To Return Home {Entering Country}

Miroku Akkuma

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Oct 24, 2012
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Akkuma dashed through the blizzard-like tundra, his body was partially transformed so his demonic abilities would help him survive. Never did his pace falter as he moved through the maelstrom of winter towards his old him, each step brought a heightened sense of foreboding trouble what awaited him in his old home and would be prepared to face what it was. No matter what he needed to return despite the rumours of the monsters that now inhabited it...he needed to finish his business. Things had gotten to risky he couldn't rely on the deadly blizzard to keep it trapped any longer. With so much attention turned on Mist and the supposed monsters with the walls he would not allow the possibility of his experiment escaping if it did...well he'd rather not think about that. The thought of explaining even that part of his research to the clan, brought dark thoughts to mind. Shaking his head he carried on he couldn't let himself get distracted he had to prepare for what he was about to do.


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30mins till country entered and topic left.