To Infinity

Wee Yong

Oct 23, 2012
Kill Switch
The bright full moon seemed magnified as it slowly passed through the lonely sky, the reflected sunlight causing the stars to dim to an almost imperceptible brightness. The sparkling desert beneath moonlight shone with unnatural enthusiasm as if to compensate for the stars' lack of dedication, the strong desert winds kicking up a shimmering river of blown sand a few feet above its surface. This would be a terrible night to try and sneak anywhere, but, fortunately for the human, he was currently desiring the opposite. His armored silhouette stood boldly on the peak of one of the taller stone outcroppings protruding from the sparkling desert, a strange, serpent-like creature swimming through the air around him as if it was water.

"What are you looking for master?" The serpent-like Demon, Urufuebi, projected its voice telepathically into Wee Yong's mind as he swam around the human.

"Everything... Nothing... Can you not hear it Urufuebi?" Yong's position did not move as he responded, his voice carried away quickly on the keening desert winds.

"You will have to be far more specific Master Yin, I hear many things." The serpent, fish, demon thing responded passively, its neutral tone somehow lending to its sarcastic undertones.

"You have a point..."

Topic entered and Left.
wind country area -> Gates next
Run Time: 30 minutes
Half Time Card in Inventory

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