The beginning of the new world [Private]

Kujo Kazuya

Jan 30, 2018
Kill Switch
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Kaito was wondering around the village as he notices something that opened his eyes for good or for worse, he didn’t knew that. But he notices a big difference, when he sees that shinobi’s were running around to and fro without even thinking but just following orders and there are commoners, whom don’t need to follow those orders but they just walk with their friends or neighbors gossiping around about everything like there past and what they want to do in upcoming days. As Kaito notices this difference, he mind went all back his dreams and goals started scattering two worlds of different kind collided with each other and merged together. Kaito was confused and then a question came to his mind “What do I have to do next?” he wasn’t able to answer that question of his own. As he thinks of an idea about how can he get that answers as he thinks of an idea about doing a disguise of a reporter and ask this questions to others. And get the opinions of shinobi’s and commoners on this questions.

As he starts walking in his disguise, he sees a shinobi walking, he make him stop and asks him about his views on his job, but that shinobi didn’t replied but said that he was busy with an order so he can’t answer. And then Kaito asks the same question to other shinobi’s but they replied the answer in same words as the first one replied. And then Kaito thoughts about changing the peoples he was asking questions. And then he ended up going to a old man was a former leaf jounin, as he asks him “Sir, Which world to do you prefer the most – shinobi world or a world of commoners?” as the old man coughs once and replies him that he would have prefer commoners world the most because they have a way living there life’s unlike shinobi’s who works on just one order, if that orders says go there, they starts moving there without even thinking a bit. Some of those shinobi’s dies on those dangerous missions assigned them to do. And then Kaito stops that old man from saying any more and says “Thank you old man for your explanation.” As Kaito turns back normal he whispers “because of you I have my answer now.” As Kaito asks for a paper and a pen from that old man and writes a letter to Leaf’s higher-ups saying,</I>
I am a leaf chunnin, and I am writing this letter in regards of my retirement from begin a shinobi. I would likely pleased to become a commoner in leaf village than a shinobi.
Tsuchimikado Kaito
Leaf Chunnin

And then Kaito makes a shadow clone of his own and gives him the letter together with his jacket he got when he became a chunnin and his head band to the shadow clone and sends him to higher ups of the leafs like Yuu Kenshin. And then Bows to that old man and says “thank you old man.” And then he starts heading back and starts finding a suitable new job for himself.

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