The melancholy of Shikino Akari (Private)

Uchiha Akari

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Oct 22, 2012
Kill Switch
The Guardian of Time, it was a title given to her after her ascension to a true Guardian within the ranks of Iwagakure and yet… despite the fact it suited her so well it was a title that didn’t exactly please the girl. There she stood, in her usual attire resembling a shrine maiden’s garb, overlooking the village on top of the Guardian’s Terrace. While Akari frequently visited the terrace to observe the village, finding a certain relaxation in looking down onto the village from above she had rarely seen it be so quiet, to the point no other Guardian aside from herself was present… of course she didn’t include ‘her’ presence.

The light footsteps of the taller silver-haired woman made Akari turn her back toward the landscape, her eyes shifting their gaze upwards to meet her approaching companion. It was Hitomi, a fellow Guardian just like her. Hitomi was only a few years older than herself but just like herself Hitomi shouldered a secret that was just as heavy as her own… And it was on days like this such a secret became a great burden to them, or at least to Akari. It was a time of celebration and festivities, and everyone spend their time with their beloved ones, but not Akari. She had decided to give her parents the opportunity to spend some time together without the fear of having to conceal their daughter’s secret, and while it was a noble decision of her she still felt a certain loneliness at having to spend the holidays in a way like this.

“What’s the matter Akari? You been staring outside the terrace with such melancholy today.”

The girl turned her gaze upwards toward Hitomi, a weak smile concealing the gloomy thoughts that drifted through her mind. Honestly it were days like this that troubled her the most, questions that made her doubt her decision. Was it truly the right thing to have done? Was her existence as a human puppet a blessing, or a curse to her beloved ones, and if the latter could her selfishness be forgiven, or would she have been better off death?

“It’s nothing Hitomi-nee…”

A depressed sigh escaped the girl’s lips as she turned back toward the window, thinking back about that time she had met Hakouro for the first time. Her decision to try to save the Inuzuka canine had caused great grief to the family that was part of his pack, and caused suffering onto the canine who was rejected and considered an abomination by his pack. Was her aid truly a blessing, or did she once more act out of selfishness…

“Hitomi-nee… Do you hate me because of the existence you’re forced to endure now?”

So that was what had been bothering the girl… She likely must had been shouldering the heavy weight of having a secret that was considering a taboo within their society. Only a select few knew about her secret, and Akari must had felt guilty about having turned her into a human puppet also.

“Akari, you’re forgetting something.”

Smiling warmly the tall woman moved in to embrace the girl, resting a hand on her head while she continued speaking.

“I asked you to make me into a puppet, so that I could stay at your side forever. To answer your question, no I don’t despise this existence. And would I do something like ‘this’ to someone I hate?”

Suddenly leaning down Hitomi gently pressed her lips onto those of Akari, the sudden kiss causing the small puppet girl her cheeks to flush up into a crimson red color as she quickly staggered backwards, waving a hand in a fit of panic.

“Y-You’re not supposed to be the one doing those advances Hitomi-nee!”

A soft giggle came from Hitomi in return to Akari’s embarrassed reaction while she lightly folded her arms beneath her chest, looking down at Hakouro who was sitting beside her.

“Why am I surrounded by perverts…”

Listening to the barks of the dog Akari snickered briefly while she enclosed the distance between herself and the two puppets.

“Still I don’t know Hitomi-nee… My actions caused so much suffering already, and even now I dread the day my beloved ones will become troubled because of me. Despite how I look the villagers would likely consider me less of a human girl and more of an abomination. Already I heard whispers of suspicion about how ‘The Guardian of Time is immortal’ simply because I haven’t aged since I became a puppet.”

Hitomi briefly went silent, seemingly considering how to answer the question before she turned her gaze toward the entrance of the terrace, raising her voice slightly while she spoke with a teasing flavor to her voice.

“Well Akari, why don’t you ask Sou-chan, ooy Souji~ Why don’t you come over here for a bit? Join this merry gang of perverts, I’m sure you’ll fit right in! Or are you waiting for a kiss for an invitation?”

Snickering softly Hitomi had heard Souji’s arrival a few moments ago, and now that Akari was alerted the girl turned toward the entrance, seemingly a little startled by the fact she had not noticed Souji’s presence. Was she so distracted by the depressed thoughts that she didn’t even notice Souji’s scent till now?

“Speak for yourself, I’m far from a pervert. I’m a gentleman among dogs. If there is one pervert over here it must be you miss sex doll.”

Hearing those words Akari’s cheeks turned an even brighter red, feeling really glad about the fact that Hitomi couldn’t understand the barks of the dog. Then again Hakouro was partly right, even compared to her Hitomi was… rather active in her teasing when she didn’t act formally. Sure during meetings she was well-behaving Guardian but in private… Let’s just say she and Akari had their fair share of adventures.

“Souji run my boy, before you’ll be infected by their perverted aura…”

Sadly Hakouro was already aware of the fact one couldn’t infect that what was already infected…