of the village than in it-- neither of them were fitting. There were some options for a replacement from within the branch, but none that the Council could place their full confidence in. So, they would not choose now. They would not rush to a decision once more. The branch would wait until a suitable replacement was found. There would be no ANBU Sennin until there was one worthy of the position. In the meantime, the ANBU would report directly to the Raikage. Ayumu had been the ANBU Sennin for a time and had all of the prerequisite skills and experience to lead them. He would be stretched thin, but he would seek out those within the branch that he could rely on. In doing so, he might just find their next leader.

A tone would play over the intercoms throughout the Sileo Tempestas to indicate an impending announcement. This system was rarely used and only to deliver important information, so the ANBU would listen well. Through the speakers, a voice would come familiar to some of them. From the office of the ANBU Sennin which he once resided in, Ayumu spoke through a microphone, addressing the ANBU in their home.
PA System said:
"This is Kogami Ayumu, your Raikage, speaking. Effective immediately, Santaru Yoshi and Kaze Kouin will no longer be Sennin of this branch. Until a suitable replacement can be found from within, ANBU will report directly to the Raikage-- to me. In our haste to fill the position of ANBU Sennin, our previous selections have been less than ideal as many of you would agree, I'm sure. To avoid making that mistake once more, the position will not be filled until one who is worthy is found, however long that takes. I understand that you may have some questions or concerns. If you have these, or for any administrative needs concerning ANBU, come by my office in the Torre Celeste. That is all."
Releasing the button on the microphone, Ayumu slumped back in the chair. He looked around the room, taking a deep breath. It had been a while since he'd sat in this chair. He didn't intend to stay for long. Someone else was destined for this office. He would find out who.


[OoC: As Ayumu says, at this point there is currently no ANBU Sennin. Yoshi and Kouin have been relieved of the position for various reasons- hopefully the banners will be updated accordingly soon to avoid confusion. Ayumu will be taking on the duties ICly until we can find an appropriate candidate for the position. I am also available for any meetings one might have had with the ANBU Sennin and can run missions/exams if necessary. As for the next Sennin, ANBU needs someone active, who will remain active, who does things (like run missions, hold classes) for ANBU, and someone who earns the position through IC merit as well. We will be looking for that person, so if you are interested, step up your game!]