The Preparation


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Oct 14, 2012
Yuuto sat alone in the library contemplating the way he wanted o go about things. It seemed like everything with Akkuma had been for naught as he simply lost out on his way. Instead of wasting his precious time on such a matter he knew better now. The higher ups in the village would deal with things in due time. However at the very least he could get back to what was important. Without all the bogging wants and needs of the Anbu division in his forefront, he'd get time to focus on what mattered most to him. The Masaru Clan's Freedom.

A number of books laid out on the table about demonology and different types of creatures out in the wild. In the end everyone had their own perception of a demon's power. However was it even right to call these Primordial Lords "demons". For all he knew they were ancient creatures but not necessarily demons. With this realization Yuuto would head back to the bookshelf searching for a book. It was then that something sparked in his head, like a white hot wire being burned into your flesh. His brain was in a tizzy with murmurs being tossed around. One message was clear, these voices wanted him to open up. So he did giving into the enormous pressure allowing his third eye to activate clearing his mind and focusing entirely on the murmurs. It was then that the dreary voice began to emanate. "So it seems you have grown Yuuto. In this short time you've mastered almost every technique in the repritoire. Did it become clear where the power came from? Has everything become like a crystal for you?" It almost sounded like it was sneering at him.

"Uzu... How wonderful that you've come to visit as I'm finally taking time to work on our bargain."

"Grand indeed boy. I have been keeping tabs on you. I do have vengeance that needs to be delivered you know. " A scowl spreads upon Yuuto's face. As if he really wants to be bound to an Ancient creature whose seeking revenge. It was not his idea of a fun time at all. Silently he awaited for the ancient one to speak more about his actual task. "Your first target is Chikako. She is a ruthless one but likes to play with her food far too much. She is large as a your Kage's tower and reigns domain over many minions like an enforcer. With her out of the way there will be chaos in the ranks as the creatures will attempt to bridge their own factions free of the Primordials. Especially when one of the ancient leaders is dead. Your power, the curse of necromancy is what can kill her. You must rip her soul from her and transport it into another body. She can be weakened by normal means but she will not die. It is imperative that you figure out how to take her soul. She has a knack for Nature esque magic and loves her poisons. Be wary for she try to ensnare you and if she does it's play time from there. You will find her domain easiest to get to via your heartlands. Take time as this will be no easy task." Uzu would end the link as the burning sensation had now faded. Least Yuuto knew what to expect it'd be up to him from here. Could he really do this alone?

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