Third Time's The Charm, Right?

Shinrya Kitsune

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Oct 23, 2012
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It had been a while since Kitsune had last done a checkup. Who knows, maybe Ayumu had returned in the meantime? She wandered into the office yet again, and sat in the chair because it seemed no one was around, just like the last time. Finding that someone had adjusted it from last time, she set it back to where she had left it and began fiddling with a pencil lying on the desk. As it turned out, it wasn’t even sharpened! That was very unlike her son-in-law. So she used the electric pencil sharpener to fix that problem posthaste.

Then, while waiting around she spun in the chair, making herself absolutely dizzy once the chair came to a halt. The ball bearings on that chair were in excellent condition, that’s for sure. She’d have to get the manufacturers details because damn. They knew how to build chairs. While she was in there she’d have to leave a note for whomever cleaned the room. It was all dusty and gloomy. Someone ought to let in some light and—Wait. Was that a dead houseplant?! Okay, that was it. Kitsune couldn’t take that disorganized mess.

She hopped out of the chair and pulled the curtains aside to let in some light, and then went back to the chair and sat down, writing a memo to get the plant replaced and the room dusted. And for goodness sake, at least put the paperwork in proper piles instead of just spreading it all over the darn desk. It was super disorganized.

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