The Mission Board


Sand Event NPC
Mar 16, 2013

This zone is where we have our Missions and BINGO Book Entries. These are to give players greater depth to their environment, give them rank dependent villains to hunt in missions or to add some spice to their own RPs. If one of these BINGO BOOK entries is being used, has been used or you wish to use them in an RP someplace please contact the council. We are very flexible but we do want to know what has happened with them do we can add it to their BINGO Book to add even more depth to their character or to remove them if they have been killed or captured.

You can hunt many of these entries as a solo mission, a few of them are solo-modded group missions. Be sure to read the information to the right before picking up a BINGO entry. Solo Missions cease at A Rank, if you wish to hunt an S Rank BINGO entry you will need to join a modded group mission.

If you have any questions, please contact your friendly Sand Council.

How Does this Work?
Each entry will be a single post be it a mission or a BINGO Book Entry. Once a target has been captured or a Mission has been completed just post in the thread a link to the topic with a basic couple word statement regarding what happened to them. The topic will be moved to "Old Stuff" once they are captured or if they are still at large (or released) they will likely have some minor edits in their profile. There is no particular order for these missions, so feel free to skim the entire forum area until you find something that interests you.