The Reckoning


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Oct 14, 2012
As if Yuuto would wait on Uza's beckon or do his required tasks in order. The old ancient made two things very clear about Yuuto's new chakra reformation. His mind and his body was unlocked to that of the ethereal like chakra that coursed through his veins. He now held within his grasp the secrets of Necromancy. However the Primordial did promise Yuuto that he would teach him about Seals and the ultimate form of Necromancy something that he was somewhat wary to partake in. Even so this was all so that the Masaru Clan would be free from this accursed deal. There was also the matter of this third eyeball that rested upon his head but it was something he did not plan to question seeing as it was likely to do with the opening of his mind. Carefully Yuuto hid this third eye under his hair but it wasn't impossible for someone to see it truthfully it might be time for him to actually start wearing his headband on his forehead. For now however it was inconsequential.

The "necromancer" opened a scroll that was hidden in a more secure location. Seeing as he was a decently ranked Shinobi getting access to this would be no problem, and furthermore for the insurance of keeping his escapades hidden Yuuto had utilized his shadows to sneak into this section. It was an interesting skill that required nothing more than utilizing his shadow. By manipulating the enchanted shadows Yuuto was able to do multiple things as though they were natural. For one, he was able to use these portals like pocket dimensions storing small items inside of them, sometimes even dead bodies if need be. Other times he himself could travel through them although this was a fairly new development after travelling to the Primordial Realm himself. It took a great amount of focus to do this but in the end it was completely viable.

By compressing his own chakra and matching it with the energy signal the Primordial Realm gave off, he could traverse them quietly and travel among the darkness. Essentially the Primordial Realm was a world of shadows, a reflection to all but none specifically. So when he entered that place he was simply stepping into another realm one that his natural birthright had a connection to. However this did not make him impervious to being sensed. If someone was a good enough Chakra Sensor they could feel his presence but not entirely. However to those gifted with Doujutsu he would appear as a shadow among their world of light. Being in the Primordial Realm did not necessarily protect him either as he literally had to force his mind into a state of meditation, and even though he was dragging his body through the shadows he was not actively in control of it's functions. If someone pinpointed him or by some dumb luck shot off a strong enough attack in his direction he could have potentially been knocked out of the Primordial Realm. Last but not least Yuuto was not able to interact with anyone while in this state. He could observe but the ability to react was not there yet.

Yet he still had managed to get by safely from his enemies but there was still much work to be completed. While reading about the Curse Seals he found out a few things. One it took an enormous strain on the Chakra System of the one who placed the seal and the one receiving. This Cursed Jutsu, was among the lines of a forbidden one but seeing as Kumogakure embraced it's dark techniques there was much more information than the normal standard. The Curse Seals were basically enhancers to one's chakra system or physical body. They were among the S-Class of Fuinjutsu and caused a massive change within the target's mental and physical condition. Some reacted with pain, while others became insane. There were those who willingly controlled the seals and those that fused with them to new heights. Being that Yuuto's chakra system itself was now heightened and augmented he had figured that this technique wouldn't strain him much. If he could control his Radiation Element just think of all the other amazing things he could do if he truly tried.

His eyes darted across the scroll as he came to one seal in particular. It was dubbed the Lunar Seal a powerful creation that could enhance the user's Chakra overcharging it with energy that heightened their Ninjutsu to it's apex. If anything this was basically screaming his name as the young shinobi began to take detailed notes on it's application. Seeing as his skills revolved around focusing his will and life energy, he could only assume these seals would work the same. Digging into the depths of his mind he remembered the pain he endured from the Infinity White Abyss. That place racked his entire soul gifting him with a glimpse of the truth in the world. He focused on that feeling and recalled the searing pain. Yuuto's fingers began to glow with a light green chakra streaked with purple as he dug into his left shoulder. He would begin scribing a runic design on his arm while channeling his twisted energy into the wound. The Seal was being engraved onto him as the necromancer focused on the raw power from the Primordial Realm. He was augmenting his chakra system but doing so with great ease barely causing a strain.

However when it was complete Yuuto began to shake and vibrate with a searing pain. He would sweat as the runic marks began to expand over his body taking form. This was not what he expected not at all, it was as if the Curse Seal was far too strong for his own abilities to comprehend. While he intended to scribe the Lunar Seal it was as if a chain reaction of the energy began, taking form of greater power. He began to scream in pain giving off his position as footsteps began to move towards his position. The Anbu could not reveal his ordeal or his standing to the village. He did not need anyone meddling in his affairs until he knew what those were. Opening a portal Yuuto would climb in with the scroll about the basic Curse Seals in hand. He would not be caught at least not today. Instead he could writhe in pain while in the Primordial Realm allowing the shadow's everlasting embrace to coddle him until the progression of the Cursed Seal was completed.

[Lunar Seal Given to Self]
[Dark Sage Perk: -35 ASP/Training Points]