To Pray and Hunt [Contract Search]

Yamamoto Airi

Dec 14, 2018
Airi was praying…

At the Monastery of Raiden…a very special place for Airi for a number of reasons. The first being that this was the place was the first time she went on a mission and almost died. She can still feel the way the blade came down into her shoulder almost cleaving it off. The sting of cold steel would always cause her worry. This was probably the main reason she did not use any weapons. With something like steal in the way of her and her body…she got complacent. She used to want to be a Paladin the last time she was here…a beacon of light against the darkness…or an envoy to meet the dark. Back then Maru had been a new acquaintance and now he was her father figure. It was weird how the world worked…her having a natural inclination to helping out hurting Youkai and demons only for her to find out that she was at least part Youkai. ‘You know…I really hate this place Airi. It’s stuffy…not very pretty…priests everyone praising someone who literally probably fought our great grandfather at some point. Why are we here again?’

Airi had gotten fairly good at ignoring Yoko. ‘You know you’re not ignoring me if you say it in your head.’ Very good at it. Yoko was…helpful most of the time, considering she was originally a fox guardian spirit from her Inuzuka bloodline…however because of Maru and his bloodline as well she was made into a youkai guardian spirit. What this boiled down to was, at the end of the day she was going to look out for Airi’s best interest. ‘Maybe…if you listen to what I want…’ but it also meant she was incredibly high maintenance. ‘As a woman should be Airi!’ Also do to the weird interaction between the shinobi bloodline and Maru’s own youkainess it sort of made Yoko her spiritual sister. Yoko gave her courage and strength to do things she never even dreamed of. ‘Gotta think bigger girl.’ Airi smirked and nodded. Smelling the incense around her Airi felt at peace…maybe in her past life she was a priestess or something. ‘Oh god please gag me now…’

Airi got up from her position and bowed. Moving back to topic, Airi would start to make her way. ‘Oh thank goodness for that…this place was starting to get really stuffy.’ Airi had recently gained enough strength and confidence to actually summon the contract she got with Byakko-san. Airi paused looking back at the statue of Raiden. “I really hope everyone is okay and doing well…so bizarre.” A large unknown disturbance had overcome the land recently. Kumo was in a state of emergency. A ton of high ranked shinobi had just vanished. No running through the gates, no dead bodies…it was like they had never existed to begin with. Airi had been unable to get in contact with Maikeru…and she did not want to pressure Maru on that front. She had no idea how to find Momo, and even Byakko-san’s office hadn’t been touched. This was a small list of just the personal people she could no longer find…the Raikage, most of the Sennin…even those down to the academy students had vanished. It was very, very scary. When there were things in this world that were unexplainable what else can you really do but pray? ‘Easy go have fun and do not think about, or go figure it out and then do something about it. You think any god that has shinobi children killing each other gives anything about your opinions Airi?’

Airi could only shake her head. “Not now Yoko…we need to at least be respectful.” Airi moved over to a bell and deposited some Ryo into it. Clapping her hands she chanted, “Please Lord Raiden bless those who have been spirited away and keep them safe.” Airi pulled on the bell and clapped once more. With that she bowed to the monastery and said her goodbyes. She was on really good terms with them since she had done two missions to make this place better…and she loved the atmosphere here. Though this was a private stop it was not the actual reason she was here.

Coming out of the building she had to shield her eyes from the sun briefly. ‘Ahh! Nothing like fresh air and open pathways right?’ Airi blinked a bit and shrugged. “We are on top of a mountain…not really open running.” She could feel Yoko shrug. ‘Freedom is freedom Airi and when the place you literally prayed at for a hour was a execution prison for me. Anything is freedom after that.’ Airi was a little annoyed but as she made her way towards the main area, she smiled and quickly ran over to their new friend…or friends.

Garnering a bit of attention was Argos, Lae, and Orth. A three headed dog that was her official Canine summon. The dog had been laying in the sun, getting a gentle mist off the fountain whenever a breeze passed by. As Airi approached she smiled and said, “Argos…did you three make it along okay. No one bothered you?” Lae gave off a yawn, apparently they had fallen asleep. “No Yamamoto-Hime…a few children came but I spoke to them. Otherwise we were left alone. Has your business here been accomplished?” Airi walked over to rub Orth’s head…while he never said it, he was the affectionate one of three. Airi smiled while rubbing Orth. “Yes Argos everything is happily taken care of. Everyone seems ot be good here and no sign of any bandit activity in the immediate area.” The left head Lae looked over clearly bored. “Shame, I would have loved a good fight.” Airi was new…only having known them for a short time but she felt like they were starting to get into a groove. ‘I like Lae and Argos…Orth is kind of lame, but then again even he has his uses.’ Airi rolled her eyes and Argos continued, “Yoko whatever comments you made have bothered Hime…please be more considerate.” There was a pause in Airi’s mind then a, ‘YOU THINK YOU HAVE TH-‘Airi had to push her back. It was nice having someone who stood up to Yoko, and that was probably one of the many better qualities Argos had. For some reason Argos considered Airi the primary holder, and Yoko a secondary. ‘ARGOS WELL HEAR OF M-‘

Airi bowed to Argos and said, “Thank you Argos-Taichou.” The dog simply nodded its head. Standing up to its height of five eleven Airi leapt up onto its back. “You’re sure this is okay Argos?” Orth nodded and even Lae nodded as well. “It would make things safer and faster if you did things this way, but enough of your modesty. Where shall we go next Hime?” Airi blushed for a moment but then shook her head. “Now that we know that there are no bandits in the area it means the nature in the area should be relatively calm.” Airi thought for a moment and continued. “I know that was important when I found the wolf pact that offered me the Canine contract.” Airi was trying to recreate the situation Byakko-san had used. She knew however that she was missing a few key things. Byakko-san went to a very specific location, and even then had a very specific incense…or item he burned. It had been close to three years ago and Airi could not remember. “I really should have paid more attention to how he did it…” Orth looked concerned and glanced over to Argos.

“Hime…we will take you to a place that we ourselves would find suitable. Then we will disperse…focus on you Senjutsu training and feel the nature around you. With luck you find what it is you are seeking.” Airi smiled slightly…really enjoying this partner concept. “Yea and if that doesn’t work we can hunt them down and force them to obey you! KEKEKEKE!” Argos gave a bit of a disgusted look to Lae but Lae did not care, they did as they pleased.

Airi smiled and hugged the Canine as she sat on their back. “Thank you, I promise to make it up to you all.” Lea and Orth exchanged glances at Argos but Argos just continued to look forward. “There is no need, we are here to protect and serve you Hime. We look forward to your continued growth and development.” Orth nodded and Lae simply looked away and responded with a soft nod of their head. Airi sat and held on in a way that would not bother them too much. “We may need to make a saddle or something…ohh maybe armor!” Airi smiled happily and Lae looked back, “Ohh I like the concept of armor!” Airi smiled to Lae and the group bounded off down the mountain range to search for a suitable spot. If she was unable to replicate it, she would go back to Byakko-san laboratory and try to figure out what he specifically did to find one. Either way things were both better…and worse now.

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